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I am Ashtar and I wish to speak on a phenomena that has been seen around your planet.


This is in regard to the sighting of coloured skies without any particular reason known to you for these colours being displayed.


Your chemtrailing and weather seeding technology is being used to keep the truth from being revealed to you,and that is that the 7 rays are coming back through your Matrix shielding which is diminishing and allowing the colours of Love to embrace your world again.Your matrix shielding has been powerful enough to block these rays from reaching you,and they now,again are breaking through the artificial barrier put up in order to shield you from our Light.


You will begin to see spots of colours throughout your skies.This indicates the holes in the Matrix barrier that have formed that are now allowing the 7 rays to shine through again.As it once was.


The Lightworkers have been the main bearers of the rays until now.While the barrier was up and impenetrable by the Light,your people have been shrouded in negativity.


At these peak energetic times,you will begin to see your skies changing colour.Welcome these loving energies,and bask in them.They are the energies of love.


I am Ashtar,and I remain at your service.


Sharon:I am still shocked sometimes at the things you guys tell me,Ashtar.I just didn't think it was this bad.


Ashtar:It was.You were close to death.You all were.Lightworkers were sent to hold the energies which are now breaking through your Matrix shield.It was difficult to ask some to go to be the energy holders on a dying planet,however you volunteered and the universe and all within her thank you.


When you don't believe it was this bad the reason is that you were taught that what you were experiencing was life on earth,and this is your denial breaking away to make room for the Truth.


Me:Thank you Ashtar.


Ashtar:You're most welcome.



通灵:Sharon Stewart

翻译:Nick Chan

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