X22报道|第2659集: 大重置失败,当你不再相信那些被选举出来代表你的人时发生了什么?

2021年12月23日16:34:14最新动态X22报道|第2659集: 大重置失败,当你不再相信那些被选举出来代表你的人时发生了什么?已关闭评论5881字数 1628阅读5分25秒阅读模式


X22报道|第2659集: 大重置失败,当你不再相信那些被选举出来代表你的人时发生了什么?

Ep. 2659a – The [CB] Great Reset Just Fell Apart, Panic, Trump: Crypto Is Very Dangerous

Ep. 2659a – 大重置刚刚瓦解,恐慌,特朗普:加密货币非常危险

Ep. 2659b – What Happens When You Can No Longer Trust Those Elected To Represent You?

Ep. 2659b-当你不再信任那些当选为你代表的人时会发生什么?



[JB] and the puppet masters are using omicron to extend the loan repayment by another 90 days, all they did was kick the can down the street, soon people will see the truth. DOD is building free wifi with Musk, why is it in the BBB. [JB] approval sinking because of inflation. Fake news running interference for WEF and the Great Reset, the great awakening, the people know. Trump says crypto would be a disaster.



[JB] poll number continue to drop. The [DS] is doing everything they can to get the people to where they need them to be and that is vaccinated. The people are no longer believing these individuals, they know they have been lied to. The people see very clearly now and they know the difference between helping the people and pushing an agenda. Trump says you have a choice to put something in your body, soon we will have full immunity. The [DS] narrative and plan has failed, Trump and the patriots are ready to mount a major offensive.



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