X22报告 |第3173集: 特朗普将扭转经济衰退,需要暂停来做一些不能做的事情

2023年9月27日14:52:54最新动态X22报告 |第3173集: 特朗普将扭转经济衰退,需要暂停来做一些不能做的事情已关闭评论78字数 1696阅读5分39秒阅读模式

各国正在意识到,绿色新政正在适得其反,人们不再赞同它。特朗普和爱国者需要向人民展示 [DS] 系统。

X22报告 |第3173集: 特朗普将扭转经济衰退,需要暂停来做一些不能做的事情

Ep 3173a – People Are Now Turning On The [CBDC], Trump Will Reverse The Economic Downturn In 6 Months

人们现在开始关注(CBDC) ,特朗普将在6个月内扭转经济衰退

Ep 3173b – The Pause Was Needed To Do Things That Traditionally Couldn’t Be Done, War Crimes


X22 Report
Streamed on: Sep 26, 8:00 pm EDT

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Countries are realizing that the green new deal is backfiring and the people are no longer going along with it. German FM admits that they are the model for the green new deal and the country is imploding on itself. The people are now pushing back on the [CBDC] and Trump says he can turn the economy around in 6 months.

各国正在意识到,绿色新政正在适得其反,人们不再赞同它。德国电台承认,他们是绿色新政的典范,德国正在内爆自己。人民现在正在反对(CBDC) ,特朗普说他可以在6个月内扭转经济。

X22 Report
Streamed on: Sep 26, 8:30 pm EDT

X22 ReportStreaming on: Sep 26,8:30 pm EDT 流媒体报道: 美国东部时间9月26日晚8:30


Trump and the patriots needed to show the people [DS] system. He is in his 2nd term as the CIC and he is in complete control. Trump and the military needed to take a non traditional path to trap the [DS] players. The plan is working and the people are now seeing what happens when the country is overthrown. Since they took a non tradition path they will be able to do things that normally wouldn’t be done if you followed a traditional path. All charges that Jack Smith is charging Trump with is going to be used against them, the latest charge is War Crimes.

特朗普和爱国者需要向人民展示 [DS] 系统。他已是第 2 任中情局局长,完全掌控着局势。特朗普和军方需要走一条非传统的道路来困住[DS]玩家。这个计划正在奏效,人民现在看到了国家被推翻后的下场。由于他们走的是一条非传统的道路,他们将能够做一些如果走传统道路通常不会做的事情。杰克-史密斯指控特朗普的所有罪名都将被用来对付他们,最新的罪名是战争罪。


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