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For anyone who's educated on the prevalence of the type of criminal activity mentioned in this article,it should come as no surprise.Ever since Jeffrey Epsteinbecame a popular name in the mainstream media as well as NIVXM,more people have discovered just how deep this type of corruption goes.Perhaps it was also the recent conviction of one of the highest ranking Vatican officials,Cardinal George Pell,who was convicted on 5 counts of child sexual abuse that'woke up'more people.There are many examples to choose from,most of which don't really get the attention they deserve from mainstream media.Perhaps that's because some of the owners of these networks are involved in this type of activity?We'll get to that later.

对于任何一个了解本文中提到的犯罪活动流行类型的人来说,这应该不足为奇。自从杰弗里·爱泼斯坦在主流媒体和 NIVXM 上成为一个流行的名字以来,越来越多的人发现了这种类型的腐败到底有多深。也许最近梵蒂冈最高级别官员之一的枢机主教乔治·佩尔也被定罪,他被判犯有5项儿童性虐待罪,唤醒了更多的人。有很多例子可供选择,但大多数都没有得到主流媒体应有的关注。也许这是因为这些网络的一些所有者参与了这种类型的活动?我们稍后再谈这个问题。

The point is,pedophilia and the trafficking of women and children in North America alone involve some of the most powerful people on the planet,and that's exactly how they've remained under the radar for so long.Those who are involved in these scandals often sit above the law,and again,have access to great power.


The NXIVM case was a great example of that.It implicated not only the supposed leader(or fall guy),Keith Raniere,but also multiple Hollywood actors and the financial elite like Clare Bronfman,whose family is in business with the Rothschild family.India Oxenberg was also implicated,and her mother is also an actress and her grandmother is Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia.In billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's case,who was recently arrested for child trafficking,multiple accusers have named people like Prince Andrew,another member of the Royal Family.One example is Virginia Roberts Giuffre,pictured here with Prince Andrew.She claims that she was loaned out by Epstein to people like Prince Andrew as a young teenager.

Nxivm 案例就是一个很好的例子。这不仅牵涉到所谓的领导人(或替罪羊)Keith Raniere,还牵涉到多位好莱坞演员以及像 Clare Bronfman 这样的金融精英,Clare Bronfman 的家族与罗斯柴尔德家族有生意往来。英迪亚·奥森伯格也受到牵连,她的母亲也是一名演员,她的祖母是南斯拉夫的伊丽莎白公主。在最近因贩卖儿童而被捕的亿万富翁性犯罪者杰弗里·爱泼斯坦的案件中,多名控告者提到了像安德鲁王子这样的人,他是英国王室的另一位成员。其中一个例子就是弗吉尼亚·罗伯茨·朱弗,图中是和安德鲁王子在一起。她声称,爱泼斯坦把她借给了像安德鲁王子这样的年轻人。

Let's not forget about Sir Jimmy Savile,a BBC children's television presenter feted by the Royal Family and Downing Street,who abused 450 victims,mostly boys and girls as young as eight for over 50 years.While Savile had long been seen as odd,the scale of his offences shocked the country.He was even allowed special access to hospitals,and the authorities laughed at or ignored his victims before he died a national hero.He was very close with the Royal Family,too.

让我们不要忘记 Jimmy Savile 爵士,一个受皇室和唐宁街欢迎的 BBC 儿童电视主持,他虐待了450名受害者,大多数是8岁的男孩和女孩,持续了50多年。虽然萨维尔长期以来一直被视为怪人,但他的罪行之严重震惊了整个国家。他甚至被允许进入医院,在他成为民族英雄之前,当局嘲笑或忽视他的受害者。他与皇室的关系也很密切。

NXIVM was also an illegal donor to Hillary Clinton's campaign,and Bill Clinton has been connected to Epstein for a very long time and has been accused by multiple women of rape.

Nxivm 也是希拉里·克林顿竞选团队的非法捐赠者,比尔·克林顿与爱泼斯坦有很长一段时间的联系,并被多名女性指控强奸。

There are so many examples of the State Department being implicated,too.Ex-Nebraska policewoman,Kathryn Bolkovac,who served as a UN peacekeeper and worked under DynCorp,a military contractor,spoke out about elite level sex trafficking involving the UN,the State Department,and the Military.You can read more about that here.

国务院受牵连的例子也不胜枚举。Ex-Nebraska 女警察凯瑟琳·博尔科瓦克曾担任联合国维和人员,在军事承包商戴阳国际工作,她公开谈论了涉及联合国、国务院和军方的精英级别的性交易。你可以在这里了解更多。

Again,there are dozens of examples that go beyond what's come out recently.Take Peter McKelvie,a former Child Protection Chief in the UK,for example.He gained attention when he claimed that senior politicians,military figures,and even people linked to the Royal Family were alleged abusers.While working in Hereford and Worcester,he helped to convict notorious child abuser Peter Righton,who was once one of the country's most respected authorities on childcare.This highlights a great point,and something that I've come across multiple times in my research.Sadly,many people who work for national childcare protection programs are directly involved in this type of thing.McKelvie is one of many who told the world that these types of powerful VIP pedophile rings have been running in secrecy for multiple years.(source)

