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I thought I would limit myself to giving some hints with a favorite movie clip,but lo and behold:a very explicit piece of insider info has come out talking especially of the situation in the United States.Cobra is asking people to meditate for the United States,specifically from January 20 to 22.


The light forces have also begun to dissolve the implants of all of surface humanity since December 21 as part of the dissolution of the dark control matrix.To support and aid this process people can do dedicated meditations such as the figure 8 and this set of exercises.

1221日以来,光明势力也开始溶解所有地表人类的植入物,作为溶解黑暗控制矩阵的一部分。为了支持和帮助这个过程,人们可以做专门的冥想,比如8字冥想 (链接中第九部分)和这套练习。



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