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The economy and humanity is being devastated with something that doesn't exist


The Shadow Government rules the Deep State in a matrix system of power over government agencies that is going back centuries.Over the last one hundred years their number One of basic strategies is:destabilise nations;ruin their economies;send millions of manufacturing jobs off to places where virtual slave labour does the work;adding insult toinjury,export the cheap products of those slave-factories back to the最后的警钟|未来会是什么样子? nations who lost the jobs,to be sold to consumers without money on cheap credit,buying most of these things they really didn't need in the first place,to further undercut domestic manufacturers,forcing them to close their doors and fire still more employees.


And ultimately solve that economic chaos by bringing order.What kind of order?Of course The New World Order.Which finally,creates one world,without national borders,under one management system,with a planned global economy,to restore stability,for the good of all,and for lasting harmony.


Nowadays,the economy is destroyed right in front of your eyes.Never in history–including the Great Depression–have so many people been unemployed.And the fact that they all became unemployed at once is even worse.During this period tens of million of people have filed for unemployment due to COVID-19.


A large collection of data on Coronavirus suggests the illness is harmless,and that deaths are caused by 5G,and other diseases.The question is;Could there be a link between the Coronavirus and 5G?At the moment,thousands recently installed 5G antennas plastering cities,are electro polluting these cities.

关于冠状病毒的大量数据表明,这种疾病是无害的,死亡是由5G 和其他疾病引起的。问题是,冠状病毒和5G 之间有联系吗?目前,数以千计的最近安装的5 G天线正在污染城市,电子污染这些城市。

Concerned citizens need to wake up,and stop talking about the coming how they will refuse to be chipped when the time comes.That time is now.Soon,people all over the world are going to have an important decision to make–take a microchip or face the consequences.Judged by the amount of healthy people walking around with harmful face masks,the odds are not in favour of free humanity,as the sheeple will line up for it willingly.


最后的警钟|未来会是什么样子?Governments and corrupt politician,are the insane greedy criminal rulers.Without such criminals,the world would be a better place.Historically,genocide is acted by governments.The more money and power they acquire,the more insatiable is their greed.They aren't going to promote the new chip as a method to track,trace,and control their populace.Instead,they market the chip as a way to track and detect COVID and other coronaviruses.Clearly,this is a much easier sell to a public,literally terrorised by their governments and mainstream media over the last seven months.

政府和腐败的政客,是疯狂的贪婪的犯罪统治者。如果没有这些罪犯,世界会变得更美好。历史上,种族灭绝是由政府实施的。他们获得的金钱和权力越多,贪得无厌的欲望就越强烈。他们不打算把这种新芯片作为一种跟踪、跟踪和控制他们的人口的方法来推广。相反,他们将这种芯片作为一种跟踪和检测 COVID 和其他冠状病毒的方法进行销售。显然,在过去的七个月里,他们的政府和主流媒体实实在在地恐吓着他们,向公众推销这种产品要容易得多。

People could get the microchip implanted in their body to measure their levels of glucose,oxygen,and lactate.This chip is implanted under the skin where it can transmit digital signals through a wireless network like 5G.Once firmly rooted inside the body,human cells are at the mercy of any mRNA program delivered via this chip,unleashing a nightmare of possibilities.It is,perhaps,the first true step towards trans-humanism,actually the completion of the originally planned humanised robot.–Wake up all of you,all this is plainly a crime against humanity,depriving otherwise healthy people of their freedom,movement,and expression.

人们可以在体内植入微型芯片来测量他们的葡萄糖、氧气和乳酸水平。这种芯片被植入皮下,在那里它可以通过像5G 这样的无线网络传输数字信号。一旦牢牢扎根在体内,人类细胞就会受到任何通过这种芯片传递的信使核糖核酸程序的摆布,从而开启一场噩梦般的可能性。这也许是迈向跨人文主义的第一步,实际上完成了最初计划的人性化机器人。-你们都醒醒吧,所有这一切显然是反人类的罪行,剥夺了本来健康的人们的自由、行动和言论。

最后的警钟|未来会是什么样子?Scientific evidence strongly supports the conclusion that the Coronavirus is no more dangerous than a common cold–perhaps even less so.There may be thousands of deaths from something,but not the virus.The found data points to 5G electromagnetic exposure.Anyone seeking to gather as many facts on this issue as possible will save at least a month of research time by simply reviewing this document.


But for now,the economic issues are much bigger than that.Big and Small businesses are in big trouble,and are in the process to start class actions against their authorities.The motive is the shameless fraud committed by a relatively small international syndicate of criminals posing as health professionals,hidden under the WHO-banner.


Those businesses who are not able to find a way to operate during these difficult times still have overhead and bills to pay.They have rent and utilities for their place of business.Many have inventory payments that are due.Restaurants that can't make the conversion to takeout and delivery,fitness studios,gyms,clothing stores,and many more independent businesses may never reopen after the government-imposed interruption.