同样,有许多例子超越了最近出现的。以英国前儿童保护主任 Peter McKelvie 为例。当他声称高级政客、军事人物甚至与皇室有联系的人都是虐待者时,他引起了人们的注意。在赫里福德和伍斯特工作期间,他帮助将臭名昭著的虐待儿童者彼得瑞格顿(Peter right ton)定罪。瑞格顿曾是中国最受尊敬的儿童保育权威之一。这突出了一个重要的观点,也是我在研究中多次遇到的问题。可悲的是,很多为国家儿童保护计划工作的人都直接参与了这种事情。麦克尔维是众多告诉世界这些类型的强大贵宾恋童癖组织已经秘密运行了多年的人之一。(来源)

Pretty crazy,isn't it?Above are some strange things to be weary of,but not all who were acquaintances with Jeffrey Epstein were involved in sex trafficking as well as pedophilia.That wouldn't be smart to assume,and would make many guilty by simple association.But new names have emerged from the"black book"of Epstein,and they include Britain's former Prime Minister Tony Blair,Bill Cosby,former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and John Kerry,media mogul Rupert Murdoch,and many more.


Will A Judge Unseal 2,000 Pages Exposing More Names?


As mentioned above,the US Court of Appeals may be releasing 2,000 pages of documents exposing sex crimes committed by powerful politicians,businessmen and foreign leaders.


According to the National Post:


A judge could decide on July 24 how and when to unseal a trove of documents—some 2,000 pages worth—in connection with a civil lawsuit filed by an Epstein accuser against his one-time companion Ghislaine Maxwell.The papers may reveal allegations of sexual abuse involving people described in court filings as"prominent individuals."

法官可以在724日决定如何以及何时公开一批价值约2000页的文件,这些文件与爱泼斯坦(Epstein)案的一名原告对其曾经的同伴吉斯莱麦克斯韦尔(Ghislaine Maxwell)提起的民事诉讼有关。这些文件可能会揭露有关性虐待的指控,这些指控涉及在法庭文件中被描述为"杰出人物"的人

That civil suit and its remnants have been in the courts for four years.But,in a startling coincidence of timing,an appeals panel ruled just three days before the wealthy financier was taken into custody on July 6 that the documents should be unsealed.The long-running Epstein saga entered a new chapter.


Epstein—who traveled in political,social and financial circles for more than 30 years—pleaded not guilty to charges that he sexually exploited and abused dozens of girls from 2002 to 2005.Some of his accusers have said they were loaned out to other men.


Based On Our Research,This Goes Much Deeper Than What We're Seeing Now


Based on our research here at CE,this type of activity is rampant among the powerful elite.It's hard to tell precisely who,and it's definitely not all of them.They are involved in some pretty psychopathic behaviour that involves the ritualistic satanic abuse and murder of children,cannibalism,and much more.I'm not going to try and'prove'this to you,as it's another topic that requires a deeper and detailed article,but I believe it's important to mention.You can read,for example,about Satanism within the Vatican here.In the article it suggests that children are needed for certain rituals,and you will get information on that if you watch the interview linked below.

根据我们在 CE 的研究,这种类型的活动在有权有势的精英阶层中十分猖獗。很难准确地说出是谁,而且肯定不是所有人。他们涉及一些相当精神病态的行为,包括仪式性的撒旦虐待和谋杀儿童,食人,等等。我不打算试图向你证明这一点,因为这是另一个需要更深入和详细的文章的话题,但我相信提及这一点很重要。例如,你可以在这里读到,关于梵蒂冈内部的撒旦教。在这篇文章中,它建议孩子们在某些仪式上是需要的,如果你观看下面链接的采访,你会得到这方面的信息。

The International Tribunal For Natural Justice(ITFNJ)has been doing a lot of great work to expose this type of activity among the global elite.


The idea that many of our world leaders,philanthropists,and more are involved in such disturbing behaviour shouldn't be too hard to believe.I've said it before and I'll say it again,there is so much evidence showing that select members of the global financial elite(various members of big politics,corporations,hollywood,royal families,and people in positions of great power,the Vatican,etc.)are engaged in some very psychopathic behaviour.But are you really surprised?Look at the world and its systems and all aspects that surround humanity.It's truly a reflection of psychopathic'leaders.'And it's a reflection of us being totally oblivious to it as a result of mass brainwashing.Still,in many cases,we support and stand up for these systems,and accept no other way…We often refuse to acknowledge things that any fairly intelligent person should be able to see with a bit of investigation because it threatens our belief systems.


Hearing From An Actual Victim and Survivor of Elite Level Child Sex Trafficking


Anneke Lucas is an author,speaker,advocate for child sex trafficking victims,founder of the non-profit organization Liberation Prison Yoga,and creator of the Unconditional Model.


Her work is based off her 30-year journey to restore her mental and physical wellbeing after surviving some of the worst atrocities known to humankind before the age of 12.Sold as a young child into a murderous pedophile network by her family,she was rescued after nearly six years of abuse and torture.


We conducted an interview with her.Below is a clip from the four part series,as it was a very long and detailed interview.You can access the full interview HERE on CETV,a platform we created to help combat internet censorship and allow us to continue to do our work and get the word out about various issues and topics.

我们对她进行了一次采访。下面是一个来自四个部分的系列剪辑,因为这是一个非常长和详细的采访。你可以访问 CETV 的完整访谈 HERE,我们创建这个平台是为了帮助对抗互联网审查,让我们能够继续工作,传播关于各种问题和话题的信息。





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