X22报告|第2682集: 美联储行动,仅仅因为你看不到,并不意味着大事不会发生

2022年1月21日16:35:10最新动态X22报告|第2682集: 美联储行动,仅仅因为你看不到,并不意味着大事不会发生已关闭评论4642字数 1589阅读5分17秒阅读模式


X22报告|第2682集: 美联储行动,仅仅因为你看不到,并不意味着大事不会发生

Ep. 2682a – The [CB] Makes Their Move, Right On Schedule, The People Are Ready To Counter

2682a-[ CB ]按时行动,人民准备反击

Ep. 2682b – Just Because You Can’t See It, Doesn’t Mean Big Things Aren’t Happening, Fear The Storm

Ep. 2682b-只是因为你看不到它,并不意味着大事情没有发生,害怕暴风雨



The people around the world are seeing inflation, in Germany PP jumps to 24.2%. Here in the US people are seeing empty shelves and those people who lost their jobs on the Keystone pipeline not one has a green job. The ports are still having problems and the trucker mandate goes into effect on Jan 22. The [CB] makes their move, ban crypto and push CBDC.



[JB] gave a presser and it was a complete disaster. The polls show that he received an ‘F’ for virtually every category. The filibuster and voting people failed to pass the senate. The [DS]/D’s are now trapped so they are saying that the 2022 election will be fraudulent. The Supreme Court is going to allow the unselect committee to see the executive privilege docs. The [DS] just set a new precedent, think Durham and any other investigation. Time put out a cover to their mag, it shows a storm over [JB], fear the storm.

[JB]举行了一次新闻发布会,完全是一场灾难。民意调查显示,他几乎在所有类别中都得了“F”。阻挠议事和投票的人未能通过参议院。[DS]/D’s 现在被困住了,所以他们说2022年的选举是欺诈的。最高法院将允许非特别委员会查看行政特权文件。 [DS] 只是开了一个新先例,想想达勒姆和其他任何调查。《时代》杂志为他们的杂志做了封面,上面显示了一场风暴,[JB],害怕风暴吧。


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