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I will not call him a leader.I will not name him.


One of the few good things our deeply Deep State NZ Prime Minister did was to never name the mosque shooter.I still don't know his name.And I won't name her either.She disgusts me.New Zealand was one of the last countries to stop funding to the Clinton Foundation-it happened just a few weeks ago.Australia ended their funding in 2016.


I digress...


The fact that the despicable ISIS coward detonated his suicide bomb belt and took three of his children with him is beyond sickening.The brave US troops,all of whom survived the highly dangerous military operation,were forced to watch the slaughter of innocent children.As President Trump said in the press conference,'he died,whimpering and crying,like a dog.'


Here is the link to President Trump's Twitter account with the announcement of the death...


NONE of the Demoncrats have applauded this courageous world-changing event.Instead they will be cowering in their shoes,their treasonous activities about to be revealed.There is a picture online of their hero No Name McCain in a meeting with the ISIS coward.No wonder Q says'These people are STUPID.'


And of course President Trump couldn't tell the corrupt Congress about the operation ahead of time because of the security risk.Those evil Deep Staters would have tipped off the ISIS coward.Their lack of accolades for President Trump speaks volumes.


The world changed today,most positively.THE LIGHT IS WINNING.And the RV just got much closer,friends...


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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