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While some details have to be spared,here is a rough summary of what happened in February so far.


The chimera itself was contacted one last time by key Starseeds for their own continuation.The chimera were given a possible continuation of their existence,if they would immediately obey all Lightforces activities.That means if they would have given up the fight and freed all hostages and victims right away they would have gotten a potential continuation of their species.


The offer was just given because forcing the chimera to give up will take longer,you can be sure that the Lightforces hate the chimera and top cabal as much as virtually every lifeform in the universe does.


If the chimera accepted it would have been the immediate end of the main struggles in the battle for Earth.


As many might have guessed the chimera obviously declined the offer,because it was not a good continuation or at least not good enough for their view of their chances to'win'.


Therefore the battle will continue and as some Lightworkers and especially Starseeds might have noticed,the attacks have gotten more intense for short periods of time.


In consequence to the declined offer,the Lightforces and several Starseeds finally went right into the chimera headquarters and prepared complete takeover,which cannot be done right away because of all the hostages.


You can imagine that the chimera has quite many souls trapped there in something you could describe as cocoons-though quite advanced and cruel cocoons which cannot be easily dissolved.Of course they threaten to create more absolute torture to their hostages and victims on every step of the Lightforces.And while the light will definitely win the battle of Earth,such enormous hostage situations are what creates the delays the lightworker community dislikes so much.


However as I said the Lightforces have entered the very core of the parasitic contamination,namely the chimera headquarters itself and we are preparing their defeat by getting all the victims out before we proceed.The Lightforces simply cannot direct the heaviest weaponry at the bad guys because they got so many hostages which need to be brought out safely first.


Same can be said for every operation the cabal does,they always got innocents among them,which look like they would belong to the cabal.So basically every attempt to remove the chimera or the cabal still ends up being diverted to innocents or good,trapped souls.And that very diversion of attacks is one of the most complex problems for the Lightforces to solve right now.We cannot risk to leave even one soul behind or one soul being hit by the heavy weaponry that will be used against the chimera.


I guess every lightworker will agree that they themselves do not want to be the one left behind or being hit with the heaviest weapons available out there.It has to be assured that the chimera and cabal cannot divert the attacks at all.


What the chimera and cabal tried in return is to win key lightworkers and Starseeds for their'side',by trying to make them join their cabal-game.Though they want blind acceptance from the lightworkers for of course absolutely nothing given at all.Actually their'offers'are just a trick to invade the consciousness of the lightworkers and Starseeds and they will just torture anyone joining them from the light.If one knew how extremely dumb the'game'the cabal plays actually is,they would wonder why anyone ever joined them at all.


One of the reasons for the cabal trying to win key lightworkers over to their'games'is that higher members of the central race and other high alien races finally arrived to help on Earth.Some of the cabal'games'were a direct inspiration of the cabal's knowledge of how these higher species work.So for the cabal their arrival was an opportunity to pretend that their'games'of torture were valid.And those games would even appear more legit to the key lightworkers just for the fact that the energies of those higher alien species arrived.Of course the cabal-games never were legit at all and they were designed in a way that it would be'harmonic'on superficial levels with what those old and high alien species do for cultivation of life on planets.But of course the cabal did the exact opposite of cultivating life on Earth and it will become more and more obvious in the time to come.


So the very species that seeded early life on Earth have finally arrived to help us out and win the battle faster.They are right now in the process of finding the fastest and most smooth solution for New Atlantis to finally emerge by liberating Earth.


Also,in the same step of our new helpers arriving on Earth,several new protocols have been established.To get the parasitic contamination and quarantine lifted,new laws for alien visitors and re-entry of returning alien visitors have been agreed upon.Also some new rules for human life,more specific infusal of fulfillment itself which was mainly in cabal hands up to now.Therefore humans will soon be able to actually live the life of their dreams without joining the cabal(knowing or unknowingly).Additionally some protocols were established for re-evaluation of those cases of humanity who had already part of their own fulfillment but were just betrayed,used and tricked by the cabal.Those humans who were tools of the cabal unknowingly will be re-evaluated if they actually are able and may keep their'gifts'.Same for some(partly ancient)visitors who fell for the cabal-trickery and need re-evaluation to keep their stay on Earth legit.All those protocols have already agreed upon by the Lightforces and therefore big changes are to be expected to follow.Though the hostage situation will still create a lot of delays,the changes are definite and it is just a matter of time until they are realized on the surface for humanity as basic rules of life.


Basically right now we have arrived at a state in the battle where the chimera and cabal tries to trace communication and find the lightworkers to destroy them fastest and hardest they could.The same is happening the other way around,the Lightforces are right now tracing and locating the heaviest chimera and top cabal-members to transport them directly to the Central Sun.And all of this needs to happen while all the cabal's hostages are kept stable to the highest degree(and we are talking of millions here-regarding a certain size-threshold the hostages have-much more if you count'smaller'lifeforms/souls as well).




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