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June 16,2021 2021616


Heads up!We're nearly at SHTF time.


Look what I found:



You can thank Ghost Ezra for the above.I just heard Senator Wendy Rogers say that the AZ audit team will be wrapped up in three weeks.The lease on the venue expires on June 30 and then they have some time to return everything there to its original condition.I can't believe it will be July in less than two weeks.The summer is evaporating.

你可以为此感谢Ghost Ezra。我刚刚听参议员温迪·罗杰斯说 AZ 的审计小组将在三周内结束工作。场地租约于六月三十日届满,届时他们有时间把场地恢复原状。我不敢相信在不到两周的时间里就是七月了。夏天正在消失。

It appears Governor Ducey is cooperating in some ways with the People of Arizona.I think he'll do what the White Hats tell him.

看来 Ducey 州长在某些方面与亚利桑那州人民合作。我想他会照白帽子告诉他的去做。

I can say that this past week has been a turning point in the absurd and baseless restrictions and mandates in the Valley of the Sun.For the first time there were dramatically fewer people wearing masks at the supermarket,including at the Starbucks counter,and at Walgreen's today same thing.It seems most people are coming to their senses.The ADOT are briefly flashing"Join 3.2 million Arizonans.Get the vaccine!"on the freeway signs while alternating with appropriate traffic-related information.


Ariz.Gov.Signs Executive Order Banning Schools From Requiring Vaccines,Masks,COVID Tests Ariz.

政府签署行政命令禁止学校使用疫苗、口罩和 ovid 试验

And that's great.It may be related to his call for extra law enforcement to protect the vulnerable Arizona/Mexico border.Give and take.Just speculating.


The AZ Audit is moving along quickly,and,I suspect,on a timetable.


It sounds like the draining of the DC swamp is pretty much done.Charlie Ward channel reports:


Reports are coming in claiming that many public buildings in Washington,DC are,today,CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC.


I was informed a few minutes ago that all buildings closed to the public and all tours suspended until further notice in DC.


National Zoo closed


Holocaust Museum closed


National Archives closed


JFK Center of Performing Arts closed


National Cherry Blossom Festival canceled


Arlington National Cemetery Closed to the public


Museum of the Bible closed


National Capital and House and Senate Buildings closed to public and all tours suspended


Library of Congress closed to public


FBI Building closed to public


Pentagon closed to public

五角大楼对公众关闭There are more but these reports are not yet verified.Attempting to determine the reason.


Check back




Closures now CONFIRMED by a sitting member of the US Congress:


United States Capitol and House and Senate Office Buildings:All Buildings CLOSED to public and tours SUSPENDED until further notice


Library of Congress:All buildings CLOSED to public and tours SUSPENDED until further notice


White House(Call 202-456-7041 for updates)


FBI Building:Building CLOSED to public and all tours SUSPENDED until further notice


Bureau of Engraving and Printing:Building CLOSED to public and all tours SUSPENDED until further notice


Department of State:Building CLOSED to public and all tours SUSPENDED until further notice


Pentagon:Building CLOSED to public and all tours SUSPENDED until further notice


Smithsonian Musuems(list here):All buildings CLOSED to public and all tours SUSPENDED until further notice


National Zoo:CLOSED until further notice


Holocaust Museum:Building CLOSED to public and all tours SUSPENDED until further notice


National Archives:Building CLOSED to public and all tours SUSPENDED until further notice


John F.Kennedy Center for Performing Arts(season info):Building CLOSED to public and all performances SUSPENDED until further notice


National Cherry Blossem Festival:All events CANCELLED


Arlington National Cemetary:CLOSED to public;OPEN to families for visitation;scheduled funerals will CONTINUE as planned

Arlington National Cemetary:不对公众开放;对探望家属开放;预定的葬礼将按计划继续举行

Museum of the Bible:CLOSED(through January 28)


International Spy Museum:OPEN


National Arboretum:Grounds only OPEN(The National Bonsai&Penjing Museum and Administration Building are still CLOSED to the public)


And this came in from James O'Keefe of Project Veritas yesterday afternoon:


BREAKING:Fox 26 TV Reporter@IvoryHecker Appears to Have Been TERMINATED–Asked to Return Equipment By Fox 26 HR Director Tracey Rivers

破坏:福克斯26电视台记者@ivoryhecker 似乎已被终止-要求归还设备由福克斯26人力资源总监特雷西河

DONATE TO SUPPORT IVORY:GiveSendGo.com/SupportIvory



东部时间下午6点,象牙公司的 FOX 26录音将公之于众

Check out that full story here.


