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A lot of places are mandating that people wear a mask.Some grocery stores here in Canada are making it mandatory for people who want to do some shopping,and Los Angeles County recently mandated that all people must wear a mask when going outside.But do these measures really help?We are living in strange times when people like Bill Gates are getting a lot of T.V.time,as he seems to be the world's leading'health'authority on the new coronavirus,what we should do,and how we're going to stop it.On the other hand,there are several doctors and leading epidemiologists around the world who have been studying viruses for decades that have been censored from social media platforms for sharing their research and opinions.Their interviews are being taken down,and some have even been flagged as'fake.'Ask yourself,what's wrong with this picture?Many of them are suggesting that the new coronavirus is not nearly as dangerous as it's being made out to be.There have been multiple studies that have also suggested this based on the data that researchers have accumulated.Mainstream media is trying really hard to shape our perception with regards to everything that surrounds the new coronavirus,from treatment,lockdowns,to social distancing and much more.


We've covered a few examples of these experts giving their opinions with regards to how dangerous this virus actually is,what the solution is,treatments and more.If you're interested you can refer to the articles linked at the bottom of this one.At the end of the day,a lot of what these doctors,scientists and epidemiologists have been saying since the beginning of this outbreak,up until now,has completely contradicted the narrative of federal health regulatory agencies and the World Health Organization(WHO).In fact,social media and other platforms are banning content that opposes and contradicts the WHO,no matter how much evidence is behind the information,or even if the sources are some of the leading experts in the world.


Should there be a digital authoritarian Orwellian'fact checker'going around the internet telling people what is,and what isn't?Or should people have the right to examine information,check sources and evidence and ultimately decide for themselves?


Special note to our followers:Is 5G safe?Learn the unbiased truth and the steps to implement better solutions in your community at the 5G Health Summit.It's a free worldwide call to action from the leading independent experts,scientists and doctors in the field.You can sign up here.

特别提醒我们的追随者:5 g 安全吗?在5G 健康峰会上学习公正的真理和在你的社区实施更好的解决方案的步骤。这是全世界领先的独立专家、科学家和该领域医生发出的一个自由的行动号召。你可以在这里登记。

So the question is,can we really trust these health authorities to guide us into doing what's really best for us?Is this really about our health or is something else going on here?Are there powerful people profiting off of this both politically and financially?Was Edward Snowden correct when he said that the new coronavirus fiasco is no different from 9/11,in that it's simply being used to push more authoritarian measures on the population?Just like they remained after 9/11,will they remain after this coronavirus?Why are there apps tracking people for coronavirus,but not for the pedophiles,murderers and rapists?These are important things to think about.


There is a lot of conflicting information out there and again,if you're interested in going a little deeper you can refer to the articles listed at the end of this one.


But what about masks?Do they really help?How effective are they?According to Dr.Dan Erickson(former emergency-room physician)and Dr.Artin Massihi(emergency medicine specialist affiliated with multiple hospitals)of Accelerated Urgent Care in California,they're not helping at all.

但是面具呢?它们真的有帮助吗?它们的效果如何?根据 Dan Erickson 博士(前急诊室医生) Artin Massihi 博士(多家附属医院的急诊医学专家)的说法,他们根本没有帮助。

When you wear gloves that transfer disease everywhere,those gloves have bacteria all over them."I'm wearing gloves,"not helping you…Your mask that you're wearing for days,you touch the outside of it,COVID,and then touch your mouth,this doesn't make any sense.We wear masks in an acute setting to protect us,we're not wearing masks(right now).Why is that?Because we understand microbiology,we understand immunology and we want strong immune systems.I don't want to hide in my home,develop a weak immune system,and then come out and get disease.We've both been to the ER through swine flu and through bird flu,did we shut down for those?Were they much less dangerous than COVID?Is the flu less dangerous than COVID?Let's look at the death rates,no it's not.They're similar in prevalence and in death rate.(source)

当你戴着手套到处传播疾病时,那些手套上面全是细菌。"我戴着手套,"对你没有帮助...你戴了好几天的面具,你摸了它的外面,然后摸了摸你的嘴,这没有任何意义。我们在紧急情况下戴口罩来保护自己,我们现在没有戴口罩。为什么?因为我们了解微生物学,我们了解免疫学,我们需要强大的免疫系统。我不想躲在家里,发展出一个脆弱的免疫系统,然后出来得病。我们都曾经因为猪流感和禽流感去过急诊室,我们是因为这些而关闭的吗?他们的危险性是否远远低于 COVID?流感的危险性是否低于腹腔积液?让我们看看死亡率,不,不是的。它们的患病率和死亡率相似。(来源)

According to a study published in BMJ Open in 2015,


This study is the first RCT of cloth masks,and the results caution against the use of cloth masks.This is an important finding to inform occupational health and safety.Moisture retention,reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection.Further research is needed to inform the widespread use of cloth masks globally.However,as a precautionary measure,cloth masks should not be recommended for HCWs,particularly in high-risk situations,and guidelines need to be updated.

