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Craig at JustInformedTalk analyzes Epstein's pivotal role in the satanic Deep State-based on an astounding prophetic Q drop from 11th November 2017.This video is essential viewing for Q followers.Watch from 20'40"regarding Q drop...

根据20171111日令人震惊的预言性Q值下降,来自JustInformed Talk的克雷格分析了爱泼斯坦在撒旦般的深州中扮演的关键角色。这个视频是Q的追随者必不可少的观看。从2040秒开始关注Q值下降..

Craig:'Epstein is the KEYSTONE between these puppet masters-House of Saud,Rothschilds and Soros-and their global system of blackmail,extortion and entrapment that is based off child sex trafficking,which they could use to effectively do ANYTHING.'


'Epstein was in charge of facilitating the blackmail and extortion of the highest ranking individuals across the world...When President Trump came into office,he blew the door open on all of this...'


I cannot emphasize enough that this Q drop-which sums up the entire Epstein connection to the Deep State-was posted on 11th November 2017.Q always says,'The future proves the past.'


Dave at X22 Report does an excellent interview with Dr Dave Janda.It is 54 minutes long but worth listening to every minute.Dr Janda sums up the Alliance plan and reassures us of its success.He discusses Comey,Epstein and Hollywood stars.And he explains how President Trump is vital to the Alliance success...

X22ReportDaveDave Janda博士进行了一次精彩的采访。它有54分钟长,但是每一分钟都值得一听。Janda博士总结了联盟的计划,并向我们保证它的成功。他讨论了科米、爱泼斯坦和好莱坞明星。他解释了特朗普总统如何对联盟的成功至关重要.....

Dr Janda:'It's not just his life on the line(President Trump).If this doesn't come's the life of his wife,his kids and his grand kids that's on the line.And he knows that...If he doesn't get this thing cleared up,then they're all in harms way.He loves his family and he loves his country.'


'Donald Trump knows that he has ONE SHOT at taking down the Deep State.And if he compromises on timing,then he could well compromise the result.This is going to hit,it's going to hit big,and it will be a fatal shot against the Deep State...The timing,when it occurs,will be overwhelming for the Deep State.They cannot salvage anything of their burning former castle.'


Dr Janda makes a crucial point-a point that we digital warriors MUST accept with every fiber of our being,despite our immense impatience and frustration(Dr Janda speaks movingly of our frustration).


President Trump and the Alliance do have only ONE shot to decimate the Deep State.They cannot afford to be hasty and make a single error.Dr Janda gives the example of the Alliance letting Comey escape prosecution now because they need him for the much more important'slam dunk'later.It was still extremely hard to see Comey's smug face.


Trust the plan!The timing is perfect.The Alliance has everything under control.All is well.


Meanwhile,continue to listen to your heart as you wade through the ocean of intel and disinformation out there.Only YOU know what truth resonates with your heart.


And we continue to pray for President Trump and the Alliance team every day.God bless you,we love you.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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