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by Ethan Huff

The New Hampshire Commission to Study the Environmental and Health Effects of Evolving 5G Technology put together a study which found that wireless devices and the towers that power them are damaging to people,plants,animals and insects.


This damage is significant,by the way,altering the human body especially in ways that for many people result in serious chronic illness and a lifetime of pain and suffering.



Because 5G technology requires antennas to be placed much closer together than existing 4G and 3G technologies,the general public is being exposed to radiation at levels never before seen throughout human history.

由于5G 技术要求天线比现有的4G 3G 技术靠得更近,公众暴露在人类历史上从未见过的辐射中。

"The structure required to support 5G will place cell antenna ports close to your home and workplace,making it nearly impossible to avoid and raising your risk of excessive oxidative stress that may lead to anxiety,depression and Alzheimer's,"warns Dr.Joseph Mercola.

Joseph Mercola 博士警告说:"支持5G 所需的结构将使细胞天线端口靠近你的家和工作场所,使得你几乎不可能避免和增加你过度氧化应激的风险,这可能导致焦虑、抑郁和阿尔茨海默氏症。"

"It is important to get involved in helping to prevent implementation of 5G by contacting your local lawmakers and signing local petitions,"he adds."Consider taking steps in your home to reduce exposure."

他补充道:"通过联系当地立法者和签署当地请愿书,参与帮助阻止5G 的实施非常重要。""考虑在家里采取措施减少暴露。"

If 5G Was Really Just About"Faster Speeds,"Fiber Optics Would Have Sufficed

如果5G 真的只是"更快的速度",光纤就足够了

Study:Streaming Video With 5G Uses A LOT More Energy Than Streaming With Fiber Optics

研究表明:5G 流媒体视频比光纤流媒体视频消耗更多的能量

As it turns out,the nationwide installation and activation of 5G towers has been taking place at warp speed all throughout the W*h* coronavirus(COVID-19)"pandemic."

事实证明,在WH冠状病毒"大流行"期间,全国范围内的5G 信号塔的安装和启动一直在以翘曲速度进行着

Relentless lockdowns and"stay at home"orders have made it easier than ever for 5G purveyors to plaster the nation in new towers.

无休止的封锁和"呆在家里"的命令使得5G 供应商比以往任何时候都更容易在新的塔楼上建造国家标志。

With everyone distracted by the"virus,"regulators are fast-tracking approval for 5G installation just like they are for President Donald Trump's"Operation Warp Speed"COVID-19 vaccines.

由于所有人都被"病毒"分心,监管机构正在快速审批安装5G 的申请,就像他们审批唐纳德·特朗普总统的"翘曲速度行动"疫苗2019冠状病毒疾病一样。

Under the guise of bringing"faster"and more"efficient"internet to the millions of people who,thanks to the plandemic,are now working at home,those pushing 5G are blanketing our land with a technological death sentence.

"更快""更高效"的互联网为幌子,为数百万在家工作的人提供互联网服务,而那些推行5G 技术的人正在用技术死刑覆盖我们的土地。

According to Jonathon Adelstein,head of the Wireless Infrastructure Association,5G is"4G on steroids."In truth,it is actually a whole new spectrum that operates at millimeter wavelengths,which"unzip"human DNA and allow for external tampering and manipulation of the human body.

据无线基础设施协会的负责人乔纳森·阿德尔斯坦说,5G "加强版的4G"事实上,它实际上是一个全新的光谱,在毫米波段运作,"解压"人类 DNA,允许外部篡改和操纵人体。

"It's not the faster speeds of 5G that are of concern to scientists but,rather,the distribution of wireless data when in most cases it could be routed more easily and less expensively over fiber optic cables,"Dr.Mercola warns.

"科学家们担心的不是5G 的更快速度,而是无线数据的分布,在大多数情况下,通过光纤电缆可以更容易、更便宜地传输数据,"默科拉博士警告说。

All But One Commission Member Agreed That 5G Threatens All Life

欧盟委员会成员一致认为5 G 威胁到所有生命

After House Bill 522 was passed in New Hampshire,establishing a 5G investigatory task force,the commission formed came to the conclusion that 5G is fundamentally dangerous for pretty much all life.

众议院522号法案在新罕布什尔州获得通过,成立了一个5G 调查特别工作组,之后成立的委员会得出结论,5G 对几乎所有人的生活来说都是根本性的危险。

Its 13 members,whose expertise ranges from epidemiology and occupational health to toxicology,physics,engineering,electromagnetics and the wireless industry itself,found that,according to the available science,5G radiation is intrinsically unsafe.

它的13个成员的专业领域从流行病学和职业健康到毒理学、物理学、工程学、电磁学和无线工业本身,他们发现,根据现有的科学,5G 辐射本质上是不安全的。

"There is mounting evidence that DNA damage can occur from radiation outside of the ionizing part of the spectrum,"the commission members wrote in a report.

委员会成员在一份报告中写道:"有越来越多的证据表明,电离部分光谱之外的辐射可能导致 DNA 损伤。"

"The Commission heard arguments on both sides of this issue with many now saying there are findings showing biological effects in this range.This argument gets amplified as millimeter waves within the microwave range are beginning to be utilized."


Their recommendation is to launch"an independent review of the current RF standards of the electromagnetic radiation in the 300MHz to 300GHz microwave spectrum,"the purpose being to identify all of the health risks associated with cellular communications.


Dr.Joel M.Moskowitz,PhD.,from the University of California,Berkeleywrote in an article for Scientific American that because 5G will accompany 4G rather than replace it,there could also be"synergistic effects"from"simultaneous exposures"to both.

加州大学伯克利分校(University of CaliforniaBerkeley)博士乔尔·m·莫斯科维茨(Joel m.Moskowitz)博士在《科学美国人》(Scientific American)上发表的一篇文章中写道,由于5G 将与4G 并存,而不是取而代之,因此,"同时接触"两者也可能产生"协。



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