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It has been drawn to my attention that the CBS news video featured in my previous post may be'a movie'.Whether it is a'movie'or not,it resembles REAL Fake News to the point of appearing authentic.It is a clear illustration of how low the mainstream media has sunk in recent years.

我注意到我之前发布的 CBS 新闻视频可能是一部电影。不管它是不是一部"电影",它都与真假新闻类似,以至于看起来很真实。这清楚地说明了近年来主流媒体的地位是多么低下

Q posted 16 new drops today,most of them shout-outs to Q digital warriors around the world.It's so uplifting to see Q acknowledging World Patriots.Q recognizes that the movement is a GLOBAL phenomenon,not solely in USA.Q has a lot of followers here in NZ.I regularly receive emails from Kiwi Q fans.

Q 今天发布了16个新的下降,其中大部分是对世界各地的Q数字战士大喊大叫。看到Q承认世界爱国者令人振奋。Q:认识到这个运动是一个全球现象,不仅仅是在美国。Q NZ 有很多关注者。我经常收到新西兰Q粉丝的电子邮件

Anyway,thanks to Q,I can provide you with AUTHENTIC PROOF of Fake News.Check out Q drop number 3926 from 9th April....


It features a link to this Breitbart news article from 22nd March...



Here is the text in the Q drop...





The Breitbart News story headline:'CBS News Plays Italy Hospital Footage-Again-For Report On US Coronavirus Response.'The story says that'CBS News was caught red-handed using chaotic footage from an Italian hospital in a story about NYC hospitals.Less than a week later,they aired the same footage,this time for a Pennsylvania hospital.'

布莱巴特新闻的头条新闻:"CBS 新闻播放意大利医院镜头-再次-报道美国冠状病毒的反应。"这个故事说,"CBS 新闻在一篇关于纽约市医院的报道中,使用来自意大利一家医院的混乱镜头,被当场抓获。不到一周后,他们又播放了同样的视频,这次是在宾夕法尼亚州的一家医院

Remember this story featured in a Q drop.Q is a military operation of the highest security clearance.Authenticated.

记住这个故事在Q drop.Q是一个最高安全许可的军事行动

Here is a re-tweet from Lisa Mei Crowley with more direct proof of the outright lies of the mainstream media...



The tweet is by a man called Jeremy Jack.He says that'CNN used my face to report outright LIES that continue to incite the mass hysteria around this issue.'CNN included footage of Mr Jack,taken during Hurricane Harvey in Houston,in a story about Corona virus in San Fran.Mr Jack ends his tweet with these words:'Ignore the news'.

这条推特是一个叫杰里米·杰克的人发的。他说,"CNN 利用我的脸来报道彻头彻尾的谎言,这些谎言继续在这个问题上煽动大众的歇斯底里。"在一篇关于旧金山冠状病毒的报道中,包括了在休斯顿哈维飓风期间拍摄的杰克先生的镜头。杰克先生在推特的结尾写道:忽略新闻

Meanwhile Dan Scavino Junior,President Trump's Social Media Adviser,tweets that a major disaster has been declared in USA.'It's the first time a president has ever declared a major disaster in all 50 states.'

与此同时,特朗普总统的社交媒体顾问丹·斯加维诺·朱尼尔(Dan Scavino Junior)发推文称,美国已宣布发生重大灾难。这是美国总统首次在全部50个州宣布发生重大灾难

It is being said that President Trump may be in flight on board Air Force One on Easter Sunday in USA.Destination(if any)is unknown.For years Anons have speculated that President Trump would be safely on board Air Force One when the BIG stuff happens.


Finally,Dan Scavino tweets a photo of President Trump(wearing a pink tie)walking along a covered veranda at the White House.POTUS is looking up at the sky.What is he looking at?

最后,丹·斯加维诺(Dan Scavino)发布了一张特朗普总统(打着粉色领带)走在白宫有顶阳台上的照片。总统仰望着天空。他在看什么?

Many people in USA are reporting a strange phenomenon:The words'We Are Here With You'are appearing in white letters at the top of their TV screens during scheduled programs.


Hmmm.What could those words possibly mean...?The Galactic Federation is a big part of my mission,so I have some ideas.Tee hee.


Happy Easter Sunday to our northern hemisphere friends.It could be a day to remember!


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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