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wayfair 网站上有一些物品,比如橱柜和抱枕,名字很奇怪。当我们深入挖掘的时候,我们发现有一些失踪的孩子,他们的名字和提供给他们的枕头和橱柜一样。更奇怪的是,这些物品价值超过10000美元。一个廉价枕头要一万美元?

Recently it was brought to my attention that the website Wayfair.com had items such as cabinets and throw pillows that were oddly named.When digging deeper we see that there are missing children that have the same names as the pillows and cabinets that are being offered.Even stranger is that the items are upwards of$10,000.$10k for a cheap pillow?

最近我注意到,wayfair 网站上有一些物品,比如橱柜和抱枕,名字很奇怪。当我们深入挖掘的时候,我们发现有一些失踪的孩子,他们的名字和提供给他们的枕头和橱柜一样。更奇怪的是,这些物品价值超过10000美元。一个廉价枕头要一万美元?



The anti-trafficking activist who first exposed this scandal goes by PrincessPeach1987 on Reddit.

第一个揭露这一丑闻的反人口贩卖活动家是 PrincessPeach1987 Reddit 上。

Is it possible Wayfair involved in Human trafficking with their WFX Utility collection? Or are these just extremely overpriced cabinets? (Note the names of the cabinets) this makes me sick to my stomach if it's true."

有没有可能 Wayfair 参与了他们的视觉效果工具收集人口贩卖?还是这些橱柜价格太高了?(注意柜子的名字)如果这是真的,我会觉得恶心。"

Some people are now speculating that this scandal goes all the way to the top.The CEO of Wayfair is Niraj Shah,who is also the director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and his charity is the Boys and Girls club.

一些人现在猜测这个丑闻会一直传到最高层。Wayfair 的首席执行官是 Niraj Shah,他也是波士顿联邦储备银行的主管,他的慈善机构是男孩和女孩俱乐部。


We also see pedophile logos on several of the items for sale.We see a pedophile symbol with the Isabelline logo.I find this of interest,seeing as how Ghislaine Maxwell's sister's name is Isabelle Maxwell:



A Reddit poster who claims to have worked for Wayfair said:

一位宣称曾为 Wayfair 工作过的 Reddit 网友说:

I worked there,and when we ran across these,we were told to put in a special ticket for items like this,but they were never actually removed from the website.There were tons.Not just throw pillows and cabinets,but tables,paintings,etc.I had a lady call in for a basic$50,000 table,that I thought was odd,especially considering that she wanted THAT one,when it was no different than another on our sister page.What people don't realize is that Wayfair has sister websites,(Joss and Main,Birch Lane,All Modern,and Perigold-Perigold being the one in which we were specifically instructed to never service;and check out their prices),that are reserved for higher price points.That in itself was shady and cost me a few sales,because the items were exactly the same,down to the SKU,but were being sold at different price points.Considering that Wayfair employees service the sister sites,and there's no designated call center for any of these other sites,it doesn't make sense as to why they'd be different prices,besides to squeeze out an extra dollar from the customer.But I digress.After working there,it's not too hard for me to believe.Niraj Shah was the CEO of Racks and Stands which was also engaged in some shady operations.The stock prices of Wayfair are consistently inflated,and if they had to traffic children to make a quick buck,I wouldn't put it past them.At some point,they were running pilot programs for their own delivery services.At best,this seems highly coincidental.A few of these children have extremely unique names and spellings of their names,so I don't know why their team would decide to use those names specifically.

