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'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

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X22视频2301解读|“和平总统”第四次获得诺贝尔和平奖提名-观点PRESIDENT TRUMP has been nominated for three Nobel Peace Prizes.Obama was nominated a day after being in office,for being the first Black President.So,what did Obama do to recieve this award?He didn't DO anything!But Trump…


President Trump was just nominated for his fourth Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his endeavors to end the era of the endless wars.Is he being nominated for creating world peace,thus the Nobel Peace Prize?No one deserves this award more!


We Have It All,Release These Documents!


President Trump has said a number of times,'We have it all!'He has instructed the agencies to release these documents,now.Why October?Optics?


Those who refuse to release the documents are easily singled out as Deep State and most likely will be fired.Those who gladly agree to follow the President's orders are true Patriots.Americans need to know who is corrupt and who is not.


Sidney Powell confirms the Obama Administration was not tricked into spying on his opponent,Donald Trump,but was participating in the creation of it.Brennan and Hillary were using the Trump/Russia smear to bring down Trump.It's all documented with dates and names.The cover-up is all there.Patriots have it all!


Judge Sullivan will not release General Flynn's case even though the DOJ prosecutors say there is no case.The DOJ says the evidence points to Flynn's innocence,not to his guilt.There is nothing is there.


Why has Judge Sullivan kept this case alive all these months even though there is no case,anymore?The leaked phone call from Obama shows that Sullivan received his marching orders.If they can keep the case open,Flynn cannot talk about what he knows.Remember,Flynn knows where the'bodies are buried!'


The Mainstream Media(MSM)is in a panic.For years,they have been spinning their reports on The Trump Administration to reflect what the Deep State has actually been responsible for.Politifact claims Spygate was false.However,Ryan Saavedra says,"The Attorney General of the Untied States said that what happened amounted to spying."

主流媒体陷入恐慌。多年来,他们一直在编写关于特朗普政府的报告,以反映深海之州实际上负有什么责任。Politifact 声称间谍门是假的。然而,瑞安·萨维德拉说,"美国司法部长说,所发生的事情相当于间谍活动。"

Legal spying is,well,legal if the FISA Court agreed to the terms necessary.Now we know Kevin Clinesmith changed an email giving the narrative that spying on Candidate Trump was necessary.The FBI withheld pertinent information from the FISA Court so they would believe Trump was colluding with Russia.It was all fabricated!There is now proof the FBI engaged in illegal spying.

如果 FISA 法院同意必要的条款,合法的间谍活动是合法的。现在我们知道,凯文·克林斯密斯修改了一封电子邮件,称监视候选人特朗普是必要的。联邦调查局向 FISA 法庭隐瞒了相关信息,这样他们就会相信特朗普与俄罗斯勾结。这都是捏造的!现在有证据表明联邦调查局参与了非法间谍活动。

'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.’

We know spying went all the way to the top!Documents show the fake evidence was presented to the media who was paid to run the story.It's called the'Wrap up Smear.'Nancy Pelosi introduced it to us.


Here's how it works.The DS leaks their lies to the media.The media reports their lies.Everything is confirmed.Because the media is all connected,they all report the same information.It is circular reasoning at its finest.If Americans do not critically think,they are swooped up in these lies and buffaloed until something blatant happens,like a major arrest.

以下是它的工作原理。DS 向媒体泄露他们的谎言。媒体报道了他们的谎言。一切都确认了。因为所有的媒体都是相互联系的,所以他们报道的信息都是一样的。这是最好的循环推理。如果美国人不进行批判性思考,他们就会被这些谎言所淹没,被蒙蔽,直到某些明目张胆的事情发生,比如大规模逮捕。

This is what the corrupt politicians have been doing for years.We need all this information declassified so the American public can know the truth.Who is holding it up?It looks like it might be Christopher Wray.How long will he remain?


A Federal Tax Judge is allowing a whistleblower to proceed against The Clinton Foundation.In 2018,two investigators filed a complaint against the IRS alleging the Clinton Foundation violated tax laws.Could the CF operate as a foreign lobbyist,and try to influence US policies?


The foundation began acting as an agent of foreign governments.The investigator's challenge was whether or not they could claim 501c3 tax exempt status.Furthermore,the claim also stated the FBI and the IRS engaged in some investigative activity.The Judge agreed to allow the whistleblower to move forward.Well see how this plays out.


Secretary Pompeo is outing the Deep State once again.Now they must disclose their acceptance of monies from foreign governments.Now Americans get to see right through their business methods.


'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.’

The CEO of Haliburton National Foods resigned after being charged with child prostitution.


Elon Musk tweeted out something weird:'The Illuminaughty.'What is this about?

埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)在推特上发了一条奇怪的推文:"光照派。"这是关于什么的?

Everything the MSM told us from the beginning about masks,did not protect us.Over two thousand masked healthcare workers were tested.The conclusion was that these participants have not been demonstrated to provide benefit in terms of cold symptoms or getting colds but it did show that masked people got more headaches during the study period.

从一开始 MSM 就告诉我们关于面具的一切,并没有保护我们。超过2000名戴着面具的医护人员接受了检测。结论是,这些参与者没有被证明对感冒症状或感冒有好处,但是研究表明,戴面具的人在研究期间更容易头痛

The masks can't stop the common cold nor can they stop a deadly virus.The result of these studies show that masks don't work!Governors,'Open up the states!'


The CDC has continually been reworking their numbers.In March,2020,they stated that the infection fatality rate for COVID was 3.4%.Now,they are saying 10%of the world has been infected with the virus with 1 million having died.The fatality rate would be similar to that of the flu.

疾病预防控制中心一直在重新编制他们的数据。20203月,他们宣布 COVID 的感染死亡率为3.4%。现在,他们说世界上有10%的人感染了这种病毒,其中100万人已经死亡。死亡率将与流感类似。

The fatality rate in 2015/2016 was.10%.

2016/2017,the fatality rate was 1.3%.

2017/2018,the fatality rate was 1.4%.

2018/2019,the fatality rate was 1.0%

2019/2020,the fatality rate is roughly,.13%


The question begs,why isn't there a pandemic every year for the flu?Is there really a pandemic?Why are the numbers the same as the flu?If masks worked,there would be no pandemic.


According to Ian Miles Cheong,ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter supporters looted the Oregon Historical Society museum in Portland.Are both of these groups domestic terrorist groups and should be labeled so?ISIS did the same thing in Syria and Iraq.It appears they are following the same playbook.

Ian Miles Cheong 说,ANTIFA Black Lives Matter 的支持者洗劫了位于波特兰的俄勒冈历史协会博物馆。这两个团体都是国内恐怖主义团体吗?应该这样标记吗?在叙利亚和伊拉克也做了同样的事情。看起来他们在遵循同样的剧本。

In the rally,Trump said they have it all!The first part of his term was draining the Swamp and getting good judges into place.In his 2nd term,he'll move forward with arrests.He named Hillary,Obama and others.It's about time justice is served!


'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.’

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