Who controls the media?Who really controls the media?;0)


January 6 won't go away until the whole truth is told.One day soon,everyone will come to the realization that nothing on this planet just happens;it is all scripted,choreographed,and manipulated to suit the New World Order agenda.It's even more obvious now when they are struggling to regain power.


NOW WE HAVE PROOF:FBI and DHS Attempted to Recruit Green Beret to Infiltrate Oath Keepers Before Jan.6 Riot—AND HE RECORDED IT 


At this rate,there could be all-out war with the demonrats any day.



Why doesn't this surprise me?





This isn't sitting well with a lot of people.


Trudeau can check out of quarantine hotel after overnight stay from Europe trip 



Further to the attacks on Romana Didulo,(and others)I wanted to say a few things mostly for the benefit of relatively new truthers to assist in navigating this information war.


There are a lot of imposters in the alternative news and patriot community.The controllers can make people look really good by concocting fancy web pages and social media accounts with high quality images,fancy language,compelling copy,high-falutin résumés,and impressive networks of people.


The dark can also apply similar resources to attacking real patriots to destroy them.It's easy to put up web pages and blogs with fake information,comments,etc.Not everything on the Internet is to be trusted.


Most reading this blog regularly don't need to be told,but there are new readers every day and they will have to learn how to discern and research because the Internet is full of misinformation,disinformation and deceit.


Many honest people have had their reputations destroyed by the dark,just as many lying actors have put on a great show to infiltrate our community while pretending to be our best friends and fighting for Humanity.There are usually multiple reasons for this.Sometimes it's financial,sometimes other reasons.



It is not always easy to know who is who in the zoo,but you can bet if someone is attacked that it's because they are putting out good information and having a positive impact on the patriot community.Just because there's an interview with"Charlie Ward's brother"saying Charlie is a bad dude doesn't mean it's really his brother,or that what is stated is valid.


We already know the legacy media outright lies so why would we expect anything better from their counterparts in the alternative media?


Romana Didulo has shared good information and support and has inspired a lot of people the world over,not only in Canada,to fight back against the cabal—lawfully.She has shared some brutally honest material about Human trafficking and other crimes of the Canadian government which was hijacked by the cabal.


The website for the Canada1st Party was attacked as well,and that suggests some significant resources were leveled against the organization.Just be careful of who you listen to and decide for yourself who is authentic and who is a bad actor.Don't trust everything you hear or see.What does your gut tell you?Your heart?



Another lame excuse to call someone a cabal agent is that they used to operate within the deep state system.A lot of people were trapped in that system who didn't want to be there.They didn't like doing what they were forced to do but as you probably know,the dark is ruthless and would easily torture and kill families and pets if some folks tried to break away and/or become a whistleblower.They've done it.


We know they trick good people into compromising(sexual)situations they would do anything to keep a secret and that's how they blackmail thousands of people into doing their bidding.


What those fundamentally good people did in the past is almost irrelevant today if they are working to support Humanity.Some flipped and were probably granted privacy and safety.They were forgiven because they didn't prey on Humans,they simply did their jobs under duress.They weren't psychopaths and their background and experience is a massive benefit to the good guys now.


When people land here attacking Simon Parkes or Charlie Ward I won't give them the opportunity and I won't allow them to do it to Romana Didulo,either.Trustworthy patriots providing good information have said Romana was installed by the White Hats to give Canadians someone to follow and to keep things in order until an election can take place.


Although it's not public,Trudeau has been removed for his treasonous acts and crimes against Humanity,and there may be zero leadership for the White Hats to rely on at this point.In the USA the military got Donald Trump as their front man.Perhaps it had to be that way also to save Canada.Q has said,"You and your families are safe"and the Patriots are in control.I trust that implicitly.

