X22报告|第2646集: 经济战即将爆发,治愈之法将传遍全球

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现在,[ DS ]已经失去了对 Covid 的叙述,大流行正在消失,人们正在推动自然免疫,而大型制药公司和[ DS ]无法阻止它。

X22报告|第2646集: 经济战即将爆发,治愈之法将传遍全球

Ep. 2646a – Trump Middle Class Tax Cuts Confirmed, The Economic War Is On The Horizon

Ep. 2646a – 特朗普确认中产阶级减税,经济战即将爆发

Ep. 2646b – [Zero-Day], Think Rumble, Think TruthSocial, The Cure Will Spread WW

2646b-[零日],Think Rumble,思考真实社会,治愈将传播世界



The [CB] have been stripping the people of their wealth since the [CB] came into existence. Now it’s time for the people to take back the system. The supply chain issue has not disappeared and it is still a problem. The push for the green new deal is failing, the people are rejecting it. Trump helped the middle class with tax cuts. There is an economic war on the horizon.

自[ CB ]问世以来,[ CB ]一直在剥夺人民的财富。现在是人们收回体制的时候了。供应链问题并没有消失,它仍然是一个问题。推动绿色新政的努力正在失败,人民正在拒绝它。特朗普通过减税帮助中产阶级。一场经济战争即将爆发。


The [DS] is now losing the narrative on covid, the pandemic is going away and the people are pushing natural immunity and the big pharma and the [DS] cannot stop it. Trump is now preparing for zero-day, all the pieces are now coming together. New platforms are being installed to take the bull horn away form the [DS]. The people are about to get their voice back. The cure will spread WW, think multiple meanings. 

现在,[ DS ]已经失去了对 Covid 的叙述,大流行正在消失,人们正在推动自然免疫,而大型制药公司和[ DS ]无法阻止它。特朗普现在正在为零日做准备,所有的部分现在正在组合在一起。正在安装新的平台,以便把扩音器从[ DS ]中拿走。人们的声音就要回来了。治愈将传播二战,思考多重意义。


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