2020年5月15日13:14:07最新动态X22报道|第2174集:世界经济需要重新配置,影子政府暴露已关闭评论1.2K9字数 2432阅读8分6秒阅读模式

美国和世界各地的经济正在开放。随着利率的下降,更多的人将能够进入房地产市场、汽车市场和大学市场,更多的企业将能够借贷扩大业务和支付员工。世界经济正在重新配置,世贸组织总干事已经辞职;现在,[DS]/MSM 正在输掉这场战斗,人们,医生们正在清醒过来,大声疾呼。人民要求各州重新开放。


The World Economy Is About To Be Reconfigured,WTO Director Resigns-Episode 2174a


The Depth Of The Swamp Is Exposed,The Shadow Government Is Forced Into The Light-Episode 2174b




The economy is now opening up in the US and around the world.With the rates dropping more people will be able to enter the real estate market,the automobile market,and college market,more businesses will be able to borrow to expand business and pay employees.The world economy is now being reconfigured,the WTO director has now resigned.The[DS]/MSM is now losing the battle with the event,people,doctors are now waking up and speaking out.The people are demanding that the states reopen

美国和世界各地的经济正在开放。随着利率的下降,更多的人将能够进入房地产市场、汽车市场和大学市场,更多的企业将能够借贷扩大业务和支付员工。世界经济正在重新配置,世贸组织总干事已经辞职。现在,[DS]/MSM 正在输掉这场战斗,人们,医生们正在清醒过来,大声疾呼。人民要求各州重新开放


The[DS]/MSM is now losing the battle with the event,people,doctors are now waking up and speaking out.The people are demanding that the states reopen.The[DS]/MSM are trying to spin the Flynn story,they are being led down a path that will trap them.The swamp is deep and wide but it is now being exposed,the shadow presidency and government are being forced into the light,patriots are in control,the truth will prevail.

现在,[DS]/MSM 正在输掉这场战斗,人们,医生们正在清醒过来,大声疾呼。人民要求各州重新开放。[DS]/MSM 正在试图编造弗林的故事,他们正在被引向一条将困住他们的道路。这片沼泽很深很宽,但是现在它已经暴露出来了,影子总统和政府正在被迫走向光明,爱国者控制着局面,真相终将大白于天下

[OpDis Editor Note: X22 Report reviews current geopolitical and economical events as well as Q-related news,Trump,and the fall of the Deep State.X22 Report is another YouTube channel I recommend to listen if you want to be kept up-to-date on what's currently happening.

[OpDis 编者按:X22报告回顾了当前的地缘政治和经济事件,以及 q 相关的新闻,特朗普和深海国家的陷落。X22 Report 是另一个我推荐收听的 YouTube 频道,如果你想了解当前正在发生的事情]



The more pieces there are on the board, the less safe the king becomes. It is especially dangerous for the king when the enemy queen is still on the board. When discussing the king’s role in chess strategy, we are mostly interested in how to keep him safe from attack. Only in the endgame, when there are few pieces left on the board, is it safe for the king to emerge from his fortress and join in the attack, but we will look at the role of the king in endgames in a later tutorial.

棋盘上的棋子越多,国王就越不安全。 对国王来说尤其危险,因为敌人的王后还在棋盘上。 当讨论国王在国际象棋策略中的角色时,我们最感兴趣的是如何保护他免受攻击。 只有在游戏结束的时候,当棋盘上只剩下几个棋子的时候,国王才能安全地从堡垒中出来加入进攻,但是我们会在后面的教程中看到国王在游戏结尾中的角色。



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