虽然它不是公开的,但是特鲁多已经因为叛国行为和反人类罪被撤职了,而且在这一点上白帽子可能没有任何领导可以依靠。在美国,军方让唐纳德·特朗普做他们的头面人物。也许这也是拯救加拿大的方法。Q 说,"你和你的家人都很安全",爱国者队控制了局面。我绝对相信这一点。


If Romana Didulo really is stepping up to work on the side of the Light then she is protected.If she is an imposter,it will come out at some point.In the mean time,she is following in Trump and Q's footsteps and the People are responding positively.

如果罗曼娜·迪杜洛真的正在加紧为光的一方工作,那么她是受到保护的。如果她是一个冒名顶替者,这件事迟早会曝光的。与此同时,她正在追随特朗普和 q 的脚步,民众也做出了积极的回应。

Just because someone can dig up information on her doesn't prove anything except they want to attack her.Her past is irrelevant and where she lives is irrelevant.What has she done wrong?Whom has she hurt?Her truths have no doubt hurt the deep state and awakened a few more people.


Is she a mind-controlled deep state plant?Maybe.But she certainly doesn't seem to be helping the deep state at all,does she?Who cares if she calls herself"queen"?The Queen of England certainly wasn't a Queen but originally a queen had to be a sovereign.She stated it for a reason.Figure it out.I don't believe there will be any more"royalty",kings,or queens.


We are all equal and sovereign now.Sheep no more.Serfs no more.Queen Elizabeth is no more,so on paper,perhaps the White Hats have awarded Romana similar powers to that she may control key aspects,inform,and protect the Canadian People according to their Charter of Rights and Freedoms.It's really just paperwork to make her appointment lawful.


If Romana is a nothing burger,why do they bother attacking her?Why have trolls descended onto the Canada1st Telegram channel?Because they're paid to do it.



Just as when Q began gathering momentum and souls the world over were responding and resonating to the truth told on the boards which triggered attacks from the dark side,they are now after Romana and her Team.I think we are all capable of establishing who is telling truth and who we wish to lend credence to.We don't want anyone telling us who to follow,or who to"promote".

就像 q 开始聚集动力,全世界的灵魂都在回应并共鸣那些引发黑暗面攻击的板上的真相,他们现在在追寻罗曼娜和她的团队。我认为我们都有能力确定谁在说真话,我们希望相信谁。我们不希望任何人告诉我们应该跟随谁,或者应该"提拔"谁。

And that is all the time I am going to spend on this drama.If you don't like to hear from Charlie Ward,or Simon Parkes,or Romana Didulo,you don't have to read or listen to anything they have to say.Perhaps Romana is an experiment.You don't have to vote for her.Trolls…give it a rest.


There is an offshoot to Romana's Telegram channel and that is the separate Canada1st Party of Canada.There they are.Therefore,they exist.And they share some unsavoury truths;truths that must be told.Nothing can stop what is coming.TRUTH is coming.


Thanks to the USMCA agreement,President Trump,the Earth Alliance,and the US Military are in place to secure not only the United States but Mexico and Canada,as well.That is why Romana thanks them in her video(s),as well as the Canadian Military.

由于 USMCA 协议,特朗普总统、地球联盟和美国军队已经到位,不仅保证了美国的安全,也保证了墨西哥和加拿大的安全。这就是为什么罗曼娜在她的视频中感谢他们,以及加拿大军方。


My job,as I see it,is to chronicle The Great Awakening and the characters that bring it to life.Some good,some bad.Some questionable.We all get to choose,and if I feel specific people are worth watching and listening to,I will share them here as an offering and readers can indulge or ignore.


This is a complicated game and some players are double agents and infiltrated the dark circles for years,like President Trump,to gain their trust and learn their secrets.If you can't think in terms of an ageless battle then you don't understand what is unfolding,the stakes for Humanity and other races,and the sacrifices many have had to make.


Personally,I don't believe anything that has happened has been a mistake,or coincidence.This is an unconventional war,and unconventional tactics are employed.


You might read,The Art of War,by Sun Tzu.[free download] As Q has said,"Disinformation is necessary."Any intelligence agency or military worth its salt will say or do whatever is necessary to protect the nation and the people.

你可以读读孙子的《孙子兵法》。(免费下载)正如 q 所说,"虚假信息是必要的。"任何称职的情报机构或军方都会说或做任何必要的事情来保护国家和人民。

It's complicated.Don't expect everything to be black and white—or truthful.That is a completely naïve expectation.It's not about our comfort level;it's about our survival.Trust that a rollicking game of 5D chess is winding down to the"check"and"mate",very soon.

