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瑞典银河真理报|第350期 走向光明

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Moving Into The Light


28th February 2021


Therese Zumi Sumner

作者:Therese Zumi Sumner

Each and every one of us are a vital part of a Divinely Collective Force that is moving forward in unison towards the Light.


Each of us have a unique role to play.We play that role to the greatest perfection when we do not allow the reactions~comments~or questioning of others to interfere in what we know that we must do to play our part to perfection.


When we have abandoned the ego and surrendered our will to the Will of the One,we can truly be aligned with our I AM Heart ♥️ Presence.Only then can we listen to~hear within us~the Voice of the One pushing us forward to correct persistence.The Collective Force~the One that we are an inherent part of~requires correct persistence.Only when we are strong leaders~strong followers of our I AM Presence will the Will of One be carried out and there will not be any mistakes and there will be good fortune for everyone.


At this time we have to place the highest of priority upon making sure that we do not allow any outside force,any power whatsoever,to side-track us from playing our unique role in the Tsunami Force of Love ♥️.Remember your role is unique to the whole.When you play your very unique role to perfection you are moving the Collective Force forward towards Victory of the Light.


Some among you,may very well be asking the question right now,why you might be experiencing being held back in some way?You might be finding yourself restrained in some way.Often this situation of being held back is exactly what is required to bring us back ONCE AGAIN into a greater unison~into tandem with~the Divine Collective Force.


Let's say that we are longing for the rain to pour down where we are.We see those very dense clouds on the horizon,but no rain is seen.We are right now deep in our heart longing for the rain of liberation~what on earth is holding it back~the dense clouds are everywhere~the signs are everywhere~surely those clouds must suddenly burst and shed that rain upon the thirsty Earth.


It will be unexpected when the Rain of Love comes pouring down on each and every corner of our beautiful Gaia.


We will stand in that Rain and give thanks and cry those long awaited tears of joy~of relief~of wonder.


Has Mother been waiting upon something in particular to take place before She releases the Rain?


We have been hearing about the release of the captive children.I am informed that these unbelievably horrific bases have existed on two continents in Europe and North America.This is of course not to say in any way,that children have not been suffering on every corner of this planet,but the bases that were used for horrendous means such as the harvesting of adrenochrome have existed in the above mentioned places.All too many of them.


I'm not sure how this information will be released to humanity.Have trust that it will be done very carefully and timely.


Some years ago{time is more and more difficult to gauge}I came to view videos of two children in Hampstead London retelling their experiences to a policeman.The children's father,a Satanist,was the leader of a satanic group in this area of London.Among others involved were the female headmaster of the children's school,another teacher,the school nurse{who procured the babies for ritualistic killing and drinking of blood~through social services~from homes where people had not the money for food and necessities},other parents of children at the school were also involved.These 2 beautiful children,a boy and a girl aged 8 and 9 at the time,were regularly raped and sodomised and forced to take part in the most horrific rituals.The children's parents were divorced.The mother,upon discovering the horrific details of the children's life with their father,tried every way she could to bring these people to court.

几年前{时间越来越难判断}我开始观看 Hampstead London 两个孩子向警察讲述他们经历的视频。孩子们的父亲是一个撒旦信徒,是伦敦这个地区一个撒旦组织的头目。参与的其他人包括儿童学校的女校长、另一名教师、学校护士{通过社会服务从人们没有钱购买食物和必需品的家庭购买婴儿供仪式性杀戮和喝血},学校的其他儿童家长也参与其中。这两个漂亮的孩子,一个男孩和一个女孩,当时分别是8岁和9岁,经常被强奸和鸡奸,被迫参加最恐怖的仪式。孩子们的父母离婚了。母亲发现孩子和父亲生活的可怕细节后,想尽一切办法把这些人告上法庭。

瑞典银河真理报|第350期 走向光明

What were the results?The court ruled this as a made up story and the mother's defence lawyer was given a 9 year prison sentence for slander!The father got custody of these children.Neither the mother nor the children were lying~every word was true.


I am very familiar with all of the details of this story.I have recently read the court rulings and details.Recently a video has surfaced giving a short synopsis of the entire story.Good people are vouching for the mother's reliability.


Some time ago~last year~I wrote several articles about Demons and demonic possession etc.I related there a story about a Swedish case where the paedophile father of a small boy,succeeded in having Swedish official Tv make a two hour long documentary,ridiculing the people who had been supporting the mother's efforts to get full custody of the child,because of what she knew was taking place.In this case there were also 2 medical doctors having provided evidence of physical damage to the child.


In both of these situations the satanists and the paedophile got away.Why?


Because the Court and High Court systems in the USA and in Europe are full of people in controlling positions who are themselves paedophiles and satanists.


The same thing will of course be true regarding the official Swedish Public service Tv that allowed this person to defend himself publicly by publicly belittling the people who supported his ex-wife.Satanists again in powerful positions.


I'm suddenly reminded here of the BBC's support of Jimmy Saville.

我突然想起了 BBC 对吉米·萨维尔的支持。

Let me just say that Justice will be done.Let me just say that each and every one of these satanists and paedophiles will be brought to Justice and removed from society.


Let me add that I am informed that THIS IS TAKING PLACE NOW!


Have you seen the Angelic and Archangelic Beings cleaning the courthouses in Holland and Dublin?They have no doubt been working on many dark institutions in Stockholm and every other European and American cites too.Indeed worldwide.We have become aware of this fact through the determined work of a lady called Gina Maria who has shared web cam studies from around the Globe.She is also showing us the many Galactic Confederation ships as can be seen in the previous post to this one#349.She might not know exactly what's taking place at this time but her role~she is following her I Am Heart knowingness~I feel is very pertinent to the awakening process of mankind right now.


