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Q帖解密|佩洛西口吃通过新闻发布会。末日即将来临。Enjoy the Show.


Kudos to those who followed my advice and doubled their popcorn budget!


I told you here something big was about to drop,POTUS confirmed it a few hours later with a tweet,and yesterday,it was announced that he gave AG Barr authority to declassify documents related to the 2016 campaign surveillance.


Within 24 hours,things have accelerated tremendously but fortunately,you already knew you had to'buckle up'.


And,since good things often come in twos,Q is back and his first words are:

而且,因为好事总是成双成对的,q 回来了,他的第一句话是:

Q3336 Panic in[DC]Q

We are all excited and we should be.This is a turning point in the history of the United States and subsequently,in the history of mankind.For the first time,we have a Leader who has the required faith,courage,independence and means to take down the Satanic Cabal that has enslaved us for centuries.Going to the bottom of the origins of illegal surveillance on American soil is the end for those who thought their bogus secret societies would protect from the Law and Justice.This is it.There is no coming back.No compromise.The only accepted outcome is full success and getting our freedom back.There is no coming back.


Q2937"This is not simply another four-year election.This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we,the people,reclaim control over our government."–POTUS


America,are you ready?Are you ready to write history?Let's lead mankind to FREEDOM!


Q1961 You are not alone,Patriot.You are part of history.Never,in our history,has this been attempted.GOD BLESS YOU&YOUR FAMILY.Stay strong.Stay the course.WWG1WGA!Q


We are now in offense mode:


Q3331 You are witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD.May,2019–'kick-off''start''offense'Enjoy the show!Q


To enjoy the show in offense mode,there are a few fundamental elements that need to be known and thankfully,the Maestro used his latest'feud'with Nancy to communicate them to us.




First,POTUS and Nancy agreed several days ahead to hold a meeting on Infrastructure on May 22 2019 at 11 AM.On the evening of May 21,out of the blue,Nancy announced she scheduled a meeting with Democrat committee chairs the next morning at 9AM to discuss impeachment and after that meeting she said this:video.Wow.A cover up?!


Trump?!That's pretty bad to say if you are scheduled to talk about infrastructure with him a few minutes later.Why didn't she wait after the meeting?Of course,things did not go well at the White House and POTUS said this:until 4:00.You caught the sign?That's a message confirming the Mueller investigation finances will be audited.Did you like the colors?Look:Img1 If you want to train and decode with me,I recommend you listen to the speech in its entirety and list all the things you've found.Here are a few clues you may use and add to your research:Img2


Have you ever visited the US Congress?


Before I give you the solution,let's walk through the congress halls to get a better feel of what's really going on.Read very carefully:Img3


Good.Now we know who pulls the strings from outside.Next?Who runs the machine from the inside and interacts with the Executive Branch to make things happen?Let's listen to Putin:video.You got that?Men in dark suits?Do you know who he's talking about?Will Smith told you right here,watch very carefully:video.. Peruvian Coffee for those who have a musical ear and noticed the non-natural scale changes and what they mean!Will talks about Roswell.In fact,this goes waaaay back and he knows it but hopes we would forget.Kudos to those who know their R&B/Pop and detected the arrangement from Patrice Rushen's Forget Me Nots:video..


Q114 US Military=savior of mankind.We will never forget.


Q2285 Are you AWAKE?The TRUTH is right in front of you.


Q316 How many clues must we provide?Q


Now that you know about the Men in Black,you are equipped to read this image:Img4 Do you see it?The SOTU was an opportunity for Shifty to display his power,his opposition to Trump and to advertise for secret tactical support and donations.He's the liaison with the Deep State in the Executive branch and his main anchor point is DNI Dan Coats as illustrated here.This is the reason he's not in the DECLAS loop:

既然你已经知道了《黑衣人》,你就可以阅读这张图片了:Img4你看到了吗?SOTU是诡计多端展示自己权力、反对特朗普的机会,也是宣传秘密战术支持和捐款的机会。他是行政部门与深层国家的联络人,他的主要支柱是丹·科茨国家情报局局长,如图所示。这就是他不在 DECLAS 循环中的原因:

Q3347 Why did POTUS circumvent DNI Coats(normal protocol for DECLAS)and give AUTH directly to AG Barr?Q

Q3347为什么 POTUS 绕过 DNI Coats(DECLAS 的正常协议)直接将 AUTH 交给 AG BarrQ

As you can see,with Pelosi on top,Nadler and Shifty are the most important pieces the Cabal has in Congress.


Let's take a closer look at Nancy.She has 5 main problems:Img5


Nancy has 5 problems but money ain't one:Img6


Do we know where all this money came from?Yes and it's classified.Q informs us in Q1185 that at the 13min mark of this video,Pelosi makes the Big ERROR of disclosing a trip she made to NK that is not officially supposed to have existed and of revealing the trade of NK-made missles!Img7


Do you now see why Nancy was initially reserved on impeachment and got out of her meeting with Nadler and Schiff in offense mode?Unlike Nadler and Schiff,Nancy afforded the luxury of playing high level politics because she is more donor/independent than her 2 colleagues.She has a direct line with China and that's what really matters for her.


