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The Master Plan of the Scamdemic ravaging United States citizen's lives has been fully unmasked and exposed.


The Deep State ONE WORLD ORDER servants and their masters set a series of intentional actions into motion to accomplish EXTENDED LOCKDOWNS across the entire United States of America.It worked to perfection,so far.


A mostly insignificant virus was used as a distraction ploy to EXPLAIN similar symptoms from the 5G radiation poisoning once the 5G got turned on.All of the 5G-similar symptoms were called"virus,"when they weren't virus.They weren't contagious and they weren't infectious.


But it made for good theater.It made for a good SCARE SHOW to deceive the attacked victims it has been killing by things like strokes in young people.Say what?Strokes?What kind of virus kills by giving young people strokes?


No virus kills by giving anybody strokes.This is proof of another weapon being involved that is NOT a virus.But is deadly as hell.What could that be?


The theatrical fear-science faux-science descriptions of"how"THIS VIRUS can MORPH into almost anything is totally unprecedentedly ridiculous.Makes sane people look like fools for believing it for 5-minutes.No virus in the history of viruses going back to the first virus in the history of man–has morphed into so many different symptoms.It is stupid,people.Not believable.Ridiculous.


Get your eyes off the virus.




First prediction:


Donald Trump figures out the scam like others have and sends the military to seize FULL CONTROL over all 5G towers,signal sending/receiving stations and satellites and enforces that"NO 5G can be activated"so symptoms from 5G radiation poisoning CANNOT BE MIXED into this virus scam anymore.

唐纳德·特朗普像其他人一样发现了这个骗局,并派遣军队夺取了所有5G 信号塔的全部控制权,信号发送/接收站和卫星,强制执行"5G 可以被激活",所以5G 辐射中毒的症状不能再混入这个病毒骗局了

Second prediction:


Donald Trump uses his best tactical cunning to enforce the IMMEDIATE END TO ALL LOCKDOWNS in the USA.Let the people fight the virus without any 5G MIXED INTO THE PICTURE.Let their lives be restored and their businesses saved,not the people go on being deceived and killed,and their businesses confiscated by perpetrators who are doing all of this.


Shut down all of the 5G and this Scamdemic is OVER!!!


The lockdowns are OVER too!


The people are freed from the diabolical wickedness of the CDC who knew this was coming and started hiring Quarantine professionals before it all started happening.


Arrest Fauci and Gates for their obvious complicity in having foreknowledge they admitted having in advance.Interrogate them and keep arresting more of their friends as plea bargain deals are reached to expose,find,try and convict more of the perpetrators behind this wicked attack and devilry.


All Trump has to do is order the END of ALL U.S.LOCKDOWNS and let the military take over and SHUT DOWN all 5G transmissions from ground-based,midair-based or space-based locations.

特朗普所要做的就是下令结束美国所有的封锁,让军方接管并关闭所有来自地面、空中或太空的5G 传输

Otherwise,the Pelosi-Schiff-Gates-Fauci gang are getting REAL CLOSE to keeping lockdowns in place just long enough to allow them time to do something else to complicate everything even more on purpose.


Why?Because they want these LOCKDOWNS TO GO ON INDEFINITELY.


They are the future prison ward murderers in their version of the story!They get to imprison families and kill them slowly.Like starving them to death with preplanned food shortages or cooking them alive in microwave radiation.


Let the crazies keep the lockdowns enforced and…THEY WIN.


Put a sudden SWIFT END TO THE LOCKDOWNS(with all 5G OFF)and…WE WIN.

突然迅速结束停摆(所有5G 关闭)...我们赢了

It's that simple.


With lots of arrests,lots and lots of arrests.


Trump's other option would be to let the lockdowns go on as long as the lunatic governors say.Good luck with our futures if that's his choice.



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