There is a film that has just been released that can be of good preparation for mankind in learning about the horrific realities that have existed side by side on our planet.The name of this film is Sound of Freedom.It is based on a true story.


It has truly been released at the last minute.I hope that as many people as possible will get to see this film and by so doing be more prepared for the onslaught of truth in the area of trafficking that they will eventually have to deal with as part of their awakening process.


It won't be easy.


One more thing before I leave this subject.Divine Mother is explaining how the system of Justice as we know it today will very soon be completely revitalized.Let's take the example of the European and American Court systems.Among the jurists,lawyers and judges etc.currently in employment,well,as many as 84%of them will need new employment.Many among them might find employment in the cleaning up operations of our physical environment worldwide that will begin as quickly as possible.


During some very frustrating days earlier this month...about February 8th~I asked the Council of Love to please give me some clue as to when we could expect some powerful evidence in the open on the MSM TV channels.Something that would inevitably lead us forward towards Full Disclosure and The Event.I was given the timeframe of three and a half weeks then and concluded that something was about to'give'between March 3rd and 4th.

在这个月早些时候的一些非常令人沮丧的日子里......大约在28日,我请求爱的委员会给我一些线索,告诉我什么时候我们可以期待一些强有力的证据出现在 MSM 电视频道上。一些将不可避免地引导我们向前走向完全揭露和事件。我被给予了三个半星期的时间,然后得出结论,在33日和4日之间,有些东西将要"付出"。

I was not allowed to get any more exact information and I have finally learned to stop speculating at this point in time.So let's see if something unexpected takes place on those dates.


瑞典银河真理报|第350期 走向光明

Advice From Spirit for the Time of the Event


In my pictorial I Ching book I am led to the heading'After the End brings progress in small matters'…


I think that this is referring to the first week after Compression Breakthrough.


There will be days of silence.You need to understand this.There won't be any media initially telling you exactly what's going on.There won't be any Internet.At a necessary time...planned many decades ago...some information will be made available to bring calmness to the situation...we will for a while be mainly concerned about basic everyday concerns such as food,mutual caring of those in need etc.


In fact this will most certainly be a time~when we will experience a wondrous feeling of calmness~relaxation~a'letting go'experience unlike no other time.We can finally let go of all the researching~all of the searching for details about what's going on now.We won't know exactly what's taking place and that will be fine.All that we need to know is that EVERYTHING POSSIBLE IN THE WAY OF NEEDS HAS BEEN THOROUGHLY TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION.


But you say,"how will I know what to do"~"should I remain indoors at this time"~"will it be safe to go outside".I will repeat what I have said many times before.The entire Company of Heaven~all of those Angelic Beings and Goddess Beings and Galactic Light Beings will be in attendance at this time for everyone~guiding everyone~we will just know inherently what we should or shouldn't do.


In all honesty I'm looking forward to a comforting rest in those initial days.


You should now only concern yourself with doing the best that you possibly can under the circumstances.Leave the control of the situation to others.Others who have been waiting for this time for their experience~knowledge~gifts~and Love to be utilized to the full.They will know exactly what they should be doing.


Never before will remaining in close touch with your ♥️ space be more useful.If there's something that you ought to do,you will no doubt while relaxing,see a clear idea of how you go about whatever it is you might be considering.A clear vision that will make it all seem crystal clear and easy to perform.And you will have no doubt.


瑞典银河真理报|第350期 走向光明Conscientiousness


"Self-control and attention to detail are the character traits that will allow you to accomplish your aims.Adhere to safe,pre-established roles at this time."


It is suggested that we remain in a place of HARMONY at this special time.Harmonious movement~or stillness~is the ability to go with the Flow of the existing energies.We have no need to push the river,just experience and follow its flow.That's how we discover the magic of life.We miss that magical flow when we remain in our heads and lose contact with our feelings~with our bodies~with our needs.Whenever you do not know what to do~stop~breathe some deep long breaths~listen~feel and then if action of some kind is necessary you will know.


How we behave both at the time of Compression Breakthrough and the ensuing months after the fact,demands our ability to be able to DISCRIMINATE between what is~what feels~superior or inferior action at any given time.


A Time of Confusion


It will be a time of great confusion.The requirements of each individual will be unique.One thing that you might consider now is that your role of spreading truth in one form or another will be over!Yes it will be over.


The Resistance Movement have such detailed plans,of how fast and how detailed and how much truth that they can release at any given time,so that humanity/the unawakened are allowed to digest the truth with pauses in between.If somebody is ready to discover a website such as this one,then they will discover it at the perfect time.


The new role of the Lightworker will be varied indeed.We should never ever underestimate the role of the listener.That may very well be your main role to begin with.We will no doubt have to listen to the anger,the rage even,the shocked outrage of people discovering that their whole existence has been totally controlled even beyond death.


You don't need me to remind you of why they will be angry.First,they will be in shock,if they can cry it will be a saving grace,but eventually they will need to get angry to leave their depressed sad state.The time needed for this grieving process will vary in time from 6 months to 2 years.


Some among you will have a great ability to listen~truly just be there and listen~and when the tears have subsided,you will be able to encourage them to move forward and focus upon the Joy and the Light and the Love that will now grow upon Gaia between the people.


PS:I will be adding some inspiring ideas for our future in the coming days and they will be found on the webpage Latest Additions and be visible under the heading'Latest Articles on Veritas'top of this page.



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