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作者:Steve Beckow

封锁不是关于新型冠状病毒肺炎组织,而是关于一个阴谋集团的抓捕行动There's continuing debate over whether social isolation helps flatten the curve or not.Voices out of Sweden are saying we only postpone the epidemic.


What we need to do is develop herd immunity,they say,and that doesn't come with lockdown.(1)


Otherwise when we leave the lockdown,the outbreak could start up again.Does the virus know we just locked down?Does it care?


But that isn't why we're all locked down in the first place and even I keep getting distracted by the debate.I have to keep reminding myself we're indoors for a reason.


The lockdown is to get people off the street while the Alliance,the Constitutionalists take the cabal down,once and for all.


It would probably be an impossible task to do if people were going to work,schools,shopping,etc.The Coronavirus pandemic was an opportunity made in heaven,no pun intended,to cover the takedown by keeping people inside.


    The lockdown prevents mass shootings,school shootings,and other false-flag operations while the operation is underway.(2)


    The lockdown gets us out of the armed forces'way while they do their job,a job that all of us prayed for and probably no one thought might ever happen.


Our patience with the arrangement allows the Alliance to carry out its work unimpeded and with single-minded focus.



Many people are worried about finances.Well,I can't read the future.But I do know that the new powers that be are sitting on a Reval flood of money,prosperity packages,every manner of wealth,that they have the power to release.


So the economic damage that has been done,theoretically at least,could be immediately set right.I intend to approach Prime Minister Trudeau after the Reval and offer an infusion of cash that would take care of everyone's needs and losses arising from the pandemic.


David Wilcock has shared that his sources confirmed for him that the cabal was indeed being arrested now.(3)Usually that kind of information is not shared unless and until the vast majority of takedowns have happened so as not to alert the suspects or destroy morale by reporting a defeat.(4)


Jesus through John reminds us:"Now is a moment of pivotal potential,a potential that needs to be seen,recognized,and developed–NOW!"(5)No truer words were spoken.


We need to give our support to the men and women of the Alliance who are risking their lives as we speak to restore freedom and harmony to this planet.We need to fully understand the potential of this moment.


So when you feel irritated and frustrated with being locked down(if you do)or worried about your future,remember what a solid contribution you're making to freeing Planet Earth once and for all from the grip of the New World Order.


And currency exchangers,perhaps consider taking care of the people in your county and state affected by the pandemic once the money flow starts.


We're all in this together.Let's get everyone across the finish line.




(1)"SHOCK REPORT FROM SWEDISH REPORTER:Sweden Will Reach Herd Immunity in 2 Wks–Countries that Locked Down"Just Postponed Deaths"and Ruined Economies!#FireFauci,"Jim Hoft,Gateway Pundit,April 24,2020,at https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/04/shock-report-swedish-reporter-sweden-will-reach-herd-immunity-2-wks-countries-locked-just-postponed-deaths-ruined-economies-firefauci/


(2)My understanding is that,when the dark hats could not get at President Donald Trump who was inside the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas in 2017,they opened fire on people outside the building.We all were upset at the massacre outside,but the assassins missed the President.This kind of false flag is what the Alliance wants to avoid,I'm willing to bet.

(2)我的理解是,2017年,唐纳德·特朗普总统在拉斯维加斯的曼德勒湾度假村(Mandalay Bay Resort)里,当黑帽子无法接近他时,他们向大楼外的人开火。我们都对外面的大屠杀感到不安,但是刺客没有打中总统。我敢打赌,这种假象正是联盟想要避免的。

Another example is Oklahoma City in 1995,when the cabal blew up the Murrah Building to destroy evidence being stored there that would have contributed to their takedown.They took down a child care center,etc.,etc.There are no non-essential stores,no schools,no child-care centers,and so on that are open right now.No diversionary massacres this time.The Alliance has been learning.

另一个例子是1995年的俄克拉荷马城,当时阴谋集团炸毁了 Murrah Building,毁灭了存放在那里的证据,而这些证据本来有助于他们的抓捕行动。他们拆除了儿童看护中心等等。没有非必需品商店,没有学校,没有儿童看护中心,等等,这些都是现在开放的。这次没有牵制性的屠杀。联盟一直在学习。

The World Trade Center was blown up in 2001 to prevent NESARA from being declared.In all these false-flag operations there were was significant loss of life among civilians.The lockdown is designed to see this does not happen again.

世界贸易中心在2001年被炸毁,以防止 NESARA 被宣布。在所有这些假旗行动中,有大量平民丧生。封锁是为了防止这种情况再次发生。

"大卫·威尔科克4/22:维基解密泄露了所有文件!""2020423日",at https://goldenageofgaia.com/2020/04/23/david-wilcock-4-22-wikileaks-dumps-all-files/

(3)How is it possible not to alert the dark side?


(4)"Jesus through John–Truly,even in These Unsettling Times,There is Enormous Reason for Hope and for Joy,"April 22,2020,at https://goldenageofgaia.com/2020/04/22/jesus-through-john-truly-even-in-these-unsettling-times-there-is-enormous-reason-for-hope-and-for-joy/



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