One by one,families are looking at disappearing income,higher prices,and with no real way to seek new employment.Unemployment benefit,if and when it comes,is only a short term solution.If ever there was a chance to usher in Universal Basic Income and see people welcome it with open arms,this crisis would be it.Of course,UBI brings with it many problems,not the least of which is a lord-and-serf relationship and a slippery slope toward the social credit system,brought to us by China.

一个接一个的,家庭正面临着收入减少,物价上涨,而且没有真正的方法去寻找新的就业机会。如果失业救济真的到来了,它只是一个短期的解决方案。如果有机会迎来全民基本收入,看到人们张开双臂欢迎它,那么这场危机就是它。当然,UBI 也带来了许多问题,尤其是中国带给我们的主农关系和滑向社会信用体系的滑坡。

Right now the world is looking at short-term effects,but will feel the effects of this situation for a very long time to come.In fact,it's likely to change the economy forever.Many of the people who lost their job are the ones who are least able to afford it;hourly workers.Those who work at or around minimum wage are less likely to have a savings account to see them through the rough spot in time.New unemployment claims are staggering–four times higher than the previous record.


And,what if there was a lie so pervasive,so effective,so powerful that almost everyone believed it?What if that lie was destroying people who believed it but mainstream media did nothing to expose it?What if the people who propagated this lie admitted it after major global damage was done?Here is the confirmation from the Government's own website although buried under a lot of other information;COVID 19 doesn't even exist!People now can share in class actions,claiming damages from their government.

而且,如果有一个谎言如此普遍,如此有效,如此强大,以至于几乎每个人都相信它会怎样?如果这个谎言正在摧毁那些相信它的人,而主流媒体却没有做任何事去揭露它,那会怎么样?如果那些散布这个谎言的人在全球造成重大破坏之后承认了这一点,那会怎么样?这是来自政府自己网站的确认,尽管被许多其他信息所掩盖;甚至连 COVID 19都不存在!人们现在可以分享集体诉讼,要求政府赔偿损失。

At this point,it's pretty difficult to imagine what a future filled with waves of fake pandemics,a devastated economy,and great losses will look like.But some of the things that can be expected are intermittent periods of social distancing and interaction.


Businesses like restaurants,movie theatres,bars,malls,travel experiences,and sports venues will never be the same and if they survive,will only be able to operate intermittently.There will be a focus on working from home in industries in which that is possible.Your ability as a business or employee to change in that direction will be the difference between bringing in an income or not,unless you work in some type of essential business or trade.


The post-COVID world that awaits


Home schooling will be a long-term project–children will not be able to be in a regular school setting during outbreaks.最后的警钟|未来会是什么样子?It is going to be an entirely different world,one full of social distances,immunity passports,and dystopian tracking methods,first using your phone and soon a vaccinated chip in your body,as explained above,that remotely can program your thoughts and doings,eventually terminating your life when the controllers decide to be necessary.


The lives we lived prior to COVID-19 are not going to re-emerge like nothing ever happened.Lockdown,quarantine,face masks,social distancing–a vulnerable person may or may not be able to take precautions and protect himself.But there's no reason to think that forcing a healthy person–or a whole society–into house arrest has any benefits at all.And every day the lockdowns continue lessens the possibility of that even more.People need to accept that now,to best figure out how to navigate the post-COVID world that awaits.This doesn't mean you'll never be able to be happy again.It doesn't mean you'll lose everything,although that will be the case when eventually enlisted in the NWO–New World Order.It means that things are going to be different and if you don't accept that,your acclimation period will be dangerously long.In short many things will be different.Most disturbing is the gradual loss of your personal freedom.So awake,defend,adjust,adapt to survive and fight for your libertyif you don't do it now,soon it will be impossible.

我们在2019冠状病毒疾病之前的生活不会像什么都没发生过一样重现。禁闭、隔离、口罩、社会疏远——一个易受伤害的人可能会也可能不会采取预防措施和保护自己。但是没有理由认为强迫一个健康的人或者整个社会被软禁在家里有任何好处。而且每天继续停摆,这种可能性就越来越小。人们现在需要接受这一点,以便最好地找出如何导航后 ovid 世界等待。这并不意味着你再也不会快乐了。这并不意味着你会失去一切,尽管当你最终加入 NWO-新世界秩序时,情况就是这样。这意味着事情将会有所不同,如果你不接受这一点,你的适应期将会非常漫长。简而言之,许多事情将会不同。最令人不安的是你个人自由的逐渐丧失。所以,如果你现在不这样做的话,清醒过来,保卫,调整,适应生存和为自由而战,很快就会变得不可能。

Meanwhile,over seven thousand scientists and doctors have signed a petitionagainst coronavirus lockdown measures,urging that those not in the at risk category should be able to get on with their lives as normal,and that lockdown rules in the US,EU and UK are causing'irreparable damage'.And declare that social distancing and mask mandates are causing'damaging physical and mental health impacts.'


