地表局势更新 — 第二部分(女神/Maries的回归)

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地表局势更新 — 第二部分(女神/Maries的回归)

地表局势更新 — 第二部分(女神/Maries的回归)

(无条件的爱 神圣之母)

In the last part,a third confrontation between the Light and Dark Forces on the non-physicalplanes was reported. It was a purge of Negative Female Entities which alsocaused a lot of troubles in the past. These entities were female Demons andDevil-like Beings who existed in large legions on the ethereal plains and werepartly using real physical avatars for their work, especially in the followingareas: Africa, India, Germany, Asia (especially Thailand), Washington DC andvarious underwater bases in the Pacific.


These female Demons could "sense" Goddess Energy and have made thelife of incarnated Priestesses of the Goddess very difficult in the past. Sincethis negative grouping has also been neutralized by the Light Forces, it is nowsafe enough for Goddesses to return to Earth in order to form Light and HealingCentres on the surface, which later on will become the so called "Islands ofLight" in which a First Contact can take place.


地表局势更新 — 第二部分(女神/Maries的回归)

The Return of the Goddesses will happen through Walk-ins, and various PleiadianBases on the surface will serve as portals.


The Galactic Confederation may not perform physical landings with their shipson Terra so far, but they've already posted large numbers of their "GroundCrew" on the surface through Walk-ins. These Ground Crews are living unnoticed,and partly fully conscious, among the population in so-called "HQs"or "Safehouses", which are under special protection by the LightForces.


 地表局势更新 — 第二部分(女神/Maries的回归)


Some of these HQsserve as Goddess Portals through which various Ethereal Goddesses from otheruniverses, even own Goddess Cosms, will enter the Earth Grid. These Goddesseshave knowledge and are familiar with healing techniques that were not known atall on Terra before. Once arrived they will take over the avatar from variousearth women (who have been extremely traumatized by the Earth Quarantine andurgently need healing themselves), whereby that's agreed with their HigherSelves.


The Souls of these women will leave the bodies and will be brought by the LightForces to special Healing Locations far away from Earth, whilst the justarrived Goddesses take over the avatar to work physically on the surface.


These transportations have been going on for quite some time now. At thebeginning the affected women can suffer from various emotional aggravationssuch as pain, wine cramps, the feeling of losing their memory and connection tothe earth people and earth professions. Physical symptoms can be illness andloss of appetite. Some women will feel that it is time to go, like a kind ofphysical death, but it is no death… it is an ascension, a liberation, and asmentioned before agreed with the Higher Self.


The avatar will then be taken over by a Goddess, and this will happenespecially within various subtropical countries where already prepared walk-inbodies are waiting. These Goddesses will live in temples, together with severalmale companions (incarnated or walked-in Starseeds), which will serve as Guardsand Helpers. Some of these women will have worked as healers before, will renthouses in this area and maybe are already living there in small communities.


 地表局势更新 — 第二部分(女神/Maries的回归)

These Goddessesare gentle, calm, peaceful, loving and beautiful women who cannot go back tothe normal matrix world of Terra… and they will also avoid cities. They aregentle beings who know exactly what they want and break through the stress andtime pressure in which the rest of the earth's population seems to be trapped.They will bring Love and will live a natural, relaxed life. They will walkbarefoot most of the time, they will create Healing Temples, they will shapetheir everyday lives ceremoniously and lovingly. If they work, then as Healers,Tantric Teachers, Tantric Healers, Masseuses et cetera, and they will teach andheal inside the Temples they build together with their Guards.


This is what the Light Forces call the Return of the Goddesses andMaries. 


地表局势更新 — 第二部分(女神/Maries的回归)

The Maries in turn are belonging to a Special Female Healer Guild, subordinatedto none less than Mary Mother of God. They will also enter Earth Surface asWalk-ins in order to heal the Starseeds, which are traumatized by the millenniaof struggle within the Dark Quarantine around Terra.

