从3D 世界到5D 世界的转变|最后的警钟

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Patience is a virtue


End of the Old and Beginning of the New Cycle


Restoration of Planet Earth started in 2012



Patience is a virtue


Many readers are impatient and think that 500,000 years of oppression can be 从3D 世界到5D 世界的转变|最后的警钟remedied in a few years. It’s not like that, any logical thinking individual understands why.


It is disappointing that content-driven information discourse is met with unqualified negative criticism, because apparently the content is not understood.


The decision for the final breakthrough will be made ‘off world’ by Father/Mother GOD. The Deep State must first destroy itself; no war on planet Earth will be tolerated!


Their destruction is fact, the moment the money system collapses, and/or the mob protests en masse against the toxic – COVID policies being pursued.


Any awake who wants to contribute to a faster breakthrough, spread this message widely!


In a nutshell; the transition from 3D to 5D world began in 2012. The total duration of this change could be approximately four decades. Around 2050, the transition should be complete.

简而言之,从3D 世界到5D 世界的转变始于2012年。这种变化的总持续时间大约为40年。到2050年左右,转型应该会完成。

Many well-known internet wizards have shorter-term predictions that have been proven wrong time and again. But unfortunately, they are still the credible source for many. They talk about Gesara/Nesara that will be implemented tomorrow. This will not be the case as long as the cabal fiat money system not has collapsed!

许多著名的互联网奇才都有被一次又一次证明是错误的短期预测。但不幸的是,对许多人来说,他们仍然是可信的消息来源。他们谈到明天将实施的 Gesara/内萨拉计划。只要阴谋集团法定货币体系没有崩溃,情况就不会是这样!

The implementation of the honest QFS people money system will certainly be the first change to take place after the collapse. Another alternative is; once the mob revolts against the hoax of the Covid pandemic of toxic injections. – Read the preceding article on this.

实行诚信的 QFS 货币制度必将是崩溃后发生的第一个变化。另一种选择是,一旦暴徒们反抗冠状病毒流行的注射毒素的骗局。- 阅读上一篇关于这个的文章。

Other readers correctly note that the decency of many comments is beyond all standards, not yet knowing that most have already been deleted or not allowed. More respect for awake initiators is certainly a necessity!


The End of the Old and Beginning of the New Cycle


从3D 世界到5D 世界的转变|最后的警钟Ascension, by definition, is the path of those who choose to consciously reach a higher level of Light. It is a personal courageous choice to step into the unknown and continue to grow fully into experience and knowledge that is new.


Ascension is actively choosing to evolve into higher consciousness.


There are two types of ascension.


  • Ascension of consciousness.
  • 意识的扬升。
  • Ascension of matter.
  • 物质的扬升。

Ascension per se is merging with your higher self, opening your heart and being willing to reunite with Source Christ and the Light, at all levels and layers of your authentic self. It is returning to the experience of Divine Light and experiencing the highest levels of unconditional love and Divine Attunement to Pure Source Light, directed towards every area of life.


Ascension is not something that happens to us on a specific date, or that we stumble into unknowingly or unintentionally.


On the contrary, through expanded consciousness and by integrating the higher vibrational awareness of our spiritual selves, we are able to ascend.


In summary; Ascension is a process of alignment with higher consciousness and Divine Light. It does not happen immediately or automatically, but gradually, as we increase our contemporary enlightenment step by step.


Ascension is not just spiritual, physical or mental. The ascension process impacts your whole being and the way you perceive, interact with and live in the world around you.


Ascension is a total transformation. To ascend is to realign with Divine Love with full consciousness on all levels.


In short; Your consciousness is the password to enter the world of the 5th Dimension. It will be in that moment, when your consciousness says, do! or, fail!


In that moment, you will be alone! No one will judge or reward you. But you will feel it when you have actually succeeded. It is the end of a period! and the beginning of a new era.


The 3rd Dimension is the world of competition, destructive criticism, selfishness and above all, greed. Control and power are the goal. Backstabbing, lying, deception, malice and low-frequency faith proclamations. These are actions that put great locks on the Gate of entry portal to the fifth Dimension.


从3D 世界到5D 世界的转变|最后的警钟In the fifth Dimension is; cooperation, help, and dedication always focused on good, genuine and pure intentions, empathy and care for others, that is the track that leads you to the 5D world.

在第五维度中,合作、帮助和奉献总是集中在好的、真诚的和纯粹的意图上,同理心和对他人的关心,这是引导你进入5D 世界的轨道。

Nothing and no one has the power to influence this important individual choice. For every individual, the freedom of free will and choice still exists. There will be no soul that can say it didn’t have a chance.


Ascension, by definition, is the path of those who choose to consciously move to a higher level of Light. It can only be found when consciousness has been truly expanded and enriched enough, and when every lesson presented during successive previous incarnations has been understood.


ur returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi below helps prepare humanity for the upcoming changes.

我们回来的外星记者 Vital Frosi 在下面帮助人类为即将到来的变化做好准备。





The consciousness of incarnated humans is not yet broad enough to truly 从3D 世界到5D 世界的转变|最后的警钟nderstand what a Planetary Transition is. This is understandable because souls on Earth have never experienced such an event. In fact, the transmitted messages tell us that the Earth Transition is an event that affects the entire Galaxy, because Planet Earth is one of the most important planets in this quadrant of the Universe.