这很复杂。不要期望每件事情都是黑白分明的ー或者是真实的。这是一个完全天真的期望。这不是关于我们的舒适程度,而是关于我们的生存。相信一个嬉闹的5D 国际象棋游戏很快就会结束到"将军""伙伴"


Sooner or later all will show their true colours.Instead of running from blog to website to social media platform exposing someone who is doing positive things,why don't these people spend their time exposing what the psychopaths have done?


WHO IS THE ENEMY?Don't make it each other.Let's not allow the tail to wag the dog.That's what the New World Order has always been able to do.


We don't expect to always know who works for whom.If we knew,so would the enemy.Are you ready for the TKO?


Now back to the news…



Rep.Greene Issues Apology After Comparing Mask Mandate to Treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany 


The feeling I get here is that once it's out there,you can't really take it back.It's a tactic the dark uses all the time.They throw out all their fake news and do their senseless dot connecting and regardless if what they said is true or not,it's lodged in the minds of the masses to a great degree,(particularly with repetition)and apologies and retractions do little.It's not like you can redact it.


The same applies in a court room.When a judge tells the jury to disregard that last remark from the witness,do you think they really do,or can?Or when the attorney asks a question of the witness and the other attorney objects and the judge says they will not allow it and the attorney says,"Withdrawn."Too late.


Does it erase the question from existence?No.They asked it,and it's out there.The fact that the information they dropped is in question form is immaterial.



It's a technicality,a loophole—like Q dropping information via questions so as not to reveal anything which threatens national security.

这是一个技术性问题,一个漏洞ーー就像 q 通过提问来泄露信息,以免泄露任何威胁国家安全的信息。

I believe attorneys use these tactics to their advantage after anticipating how the dialogue will go and I think this remark from Marjorie Taylor Greene may have been a similar strategy.Or not.The thing is,it's a valid comparison.The dark uses Nazi tactics.It's who they are.


On a lighter note…


JFK Jr.posted this on his Telegram channel and I believe it is he in the cute little beret in Washington.Drip.Drip.Drip.I can almost feel the terror amping up in the deep state knowing that he will soon be back in public telling us what he knows,and what he's been up to for twenty years.Link to Telegram.

小肯尼迪在他的 Telegram 频道上发布了这个消息,我相信这是他在华盛顿戴着可爱的小贝雷帽。滴水。滴水。滴水。我几乎可以感觉到,当我知道他很快就会回到公众面前,告诉我们他知道什么,以及他二十年来一直在做什么的时候,那种恐惧感油然而生。链接到 Telegram


Our June 15 And We Know update follows.


6.15.21:CONTINUE to LIFT up YOUR VOICE!The Audit exposure…the VICTORY seems near!PRAY!6.15.21:


Now,I can buy this,but my question is…Who died?Us or them?Isn't it possible,or even likely,that if the Earth Alliance knows the future,that they would take every precaution to protect Humanity?And seeing how their goal is to eradicate this scourge from the planet,does it not seem plausible that the White Hats could weaponize the vaccine against our enemy?


How do we know it isn't cabal people who are dying from the injections?No one I personally know had any more than a little short-term discomfort from the"vaccine",if any response at all.If I were the White Hats,I would have made it a therapeutic—like HCQ,zinc,Vitamin C and D…that sort of thing.A placebo at worst.

我们怎么知道死于注射的不是阴谋集团的人?我个人认识的人中,没有人因"疫苗"而感到短期的不适,如果有任何反应的话。如果我是白帽子,我会把它作为一种治疗药物ーー如 HCQ、锌、维生素 c d.诸如此类。最坏的情况也就是安慰剂。

If I recall correctly,Gene Decode told us about a year ago that Chyna was planning to release a bioweapon but the White Hats switched it out for a benign concoction.I believe the Patriots are in control so I'm not going to worry.Some day the real story will be told but in the interim,this is a"scare event"planned by the Earth Alliance.And it's getting old.Bring on the med-beds and heal everyone worth saving.