Knowing impeachment against Trump has no teeth,her play was to keep her troops in check and make deals as much as she could with Trump to fund the operations she loves.Brennan and Eric Schmidt see the DECLAS coming and cant afford to play long term like Nancy:they respectively activated Schiff and Nadler to stop Trump.Nancy was not on board until she was kindly reminded of her trip to North Korea and I suspect this is what triggered her to get out of the May 22 meeting with the"cover up"attack against Trump.

由于知道弹劾特朗普毫无效力,她的策略是控制自己的军队,尽可能多地与特朗普达成协议,为自己热爱的行动提供资金。布伦南和埃里克·施密特看到了 DECLAS 的到来,他们不能像南希一样玩长期的游戏:他们分别激活了希夫和纳德勒来阻止特朗普。南希一直没有加入,直到有人友好地提醒她自己的朝鲜之行。我怀疑,正是这个原因促使她在522日的会议上退出,"掩盖"对特朗普的攻击。

Did the Maestro know?Yes.


In his speech,he mentioned the'I word'.The Fake News assumed he was talking about Impeachment:Img8.Was he?Did you see his early morning 4:55 AM tweet?He misspelled NOTHING and wrote it NOTHIN.Why?Because NOTHING would be accomplished with Nancy and Chucky.You know what that missing G means right?It has 2 meanings.Add it to the I in'I word'and you get the IG report!He gave it away when he said:"the bIG I word OUT".

在他的演讲中,他提到了"我的词"。假新闻认为他在谈论弹劾:Img8。是他吗?你看到他凌晨455分的推文了吗?他什么也没拼错,什么也没写。因为和南希和查基在一起什么都做不了。你们知道缺少G是什么意思吧?它有两个意思。把它添加到I in 'I word ',你就得到了IG报告!当他说:"bIG I word OUT"的时候,他把这句话泄露了出去。

Pretty cool right?Look:Img9 Now you know why the meeting was rescheduled from 11 to 11:15.Do you see the word FISH in the tweet?It connects to BAIT and information shared out of fear from Q2249.The Maestro used the infrastructure meeting as a bait to force Nancy to pick her side and stop her belly dance.This is why he coldly positioned that missing G very early,before her meeting with Nadler and Shifty,and nuked them with a tweet storm all morning(check for yourself).This proves the Maestro dealt with this situation with cold logic and was in full control.This reference to the IG report is code for the general transparency dynamics that will reveal the truth and force bad actors to face Justice.The next day,it started:POTUS gave AG Barr declassification authority for the 2016 campaign surveillance.

很酷吧?看:Img9现在你知道为什么会议改在11:15举行了。你在推特上看到 FISH 这个词了吗?它连接到 BAIT 和信息共享出于恐惧从 Q2249。大师利用基础设施会议作为诱饵,迫使南希选择她的立场,停止她的肚皮舞。这就是为什么在她与纳德勒和西福蒂会面之前,他很早就冷淡地定位了那个缺失的 G,并用一整个早上的推特风暴(你自己查查看)对他们进行了核攻击。这证明了大师以冷静的逻辑处理这种情况,并且完全处于控制之中。这种提到检察长报告的做法是一般透明度动态的代码,它将揭露真相,迫使坏人面对司法。第二天,事情开始了:美国总统授予巴尔公司2016年竞选监督的解密权。

So Nancy,do you get it?You thought you could trick the Maestro to discuss infrastructure(and fund your projects)while covertly continuing to support Nadler and Shifty in their investigation adventures?Well,nnnno:the Maestro activated your guys against you with enough pressure to force you to pick your side unequivocally.Now that you have done so,the show may begin.Do you now see the play?


Q3309 These people are stupid.Q


You'll find the other solutions here:Img10


Now that Nancy knows she can't play anymore,what do you think her next move would be?What do they do when they know they are caught?Let's listen to her the next day:video.Did you catch she read her notes before"praying"?It's confirmed by the Maestro here:until 18:37.Of course this"prayer"was a coded message to the network of bad actors working for their common cause:Img11 The real message is that she's calling for a 187 against POTUS.We know it's not the first time.Separating high caps and small caps,we find this combination:IT'S REALLY BAD,ASSASSINATE.Coincidence?


Just to make sure we are on the right track,the Maestro tweeted this.Do you see the difference?Point made.From the capital letters,we identify 2 matches and the length of the video(107s)provides 3 matches in context.The timestamp pulls Q809.Read the decoded message:Img12

只是为了确保我们在正确的轨道上,大师在推特上这样写道。你看出区别了吗?明白了。从大写字母中,我们识别出2个匹配项,视频(107s)的长度在上下文中提供了3个匹配项。时间戳拉 Q809。阅读解码信息:Img12

Did you notice that red G for Guantanamo?This is the second explanation for the missing G in the 4:55 AM tweet.You thought I forgot?I didn't.


Q856 11-11-18 A parade that will never be forgotten.Ask yourself,why?God bless our brave men&women in uniform.We will never forget.Q

Q856 11-11-18永远不会被忘记的游行。问问你自己,为什么?愿上帝保佑我们勇敢的军人。我们永远不会忘记。Q


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