2021年12月7日16:16:50X22报告|第2645集:美联储正掉进陷阱,当你知道其他方面的剧本时,可能存在什么优势?已关闭评论 1941484字阅读4分56秒

当你知道其他方面的剧本时,会有什么好处呢?如何在暴露[ DS ]/大型制药公司的同时消除这种流行病。如何揭露选举舞弊、叛国和反人类罪行,然后在大流行爆发时回归,爱国者们必须做什么,消除大流行?


Ep. 2645a – The [CB] Is Falling Right Into The Trap, It’s Like It Was Planned

Ep. 2645a-[ CB ]正在落入陷阱,就像是计划好的一样

Ep. 2645b – What Advantages Might Exist When You Know The Other Sides Playbook?

Ep. 2645b-当你知道对方的剧本时,有什么优势可能存在?



The people are seeing the difference between Trump’s economy and Biden’s [CB] economy. The people are logically thinking now. The [CB] is doing exactly what the patriots want, the patriot’s knew there would be inflation, if there is inflation what does the [CB] do next.



What advantages might exist when you know the other sides playbook? How do you expose the [DS]/Big Pharma and remove the pandemic at the same time. How do you expose election fraud, treason and crimes against humanity and then return if there is a pandemic, what must the patriots do, remove the pandemic? The [DS] is panicking they are realizing that the people are no longer controlled by their narrative and the people are talking amongst themselves. Time is ticking down, the [DS] knows this, time to take everything to the next level and create FF. Countermeasures in place. 

当你知道其他方面的剧本时,会有什么好处呢?如何在暴露[ DS ]/大型制药公司的同时消除这种流行病。如何揭露选举舞弊、叛国和反人类罪行,然后在大流行爆发时回归,爱国者们必须做什么,消除大流行?[DS]正在恐慌,他们意识到人们不再被他们的叙述所控制,人们之间开始相互交谈。时间在流逝,[ DS ]知道这一点,时间把一切带到下一个水平,并创造 FF。应对措施到位。


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