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这真的很吸引人。许多爱国者看到乔•拜登(Joe Biden)在电视上宣誓就职(当然,这只是一部戏剧性的作品)后,都失去了理智,屈服于失败。他们希望军方能够按照他们预定的时间表逮捕拜登。因为如果世界的时间不符合他们的期望,他们就会大发雷霆。


It's truly fascinating.Many patriots,upon seeing Joe Biden sworn in on TV—nothing but a theatrical production,of course—have lost their minds and surrendered to defeat.They had hoped that military arrests of Biden would occur on their desired schedule.Because if the timing of the world doesn't match their expectations,they have a fit.

这真的很吸引人。许多爱国者看到乔拜登(Joe Biden)在电视上宣誓就职(当然,这只是一部戏剧性的作品)后,都失去了理智,屈服于失败。他们希望军方能够按照他们预定的时间表逮捕拜登。因为如果世界的时间不符合他们的期望,他们就会大发雷霆。

Oh,ye of little faith…is patience no longer a virtue?


I've seen freedom-oriented people unleashing vicious attacks today against SGT Report,X22 Report,RedPill78,Scott McKay and others.This is entirely undeserved,as all those channels are run by good faith people who have consistently done their level best to be transparent and honest in offering their informed views of where things are going.

今天,我看到以自由为导向的人们对 SGT ReportX22 ReportRedPill78Scott McKay 和其他人发动了邪恶的攻击。这是完全不应该的,因为所有这些渠道都是由善意的人经营的,他们一直尽最大努力做到透明和诚实,提供他们对事情发展方向的知情观点。

The lashing out against well-meaning people only reveals the emotional immaturity of those doing the lashing.It shows that they were always weak and never really had the spine to hold the line in the first place.Sort of like Jeff Sessions or Mitch McConnell.The real patriots still fighting for America have no use for such weak-spirited individuals.

The real fight for America begins NOW



What happened today only underscores the fact that today the real fight for America begins,because we are now fighting for our very survival against a totalitarian,corrupt,criminal regime of treasonous actors and malicious,vengeful miscreants who openly call for us all to be arrested or executed on sight.


This is not the time to declare,"It's over!"and run and hide.This is the time to steel yourself for the coming days and weeks on which the very fate of this nation may turn.


Do you really believe there were 65,000 heavily armed troops in DC merely to attend a mostly empty fake inauguration events that had virtually zero outside protesters?


Do you really think Trump abandoned his 80 million supporters and left them hanging in the wind with no plan in place to defeat the enemies of America?


Do you somehow think that God would bring us to this moment and utterly fail to offer us a solution that would protect those who recognize his ultimate authority?


Those of little faith are out in droves today,screaming,blaming,pouting in anger and rage.It is a pathetic sight,but it shows us much truth.


Those true patriots of great faith are doubling down on solutions to overcome tyranny,expose the fraud and move this nation out of darkness and into light,whether particular events support us on any given day or not.


Joe Biden is not your president,nor anyone's president.The election was unconstitutional.The evidence is abundant.No person sworn in after an illegal election has any legitimate authority whatsoever.The truth will come out.


Admittedly,this is not a battle for the meek,or for the easily defeated.For some,it seems that today was just too much for them to emotionally bear.Trust me when I say this day was nothing compared to what's coming.


As my Navy Seals friends like to say,"The only easy day was yesterday."


You already picked the side of truth and freedom…don't now abandon it for convenience


If you're not cut out for the epic,cosmic battle for human spiritual freedom that now lays in front of us,then go buy yourself a rainbow flag,dye your hair green and pretend to be a transgender so you can"fit in"with the enemies of this nation.Tattoo your face like a goblin and get multiple face piercings.Utter random nonsense babble in a loud voice and the Left will accept you as one of their own.


For everybody else who still has a spine,stand up straight,declare your loyalty to God and the Constitution,and prepare the arduous path to take this country back from this who seek to destroy it.


The path will not be easy.The emotionally weak need not apply.Only those of spiritual commitment and determined will are qualified for the next phase of this operation,which is to expose the fraud,build alternative online platforms for communication and work together at the local level to halt the march of tyranny and defend our civil rights against the deranged,lawless Left.


And yes,the military still has the option to invoke temporary military authority in the face of overwhelming proof of acts of warfare committed by communist C*a against this nation,with the aid of Democrats and election fraudsters.


This is our duty to God and country.Join us in these peaceful efforts to achieve lasting victory against tyranny.If you don't join,at least don't attack those who are committed to fighting for your freedom.


Remember:Freedom is never given.It is taken.If you aren't willing to take it back,you never deserved any freedom in the first place.You were simply a fair weather freedom freeloader.The true warriors for freedom never give up the fight and don't get defeated by an emotionally difficult day characterized by 100%staged theatrical events in DC.




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