我在那里工作,当我们遇到这些东西的时候,我们被告知要为这些东西开一张特别的票,但是这些东西从来没有从网站上删除过。有好几吨呢。不仅仅是靠枕和橱柜,还有桌子,油画等等。我接到一位女士的电话,要一张5万美元的基本桌子,我觉得很奇怪,特别是考虑到她想要那张桌子,而那张桌子和我们的姐妹桌上的桌子没有什么不同。人们没有意识到的是,Wayfair 有一些姐妹网站(Joss and Main Birch Lane All Modern Perigold-Perigold 是专门指示我们永远不要提供服务的网站;查看它们的价格),这些网站都是为了更高的价格点而保留的。这本身就是一个阴影,让我损失了一些销售额,因为这些东西完全一样,一直到 SKU,但是被以不同的价格出售。考虑到 Wayfair 的员工为其姐妹网站提供服务,而且其他网站都没有指定的呼叫中心,除了从客户那里挤出额外的一美元外,为什么它们的价格会不一样就没有意义了。但我离题了。在那里工作之后,让我相信并不难。Niraj Shah 是货架和货摊的首席执行官,该公司还从事一些见不得人的活动。Wayfair 的股票价格一直在上涨,如果他们不得不通过贩卖儿童来快速赚钱,我不会放过他们。在某种程度上,他们正在为自己的送货服务运行试点项目。充其量,这似乎是高度巧合。其中一些孩子的名字和拼写极其独特,所以我不知道他们的团队为什么决定特别使用这些名字。

Wayfair's explanation doesn't explain the insanely high prices that these items cost.

Wayfair 的解释并没有解释这些商品价格高得离谱的原因。


That's extremely suspicious.Even stranger,if you type the SKU of the cabinet into a third-party search engine like Yandex,with SRC USA in front of it like this person did,the results are absolutely horrifying.

这太可疑了。更奇怪的是,如果你在第三方搜索引擎中输入机柜的 SKU,就像这个人一样,前面是 SRC USA,结果绝对令人震惊。


Tom Hanks had been posting very odd images on his Instagram of little girls'shoes and random gloves.In one of his instagram pics he took a picture of the words"SRC USA"in chalk on the ground.

汤姆·汉克斯一直在他的 Instagram 上发布一些小女孩的鞋子和手套的奇怪照片。在他的一张 instagram 照片中,他用粉笔拍下了地面上的"SRC USA"字样。


From a recent Newsweek article on the subject:


Subsequent elaborations on the theory included a user review on the Wayfair website for a previously unrelated,$5,000 fireproof filing cabinet,which included a 2016 user review from someone in Walnut Creek,California.The San Francisco exurb,with a population of more than 70,000,was also the location of a February arrest for human trafficking,child pornography and attempted kidnapping,which was allegedly connected to a wider child sex trafficking ring."Walnut Sauce"is also an alleged code word central to Pizzagate conspiracy theories.

这个理论的后续阐述包括用户在 Wayfair 网站上评论一个之前不相关的5000美元的防火文件柜,其中包括2016年加利福尼亚州核桃溪市某人的用户评论。旧金山郊区,人口超过70,000,也是2月份逮捕人口贩卖组织,儿童色情和绑架未遂的地点,据称这与一个更广泛的儿童性交易团伙有关。据称,"核桃酱"也是 Pizzagate 阴谋论的核心代码。

Supporters of the theory have also drawn connections to June 2019 protests by Wayfair employees,which objected to the company selling furnishings to a Texas detention facility for migrant children.The facility subsequently closed.However,protesting Wayfair employees never mentioned setting up public listings for humans.

这一理论的支持者还将其与20196 Wayfair 员工的抗议活动联系起来,当时 Wayfair 反对该公司将家具出售给德克萨斯州的一个移民儿童拘留设施。该设施其后关闭。然而,抗议的 Wayfair 员工从未提及为人类设立公开名录。

As if the entities at Wayfair would just nonchalantly tell their employees to list humans on their website.Gee,thanks Newsweek for that hot take!I find it odd how Snopes had"debunked"this"conspiracy theory"within an hour of the internet learning about it.

仿佛 Wayfair 的实体只是漫不经心地告诉他们的员工在他们的网站上列出人类的名字。哎呀,谢谢《新闻周刊》的热播!我觉得很奇怪,Snopes 在互联网上得知这一消息后不到一个小时就"揭穿"了这一"阴谋论"


Their only explanation is that some cabinets are just expensive.Really?Throw pillows and step stools too?Are we being baited?Or are these predators just throwing it in our faces?



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