这项研究是第一个 RCT 的布面具,结果告诫使用布面具。这是告知职业健康和安全的一个重要发现。保湿、重复使用布面具和过滤不良可能会增加感染的风险。需要进一步的研究来了解布面具在全球的广泛使用。不过,作为预防措施,医护人员不应建议佩戴口罩,特别是在高危情况下,有关指引需要更新。

We have provided the first clinical efficacy data of cloth masks,which suggest HCWs should not use cloth masks as protection against respiratory infection.Cloth masks resulted in significantly higher rates of infection than medical masks,and also performed worse than the control arm.The controls were HCWs who observed standard practice,which involved mask use in the majority,albeit with lower compliance than in the intervention arms.The control HCWs also used medical masks more often than cloth masks.When we analysed all mask-wearers including controls,the higher risk of cloth masks was seen for laboratory-confirmed respiratory viral infection.


According to the study,it was unclear if they help at all,and that they probably need to be worn at all times in acute/dangerous settings within the hospital to be effective at all.


There are also other potential health consequences of wearing not just a cloth mask,but also medical masks.The physiological effects of breathing elevated inhaled CO2 may include changes in visual performance,modified exercise endurance,headaches and dyspnea.The psychological effects include decreased reasoning and alertness,increased irritability,severe dyspnea,headache,dizziness,perspiration,and short-term memory loss.(source)


This study suggests that masks don't really help,and depending on the material,they can actually make things worse.That being said,there are studies suggesting that medical masks are indeed effective,but the studies are referring to health care workers in acute settings,not the general public.


Below is a quote from a very interesting paper published in 2016,titled "The Surgical Mask Is A Bad Fit For Risk Reduction."


As represented by our cinema and other media,Western society expects too much of masks.In the public's mind,the still-legitimate use of masks for source control has gone off-label;masks are thought to prevent infection.From here,another problem arises:because surgical masks are thought to protect against infection in the community setting,people wearing masks for legitimate purposes(those who have a cough in a hospital,say)form part of the larger misperception and act to reinforce it.Even this proper use of surgical masks is incorporated into a larger improper use in the era of pandemic fear,especially in Asia,where such fear is high.The widespread misconception about the use of surgical masks—that wearing a mask protects against the transmission of virus—is a problem of the kind theorized by German sociologist Ulrich Beck.

正如我们的电影和其他媒体所代表的那样,西方社会对面具的期望太高了。在公众心目中,仍然合法使用口罩进行源头控制已经超出了标签的范围;口罩被认为可以防止感染。从这里,另一个问题出现了:因为在社区环境中,外科口罩被认为可以防止感染,所以人们戴口罩是为了合法的目的(比如说,那些在医院里咳嗽的人),构成了更大的误解的一部分,并且加强了误解。即使是这种正确使用外科口罩的做法,也被纳入了大流行恐惧时代的一种更大规模的不当使用中,尤其是在亚洲,那里的恐惧情绪非常高涨。人们对使用医用口罩的普遍误解是德国社会学家乌尔里希贝克(Ulrich Beck)提出的一个理论问题。人们认为戴口罩可以防止病毒传播。

The birth of the mask came from the realization that surgical wounds need protection from the droplets released in the breath of surgeons.The technology was applied outside the operating room in an effort to control the spread of infectious epidemics.In the 1919 influenza pandemic,masks were available and were dispensed to populations,but they had no impact on the epidemic curve.At the time,it was unknown that the influenza organism is nanoscopic and can theoretically penetrate the surgical mask barrier.As recently as 2010,the US National Academy of Sciences declared that,in the community setting,"face masks are not designed or certified to protect the wearer from exposure to respiratory hazards."A number of studies have shown the inefficacy of the surgical mask in household settings to prevent transmission of the influenza virus…




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          @ safag 去好好研究下,再去下结论,放下批判的思想,独立思考。见证真理的时候就要到了,你会看到哪些是假新闻的,感恩您。

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              @ safag 医护人员用口罩阻挡病毒本身就是错误,你知道病毒是纳米级,是通过飞沫传播,你有没有思考过,积累病毒的潮湿口罩是不是病毒传播源?医护人员是活人,人要呼吸,呼吸让口罩潮湿,医护人员接触病人过程中需要和病人对话,即使病人戴口罩也会咳嗽,咳嗽过程中病毒或多或少会喷散在空气中,医护人员近距离接触,病毒被积累在医疗人员那湿润的口罩上,如果是干燥的环境,传染力越强的病毒越容易死亡,但是湿润的口罩有利于病毒长期存活,因此,医护人员的口罩会成为病毒的传播源,研究问题才有可能改善问题,外国新闻并不是要让医护人员放弃防护,他们的观点是认为口罩没有实际作用,应该改变医护人员的防护工具,医护人员应该有属于医护人员专用的防护设备,而不应该是一片纸或一块布作的口罩,或许外国的医生们有可能让官方同意将隐藏的高级医疗科技拿出来,这也有助于将来要进行的全面揭露;


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                @ safag 别在这个社会和主流媒体塑造和灌输的”常识”里陷得太深了。跳出”常识”思维的圈子,弄清病毒的真实面目是什么,人类的真实能力是什么,社会的真实样子是什么,然后才能理解文章的内容。