如果我没记错的话,Gene Decode 一年前告诉我们 Chyna 计划发布一种生化武器,但是 White Hats 把它换成了一种良性混合物。我相信爱国者队已经控制了局面,所以我不会担心。总有一天,真实的故事会被讲出来,但在此期间,这是一个由地球联盟策划的"恐怖事件"。而且已经过时了。带上医疗床,治愈每一个值得拯救的人。


This news of one of those many indictments now unsealed in Arizona comes from the Canada1st Party Telegram channel.A massive haul here,folks.Justice is being done.


DHS Arrests 12 People for Human Trafficking and Money Laundering in Sells 


BREAKING:'Operation Lost Souls'Results In 24 Missing Children Found Alive In Joint Operation 



"Juneteenth"…"birthing people"…please make it stop.Make them go away.They're unsane.


I can't take much of this seriously any longer and I don't want to appear flippant when discussing the suffering and death but it's been laughable from the start.


The ridiculous videos"leaked"from China suggesting people were dropping in their tracks,that the storm trooper style fumigation teams walked the streets of Wuhan spraying everything and everyone in their path,the doctor screaming into a telephone to get someone over there to remove all the dead bodies piling up on the hospital floor,the reports of the authorities welding people into their homes…all unsane and unbelievable.


There is no shortage of potentially frightening information about what the vaxxines will do to us but it's beyond the point I can take it seriously.It's over the top and not frightening.It's like a campy horror movie that's so bad you want to turn it off.

关于 vaxxines 会对我们造成什么样的影响,并不缺乏可能令人恐惧的信息,但这已经超出了我能认真对待的范围。这有点夸张,但并不可怕。这就像一部做作的恐怖电影,糟糕到你想把它关掉。

That's just where I'm at right now.Do I have it all wrong and I'm in denial?Maybe.But I can't help how I feel so my bias will creep in,just so you know.I'm trying to enjoy the show but it's becoming a groaner,if you know what I mean.I prefer to look to the future rather than focus on what is currently seeming to unfold.I,and everyone I know are fine.


I'm sticking this Gene Decode Canadian DUMB&Tunnel update here from the Canada1st Party Telegram channel.It was first published June 4th on Bitchute:

我坚持这个基因解码加拿大 DUMB&Tunnel 更新这里从加拿大第一党电报频道。该书于64日首次在 Bitchute 上发表:

Some days when I'm skimming Telegram I wonder why I put this post together every day because that platform is such a fabulous collection of data,images,video,and perspectives.The chimes for new Telegrams are a symphony streaming from my speakers and the number of contributors is growing.If everyone used Telegram exclusively they would be very well informed—and entertained!

有些日子当我浏览 Telegram 的时候,我想知道为什么我每天都把这个帖子放在一起,因为这个平台是如此精彩的数据、图像、视频和透视图的集合。新电报的钟声是从我的扬声器中流出的交响乐,投稿人的数量正在增加。如果每个人都专门使用 Telegram,那么他们将获得非常广泛的信息ーー而且会受到款待!

The Starship crew,however,and our esteemed readers totalling over 8,000 have valuable insights and material to share and it makes for a unique and well-rounded experience.Some very smart people review our posts AND comments and I believe they rely on this feedback as their dipstick for how the wake-up call is going.Just a hunch.I could be wrong.


I certainly don't have the personal bandwidth to be everywhere I'd like to tap into the most important and rewarding information so I rely on the crew and subscribers to share their wisdom and tantalizing bits they round up in their travels on the World Wide Web.We've got our own little hologram going here and I value it immensely.I appreciate the likes and shares and notes of appreciation.It's certainly not the life I anticipated for myself years ago but here it is.I'll take it.


And that concludes our wordy post for today which doesn't cover a fraction of everything that's happening but it has to end somewhere so I bid you all a fond farewell for the moment.


I leave you with the pièce de résistance:a shiny new Jetson White video,just 5 minutes long,uploaded a few minutes ago for the open-minded among you.You can see that there is far more going on than we realize,and much more important than a few trolls or attacks on patriots'characters.


Enjoy the journey and make sure you have lots of popcorn.~BP


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The Time Travel Miracle is More Than Q+ (5 of 7)

NOTE: 'The Trump Time Travel' series was originally released by this channel in 2018. Episode 5 includes a personal vision explained and confirmed by Kim Cle...



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