女神/Maries来自一个特殊的女性疗愈派别,隶属于圣母玛丽(Mary Mother of God)。她们也将使用替身进入地表世界,以疗愈星际种子。这些星际种子在地球长达数千年之久的黑暗隔离区中饱受创伤。

Maries are extremely empathetic and can sense the emotions around them. Theyare able to differentiate them and they understand that these emotions are nottheir own. Maries are so powerful that they are able to pull out negativeemotions from bodies, objects, houses, even whole cities… so they can providemuch needed healing.


地表局势更新 — 第二部分(女神/Maries的回归)

This will also create the so called Islands of Light, the Bubbles of Light onthe surface in which the Divine Source will act and protect, while the MatrixSystem around it will disintegrate.


地表局势更新 — 第二部分(女神/Maries的回归) 

This is anextremely important operation by the Light Forces. 30 extremely strongGoddesses/Maries have already landed (including 4 Main Goddesses called Maya,Amber, Sophia and Rose who came through a portal in the Atlantic). And that wasonly the small vanguard. During the next months another 30.000 will land...mostly by Walk-ins again.


Also the first Twin Souls will enter the Grid now (mostly by Walk-ins too),because the situation has become much safer, although it can still come tovarious attacks, because the planet is further on in a stage of cleaning andsome negative groupings are still creeping out from various corners.


The Return and Reunification of the Twin Souls is important in two ways: First,both parts usually still have to clear traumas and primal pain from the time ofAtlantis (caused by the invasion of the Dark Ones back then, where theincarnated Twin Souls at that time were separated and mostlysacrificed/murdered). Without the clarification of these traumas no ascent ofthe soul is possible.


Secondly, it is also time now for Twin Souls to make Physical Tantra in orderto transfer the resulting energies into the respective region on the surface...this will accelerate the Healing and Ascension Process of the planet in agigantic way.


 地表局势更新 — 第二部分(女神/Maries的回归)

The healing of theincarnated Starseeds on Terra also plays an important role. Some of the SurfaceStarseeds are worn out by the countless incarnations on Earth to such an extentthat in their current state it would be impossible for them to be physicallypicked up by Galactic Confederation or Pleiadian Ships and to be taken out ofthe Grid. They all need intensive healing first, especially on a non-physicallevel.


Many Starseeds aren't even rudimentarily aware of what they've accomplishedhere on the Terra... let alone the number of non-physical operations of theLight Forces they've been involved in/are still involved in... especially atnight while their avatar is resting.


 地表局势更新 — 第二部分(女神/Maries的回归)

There arecountless Starseeds on the Surface who are already pretty awakened, who arealso engaged in the Liberation of the Planet during everyday life (even if onlyon social networks)... and who lead an ethereal double life at night withouttheir knowledge. Because these Starseeds leave the body during night and takepart in the most diverse operations of the Light Forces on the non-physicalplains of the planet, some of them also in cooperation with Positive Forcesbelow Earths Surface.


They go to the Confederation Ships at night and make report, they joinunderground meetings... or are also involved in direct battles against the DarkOnes and the Chimera. And the next morning they wake up and cannot rememberanything at all, or if so, then only fragmentarily and blurred, because theLight Forces would block the memories for their own protection (which is alsoagreed with their Higher Selves).


That's why many Starseeds feel extremely tired in the morning despite enoughsleep, because (apart from attacks) they are carrying out missions at night.With the rising energies on the Terra more and more memories get unlocked inthis respect. Some Starseeds are already fully or almost fully aware of theseactivities, especially those in the HQs mentioned above.


地表局势更新 — 第二部分(女神/Maries的回归)

However, these Starseeds are also in urgent need of healing, as they have beenpretty much worn out by these battles and the Galactic Confederation has onlysince recently been able to really help these Lightworkers extensively.


For example, many Starseeds were energetically wounded in the battles againstthe Chimera, singed by their exotic laser-like weapons, so that the Soulactually shows signs of burnings.


Furthermore, the Chimera have placed negative implants, energetic electrodesfor disturbance, heaps of anomaly as well as spider-like beings and buggingdevices into many Starseeds (as it is shown for example in the film Matrix,only that in reality, this is happening on non-physical level), so that theyare suffering from various physical complaints, for which there seems to be noexplanation, because usually no cause is found during medical examinations.



