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I am Ashtar Sheran and again,I have a message for those of the Light.


In these trying times of change,there is more afoot than you may realize.You hear of changes being made at the political level,and you see the power shifting away from the Cabal to that of the White Hats.With such a leader as Trump,who steadfastly holds his course despite many threats to his well being and that of his family,yes,he receives them even from the general public.Despite these threats,he stays his course.


We of the Light have sworn to protect his family from harm in return for his work to set your world straight.Many of you know it was end game as the New world order was to implement its final stages in order to enslave you.


You see the power struggle being played out in front of you.Dr Faucci has gone into hiding now that his connection between Covid 19 and Bill Gates has been made public.What prompted his disappearance was the release of the Wikileaks papers which will implicate him to the public and expose his diabolical plot to innoculate all humans with controlling technology.The cabal are well aware that the public sentiment towards them will change,and they fear it.


This is about power for your world,and particularly for North America as the power holders shift from dark to Light.This is being carried out in front of you,the public,in order that your power too may swing and it has.Many more are awakening to the truth and they realize that all was not as it was professed to be.


In other parts of the world,world leaders are subjected to change as well.Kim Jong has been proclaimed to be dead but this is not the truth.In fact he is alive,however that it was indicated in the press that he was dead is a threat to him and you must realize that this is what is going on in your media-threats are being printed in American newspapers,knowing that they will be seen by the ones who the threat is directed towards.And the threateners were indeed the Rockefeller faction of the Illuminati.

在世界的其它地方,领袖们也在经受改变。Kim Jong被宣称已经死亡但这不是真的。他还活着,但,媒体表示他已经死亡,这是对他的一个威胁,你必须意识到这是在媒体中发生的事情——威胁在美国报纸上被印刷,知道它们会被这个威胁导向的人看到。威胁者确实是光明会的洛克菲勒派系

Any ally of the white hats is a threat to the illuminati and will be threatened in turn,if not taken out.That is the politics that is going on on your planet and has been for years.It is up to the people to be aware of this.


A few years ago,a missile was launched appearing to be from North Korea,aimed at Hawaii in an attempt to break off friendship between the White Hats and Kim Jong.It was not successful.Now this threat is another attempt at threatening Jong-un off.They don't want to see Korea re-united as their prototype society would then be released to freedom.In the same way that Germany was re-united in 1990,fascism would take another hit.But it is due to happen.


As for CoVid 19,hardest hit areas are quarantined and measures are sufficient now to isolate them.The spread is minimal at this point.New measures are being sought and spoken of for the first time by the president.Why?To shift the power away from the pharmaceutical industry towards healing modalities that actually work.With the lockdown being so severe,people are now willing to embrace new ideas.They are seeing the old didn't work and new measures are being embraced as they are being introduced by your leaders.


This will be one win at a time.We would love to see a grand wave of new awareness sweep over your planet but it won't be like this.It will be one issue with new solutions,over and over until finally the cabal are powerless and the world has turned away from the old regime.This will take time and patience.


Relief funding is being issued to those who are not working and have lost income.This same network will be used in issuing the St Germaine funds when the time is ready.Were so much money to be issued to your people now,they would not understand.So it is being introduced slowly as relief money at a time when they are in need of it.It is about getting your people to accept and embrace the changes.


With more payments comes also the ensuing upset to your society as people no longer need to work.Again,this is a large change and needs to be introduced slowly.There is also the suspicion that the government is attempting to control,and so these funds have to be introduced at a pallatable rate when the timing indicates otherwise.We are attempting to quell any rioting or revolt against measures to liberate your planet.


People on the planet are ready to rebel to the imposed control over their lives,not understanding that working for a living is more controlling of their lives than requiring them to stay home and relax.To change the status quo that has been in place for so long takes small steps,and then observation of the result.Correction may be required.Your people will be asked to tolerate frequent small changes rather than fewer larger changes.We believe this is the way to acclimate them to the new GESARA based system that is coming in.



传导:Sharon Stewart

翻译:Nick Chan


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