We have talked about this before, including in relation to the ascension of souls who are now completing their apprenticeship in a World of Trials and Reconciliations.


But today we are going to bring you some new facts, as this information is being passed on bit by bit, according to the human consciousness’ ability to process this info, in order to understand all the changes.


We should not focus too much on dates or deadlines, because time is not linear at the Universe level. It is counted only in a World of Duality, where the soul incarnates and dis-incarnates from time to time.


Under these circumstances, time is counted in the way we all know it, because we have experienced it in every incarnation on this planet.


At higher levels, where the consciousness of the Galactic Brothers who support us resides, the time windows are adjusted to our calendar so that we can understand or at least track and compare the events we are currently experiencing.


It is within this time window, which corresponds to three Centuries, that the Planetary Transition will take place. Since it started around 1750, the transition could be completed around 2050. Of course, these dates are not exact, but approximate. But clearly, we are heading towards its completion.


The Planetary Transition follows certain Timelines. Since everything is frequency, they can also be changed or realigned. And it is the living conscious beings who inhabit this planetary home that determine this frequency. Remember, not only humans have living consciousnesses.


Apart from all this, there is a Divine Plan that determines the fate of every celestial body, not just our planet, but everything that exists in the infinity of the Cosmos. Nevertheless, local consciousness can influence the time and manner of a Planetary Transition, the Divine Plan is sovereign as far as the final outcome is concerned.


从3D 世界到5D 世界的转变|最后的警钟In keeping with the spiral movements of the Milky Way, Earth has always been determined to make its Transition at the beginning of the Aquarian Age. This zodiacal window began in 2012, so there are still about four decades to go until the end of the previously mentioned three Centuries.


In 2016, a message was passed on to us saying that we had four years to get used to the new crystalline energies that began to bathe the Earth, i.e. the period from 2012 to 2016. And that in 2017 the deconstruction of the Old Earth would begin, the energetic cleansing and removal of all the evil entities that still sought refuge in our planet’s etheric field.


This cleansing began around 2018 and was recently completed. The final part of this removal would be the incarnated entities, and this task does not fall to the Galactic Brothers. There is an organisation called the Earth Alliance that does this.


I have already talked about this Alliance here. Because the removal of the incarnates may be visible to the physical eye, it is done in a way so that most people do not realise it. An exchange of game pieces is going on, to be replaced in this way, while it seems like everything is going on as usual.


In fact, things seem to get worse by the day, but this too is part of the revelations, as everything is on display.


These revelations can be likened to a waiting room. There is only one more door to go through before we enter the main hall, where the party really takes place.


We are now in the second decade of the Age of Aquarius. By the time this decade is over, all the events of the great change will be completed.


Remember that the times mentioned are ‘windows’ and are estimates for better understanding.


We will then have two decades left to put things in order. It will be humanity’s most glorious period. Precisely the time when the sense of satisfaction will be, to have completed a duty.


The souls ready for their ascension will finally be able to truly feel what happiness is. The feeling of gratitude will be so great that we do not yet realise how great it is. We will have to feel it to know how big it is.


In these last two decades, everything that was already known will remain only in the memory of lived experiences. Humanity on Earth will already be part of the Galactic family of worlds. But before then, much has been done, even if it is not yet fully realised.


从3D 世界到5D 世界的转变|最后的警钟The Gamma Light is changing the entire energetic constitution of the planet. The animals, plants and minerals have already adapted themselves. First by the Gamma Light and in recent years by the Diamond Light. Their consciousness is not as resistant as that of humans, so in the last 11 years they have already completed the transition.


Besides changing their consciousness, which is still rooted in old beliefs and concepts, humans also have a reptilian hybrid mind, so competition is a constant struggle. This mind needs to be adapted to cooperation, because Old Earth no longer exists in terms of frequency.


The restoration of planet Earth is also taking place at consciousness levels of Gaia. The planetary body also has consciousness; it has life. This body has been severely damaged in the course of man’s existence here on Earth. The air, soil, waters and all ecosystems have been badly affected by pollutants emitted by human activity. These wounds are now being healed by telluric earth movements. (telluric current, also called Earth Current, natural electric current flowing on and beneath the surface of the Earth and generally following a direction parallel to the Earth’s surface).


This explains the extremes we see in terms of temperatures, rainfall, winds, seismic movements, etc. These are also the elementals acting in the service of Gaia. All according to the Divine Plan, to promote the recovery of the Planet.


从3D 世界到5D 世界的转变|最后的警钟This must also be completed in this second decade of the Aquarian Age.


As you can see, the Planetary Transition is not a quick event, but a long-term continuous process that lasts for about three Centuries.


We are now heading towards its end and nothing and no one can stop it.


Anyone who does not agree with the new frequencies is going to leave this beautiful Blue Planet. In fact, it is a Planet that will be even bluer; brighter; more crystalline; or the true Garden of Eden.


The boat keeps rocking, but if you are tuned into your frequency, there is no danger of going overboard.


Trust! Do your part! Make the changes together with Gaia!

信任! 做你该做的! 和 Gaia 一起做出改变!

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!

我是 Vital Frosi 我的使命是开悟!



It becomes gigantic!
You will see the magic of light.
Be honoured to have this opportunity

它变得巨大! 你会看到光的魔力。很荣幸有这个机会


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