X22报道|第2672集: 美联储的推动力众所周知,最有价值的武器是什么?

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[DS] 陷入恐慌,叙述正在崩溃,人们开始质疑这些案件和死亡数字,统计数字毫无意义。他们(DS)现在正在构建内战即将来临的叙事,他们正试图推动这一进程,但最终将以失败告终。

X22报道|第2672集: 美联储的推动力众所周知,最有价值的武器是什么?

Ep. 2672a – [CB] Push Can Be Seen By All, The Economic Plan Is Working, United Not Divided

Ep. 2672a –所有人都能看到推动,经济计划正在发挥作用,团结不分裂

Ep. 2672b – No War, No Civil Unrest, Clean & Swift, What Is The Most Valuable Weapon? Information

Ep. 2672b-没有战争,没有内乱,干净快捷,什么是最有价值的武器?信息



The [CB] is now presenting itself so people can see the true economy. Consumer debt is on the rise. [JB] mandate is beginning Jan 15 and this will add to inflation and supply chain issues. In Germany heating and electric has been turned off. The [CB] agenda is beginning to bring people together. 

现在,[ CB ]正在展示自己,让人们看到真正的经济。消费者债务正在上升。[ JB ]授权将从1月15日开始,这将加剧通胀和供应链问题。在德国,供暖和电力已经被切断。[ CB ]议程正开始把人们团结在一起。


The [DS] is panicking, the narrative is falling apart and people are questioning the cases and deaths, the counts do not make sense. They [DS] is now building the narrative that civil war is coming, they are trying to push this and it will fail in the end. The patriots know the color revolution playbook, it is the same playbook the [DS] always uses. The battle is beginning, the weapon is information and it more lethal that guns or bombs. No war, no civil unrest, clean and swift

[DS] 陷入恐慌,叙述正在崩溃,人们开始质疑这些案件和死亡数字,统计数字毫无意义。他们(DS)现在正在构建内战即将来临的叙事,他们正试图推动这一进程,但最终将以失败告终。爱国者们知道颜色革命的剧本,就是[ DS ]总是用的那个剧本。战斗开始了,武器是信息,它比枪炮或炸弹更致命。没有战争,没有内乱,干净利落


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