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Top billing. A Dan Scavino social media post has got Anons in an uproar of indignation. They are missing the point. Here is the image - but check the Q connection. BOOM. Thanks to Relentless Truth for making the Q connection.

最重要的。Dan Scavino 在社交媒体上的一篇文章引起了 Anons 的愤怒。他们没有抓住重点。这里是图像-但检查 q 连接。繁荣。感谢 Relentless Truth 提供的 q 连接。

Q: 把以色列留到最后|星际之门通讯
I love this little video - Trudeau gets snubbed by the Brazilian President. Priceless. It demonstrates that Brazil is in the Alliance fighting against the [D]eep [St]ate.
This 'jab the children' propaganda out of Hawaii is pure evil. Forget eating healthy...forget exercising regularly...forget saving money - the most important thing for 2022 is getting your CHILDREN jabbed. A similar propaganda campaign is happening here in New Zealand where children are bribed with junk food to get jabbed, no parent's consent required.
这种把孩子们的宣传带出夏威夷的做法纯粹是邪恶的。忘记健康饮食... 忘记有规律的锻炼... 忘记存钱——2022年最重要的事情就是让你的孩子接种疫苗。类似的宣传运动正在新西兰展开,在这里,孩子们被用垃圾食品贿赂以便被注射,而不需要父母的同意。
Beware of the booster shot - it cost an arrogant New York Times editor his life.
A common-sense test: Pass this image around and see who thinks it's a good idea.
一个常识性的测试: 传递这个图片,看看谁认为这是一个好主意。

A powerful image that illustrates how the [D]eep [S]tate brainwashes people into believing that they are really out to help them.


This is a very interesting article about Ascension related to the third to fifth dimensions. I have read a lot about the levels of dimensions/densities in the higher realms - this information resonates with me. Enjoy.


There is a lot of discussion among Light Warriors about who to trust with intel/information. There is a huge amount of disinformation out there, and talk of people who are 'controlled opposition'.
I have said this many times, but it still bears saying: The only TRUTH is what resonates with your heart. A friend can have a strong belief that a certain person is 'controlled opposition'. That is THEIR truth. You don't feel that way at all about the person. That is YOUR truth. Listening to your heart from moment to moment is the only way to discern what is true for you - not anyone else.
我已经说过很多次了,但是它仍然承载着这样一句话: 唯一的真理是与你的心产生共鸣的东西。一个朋友可以有一个强烈的信念,认为某个人是被控制的反对派。这就是他们的真理。你对这个人完全没有那种感觉。这就是你的真理。时时刻刻倾听你的内心是辨别什么是对你真实的唯一方法——而不是对其他任何人。
It takes a great deal of courage to swim against the tide. As I have shared before, years ago few truthers believed that JFK Jr is alive. I was often publicly ridiculed for writing about my belief that he is alive. I stuck to my conviction because deep in my heart I KNEW it was true. I could have kept quiet but I didn't care what people thought of me. And now it is widely accepted among the truth community that JFK Jr faked his death and is at the heart of the Alliance operation to take down the [D]eep [S]tate. Speak your truth..!
Finally, it is the height of the summer tourist season in my town. Today the supermarket was crowded. I was the ONLY unmasked person. I walked around, head held high, smiling at everyone. A small child gazed straight into my eyes. I gave her a big smile. To think that I was the only person in that supermarket whose face was exposed to her. BE there for the children.
Hold the line, World Patriots. I have a strong sense that the launch of President Trump's new social media platform on 21st February will destroy the DS social media and MSM almost overnight.
守住阵线,爱国者们。我有一种强烈的感觉,特朗普总统2月21日推出的新社交媒体平台将在一夜之间摧毁 DS 社交媒体和 MSM。
Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.
Where We Go One We Go All.
Love and Light 
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