官方宣布: 不打乌克兰战争|星际之门通讯

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February 20, 2022 2022年2月20日

The Russian US ambassador makes it very clear in this TV interview that there will be no Ukraine invasion. 'There are no such plans...' The mainstream media LIES again.

俄罗斯驻美大使在这次电视采访中明确表示,不会有乌克兰入侵。“没有这样的计划... ...”主流媒体再次撒谎。


BIG news - Queenie has been diagnosed with the virus. BOOM. Watch for her death/funeral and revelations about the royal family's involvement with child sex trafficking and adrenochrome.


This two minute video excerpt from a Joe Rogan interview spells out the [D]eep [S]tate Great Reset agenda. Klaus Schwab and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair are two of the sinister entities behind it. New Zealand's own DS Prime Minister Ardern did an internship with Blair while he was in office. See how it works...??? Please pass on this important little video, and save it for future red-pilling.

这两分钟的视频摘录自乔 · 罗根的采访,详细说明了深州大重置议程。克劳斯•施瓦布(Klaus Schwab)和英国前首相托尼•布莱尔(Tony Blair)就是其背后的两个邪恶实体。新西兰副总理阿德恩在布莱尔任职期间曾在布莱尔那里实习过。看看它是怎么工作的?请把这个重要的小视频传下去,保存起来以备将来用。


Romanian Member for European Parliament Cristian Terhes makes an impassioned speech about the tyranny of the Canadian dictatorship. He said that he contacted the Canadian truckers and urged them to keep fighting. Awesome.

罗马尼亚欧洲议会议员克里斯蒂安 · 特里斯就加拿大独裁者的暴政发表了慷慨激昂的演讲。他说,他联系了加拿大卡车司机,敦促他们继续战斗。太棒了。


I have huge respect for Trucker Carlson (Tucker Carlson) - may his nickname live on for decades. Listen to this short excerpt where he spells out the damning TRUTH about Trudeau's actions...'In 2022, tyranny is when they take all your MONEY' (Tucker Carlson).

我非常尊敬卡尔森(塔克 · 卡尔森饰) ,希望他的绰号能流传几十年。听听这个简短的节选,他详细说明了关于特鲁多行为的毁灭性真相... “在2022年,暴政是当他们拿走你所有的钱”(塔克 · 卡尔森)。


Tyrannical Trudeau Castro has given authority for freedom truckers pets to be euthanized if they are imprisoned for more than eight days. This level of evil is incomprehensible in 2022.

专制的特鲁多 · 卡斯特罗已经授权给自由的卡车司机,如果他们的宠物被关押超过八天,可以对它们实施安乐死。这种程度的罪恶在2022年是难以理解的。


An emotional Canadian protester just wants freedom for children, and all humanity (1 minute video). Amen to that, fellow Light Warriors.



Watch Ottawa protesters chase away the mainstream media, booing them. Q said, 'They won't be able to walk down the street...' Indeed. It has started.

看着渥太华的抗议者赶走主流媒体,向他们发出嘘声。Q 说,‘他们不能走在街上... ...’的确如此。它已经开始了。


Brilliant quote about the DS mainstream media.

关于 DS 主流媒体的精彩引用。


Looking to the mainstream media for truth is like looking to a prostitute for love. 


I have often wondered if Hitler would have gained a foothold if there had been cell phones back then...

我经常在想,如果当时有手机的话,希特勒是否会站稳脚跟... ..。

官方宣布: 不打乌克兰战争|星际之门通讯

The Wellington protest continues with great spirit. The Maori haka in this short video symbolizes the will of the people. Beautiful. That building in the background at the end is our Parliament building - it's known as the Beehive, for obvious reasons. I wonder if there are any politicians in there...?? Maybe they have done a cowardly retreat like their Canadian counterparts.


A short video showing the great spirit of the Ottawa protesters. Whether Wellington, New Zealand or Ottawa, Canada - freedom protesters are loud and PROUD.  Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming. We are with you...!!

表现渥太华抗议者伟大精神的短片。无论是新西兰的惠灵顿,还是加拿大的渥太华,自由的抗议者都是高声而自豪的。没有什么可以阻止即将到来的事情。我们与你同在... ... ! !


This Anon post describes exactly what Light Warriors have endured - we have survived the greatest psychological warfare operation in the history of the world. We are AMAZING...!

这篇匿名帖子准确地描述了光明战士所经历的——我们在世界历史上最伟大的心理战中幸存了下来。我们是惊人的... !


Finally, my friend Emma had a wonderful vision late one night recently. She saw herself standing on the edge of a cliff. She leaped off and soared up into the air. She felt overwhelming joy as she soared skywards. Then she heard the words, 'It is done...' We are there, friends.

最后,我的朋友艾玛在最近的一个深夜看到了一个奇妙的景象。她看见自己站在悬崖边上。她一跃而起,腾空而起。当她飞向天空时,她感到无法抵抗的喜悦。然后她听到了这样的话,‘一切都结束了... ...’我们到了,朋友们。



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Where We Go One We Go All.


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