The Coronavirus Loot is next


最后的警钟|未来会是什么样子?The fake money-printing will continue.Governments control the printing press.So they can drive up prices for just about everything,except the currency itself.As prices rise for goods,services,and assets,it means the purchasing power of each currency unit is going down.The US-dollar will be the gasket that blows,releasing the pressure from trillions of units'worth of fake money.Before that happens,the most obvious investment people should make is buying and owning gold and silver stored in their own possession.The worst investments to own will be those that depend on a fixed stream of currency earnings.


Because inflation is around the corner,both bonds and the dollar may be telling that the switch from deflation to inflation will not be far off anymore.As the bond market seems to have just topped out.The Central Banksters are going to do"whatever it takes"to keep stock and bond prices high–at least in nominal terms.They'll buy bonds by the boatload to keep prices high.But like with stocks in the'70s,the ground will give way beneath them.The dollar–in which bonds are quoted–will sink against almost everything else,especially gold and silver.


最后的警钟|未来会是什么样子?And after decades of meddling by the central banks,and after trillions of fake money,record debt and distorted interest rates,the economy surely is ready for a trip to hell.And,while perhaps no one foresaw the approach of the COVID-19 molecule,people would have been blind not to see the financial disaster coming.Bubbles,zombies,negative rates,trillion in deficits.Public officials doing strange and nonsensical things are the omens of impending doom.


The Coronavirus Loot is next.Nature has her own program.The COVID-19 will come and go.The number of cases of the virus meanwhile have peaked out.People will bury their dead and go on with life.But the criminals in government will always be with us.They have learnt that not only can they get away with many trillion deficits,they also steal your wealth through inflation.


Fake money drove up stock prices 300%


Bailed-out businesses will not learn to save capital for a rainy day.Instead,they will pass out the loot to managers and shareholders,becoming even weaker.Households,too,will find the free money appealing;they will come to expect it.So,many people will make more money collecting unemployment than actually working.


Emergency measures during a crisis–like the ultra-low interest rates since 2009–soon become permanent.The problem in 2008 was mortgage debt.They responded with more debt–particularly corporate and government debt.This made the economy more fragile than ever,leading to today's crisis.


最后的警钟|未来会是什么样子?This time,they follow the same protocol,only in triplicate or quadruplicate.The amount of new money(debt)going into the system is staggering.More fake money can create more fake wealth.But it can't create real wealth.Over the last 10 years;the fake money drove up stock prices 300%.But real economic growth was the lowest for any recovery on record.


Today,the losses in the Main Street economy are real.Governments cannot make them up.All they can do is create more fake wealth.That's why the Dow-to-Gold ratio,will tell the tale,not precisely,and not immediately,but eventually.Stock prices may rise,but real values won't.Governments are in an Inflate-or-Die trap.They're fighting it with the only thing they have:more and more inflation.They'll add more and more fake-money firepower,until the whole system blows itself up.And that is the war they're going to lose.

今天,主要经济领域的损失是真实的。政府不可能编造出这样的故事。他们所能做的就是创造更多的虚假财富。这就是为什么 Dow-to-Gold 的比率,不会准确地,也不会立即地,但最终会告诉我们答案。股票价格可能会上涨,但实际价值不会。各国政府正处在一个"通货膨胀或死亡"的陷阱中。他们正在用他们唯一拥有的东西与之抗争:越来越严重的通货膨胀。他们会增加越来越多的虚假货币火力,直到整个系统崩溃。这就是他们将要输掉的战争。

Most people,policy makers and economists are energy blind and cannot,therefore,fully grasp the gravity or the consequences of what is happening.Energy is the economy and oil is the most important and productive portion of the economy.Oil consumption is at its lowest level since 1971 when production was only about 78%of what it was in 2019.As goes oil,so goes the economy;down.


The old oil industry and the old economy are gone.The energy mix that underlies the economy will be different now.Oil production and price are unlikely to regain late 2018 levels.Renewable sources will fall behind along with efforts to ease climate change.


最后的警钟|未来会是什么样子?If you found this information interesting,helpful,or insightful,please share it with everyone you know to help awake them.And don't forget to put up your national flag showing the world you are awake.The more flags out show that the cabals are losing their grip of power over us.There is much more enlightening information to follow!For which you could subscribe free of charge.


Unity creates Power


Our liberation process cannot be stopped anymore.Uniting with others who are like minded people creates and shapes our best reality.Worldwide networks of awakening people are being created,such as in the Marbella/Malaga area,which attracts an increasing number of participants in just a few months of existence,the group has grown to more than 250 members.If you would like to apply or learn how to start your own regional or local group,please contact FWC via email.

我们的解放进程再也不能停止了。与其他志同道合的人一起创造和塑造我们最好的现实。正在建立世界范围的觉醒人民网络,例如在马尔韦利亚/马拉加地区,该组织成立仅几个月就吸引了越来越多的参与者,其成员已超过250人。如果您想申请或学习如何开始自己的区域或当地团体,请通过电子邮件联系 FWC

Meetings and lectures in English are regularly organised.Our future lies in our own hands specifically in small communities that become the foundation of our self-managed society.



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