地表局势更新 — 第二部分(女神/Maries的回归)

The second problemis that the Chimera have also implanted multiple Toplet Bombs directly into theethereal bodies of some Starseeds, for example near the Coccyx and theKundalini. These Toplet Bombs would trigger immediately as soon as a physicalpick-up by the Ships of the Galactic Confederation takes place and it wouldliterally tear the Soul of the respective Starseed apart.


Therefore at first, these things must be removed non-physically before aphysical pick-up can be considered.


There are two ways to do this:


The Healing Ships of the Galactic Confederation are stationed cloaked aroundEarth. Starseeds can either go into Meditation or imagine, while fallingasleep, that they travel or get brought to the Healing Ships of thePleiadians/Ashtar Command energetically.


 地表局势更新 — 第二部分(女神/Maries的回归)

There aretube-like apparatuses ready where you will be pushed into (similar to commonComputer Tomography). With the help of these apparatuses, the Pleiadians canexamine one and are able find any kind of anomaly, implant or wound. Then theywill remove and heal you during an energetic operation.



 地表局势更新 — 第二部分(女神/Maries的回归)

The Pleiadianshave their own calculation programs for this, which are able to determine exactly how much anomaly is still in the body and how long it will take untilit is 100% neutralized, which usually happens very quickly. Also the hiddenToplet Bombs can be removed without any problems.


 地表局势更新 — 第二部分(女神/Maries的回归)

The secondpossibility would be to go to the Healing Temples of the already mentionedMaries (also during a Meditation or overnight). At higher dimensions, theMaries have their own energetic Healing Centres, real clinics, where they serveas nurses in order to provide First Aid for the battered Starseed FrontSoldiers coming from Terra – a non-physical War Hospital, so to say.


 地表局势更新 — 第二部分(女神/Maries的回归)

Inside theseHealing Centres Starseeds can lay down on Crystalline Healing Tables anddescribe all their physical complaints, symptoms and psychological problems tothe Maries. Like the Pleiadians, they will then immediately begin to detectanomalies and remove everything negative from the ethereal body, includingnegative spider entities, if there are any. All these negative items areusually immediately brought into the Central Sun, where they get finallydissolved.


Sometimes the Ashtar Command will appear by itself in order to support theprocedure because many Starseed Warriors are working on behalf of the AC and this kind of healing has only become possible since recently, and of course they don't let their people down.


地表局势更新 — 第二部分(女神/Maries的回归)

The Mariesthemselves usually work a lot with Healing Crystals, which will beenergetically placed in the body to give Healing Information into the cells. Inaddition, you can ask them to give you Energetic Healing Potions that willsupport the process.


Starseeds can visit these Healing Centres as often as they wish, even severaltimes a day. Many Starseeds will need multiple Healing Sessions to get back ontrack, and at the beginning the symptoms could get worse, which is normal,because they got a lot of pain from old lives in them. However, this willimprove over time and the symptoms will eventually disappear completely at somepoint, perhaps even before the real physical contact with the Light Forces.


None of this is a joke or fantasy. The Ships and also the Healing Centres ofthe Maries are really existing and one can be brought up there non-physicallyto become pure and whole again – simply try it out!

这些都不是玩笑或幻想。疗愈舰队和Maries疗愈中心的存在是真实不虚,一个人可以从能量层面被带到那里,并重新变得纯粹和完整 — 去试试你就知道了!

The Galactic Confederation also explicitly advises to use these HealingMethods, because for the First Contact all negative implants and wounds/traumashave to be healed to a certain degree, because otherwise one would not be ableto stand the high vibrating energies outside the Quarantine, be it on the Shipsor in Breakaway Civilizations under the Earth.


For the journeysto the Ships or the Marian Centres one can imagine a White Energetic Portal,through which one can travel safely and unnoticed to the said places there andback (just install this Portal over your Place of Meditation or over your bedduring night). If you wish, you can also call the Pleiadians or the Felines toenergetically protect the transport!


地表局势更新 — 第二部分(女神/Maries的回归)



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