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由于美国最大的银行之一如此接近崩溃,美联储(Federal Reserve)正急于提供1.5万亿美元的惊人紧急援助以维持其运转;法国总统埃马纽埃尔•马克龙(Emmanuel Macron)在8月27日警告全世界,预计”大剧变”已经开始,他说,”国际秩序正以前所未有的方式受到动摇,这场巨大的动荡无疑是我们历史上第一次发生的,几乎在每一个领域,都具有深远的历史意义”

A truly heart-pounding new Ministry of Finance(MoF)report circulating in the Kremlin today confirming global banking giant Goldman Sachs warning that world stock markets"are about to get wild in October",states the more accurate word they should have used to describe what is coming would be catastrophic—and is due to one of America's largest banks so near to collapsing,the Federal Reserve is rushing to keep it afloat with a staggering$1.5 trillion emergency bailout—an emergency bailout,however,the Federal Reserve is spreading out with$75 billion daily payments until 10 October so as not to alarm and place into panic their nation's citizens—but is now"sowing chaos deep inside the plumbing of the entire US financial system"—most particularly because this bank nearing collapse has yet to be officially named,thus causing it to be said"the Fed better figure out who they are...before some financial reporter does,prints their name for the whole world to see and starts what may soon be the biggest bank run since the financial crisis"—and whose collapse would join it with the 566 other US banks that have failed over the past 24 months—all of which French President Emmanuel Macron,on 27 August,told the world to expect with his warning that the"Great Upheaval"has begun,and his stating that"the international order is being shaken in an unprecedented manner by the great upheaval that is undoubtedly taking place for the first time in our history,in almost every field and with a profoundly historic magnitude"—a warning Macron specifically aimed at the United States by telling them that their age of ruling world has come to an end like those of the French and British Empires who came before them—a fact known by President Donald Trump,who has more than readied himself for this most critical event that will define the rest of the 21st Century—best exampled by his stating in a barely noticed interview he gave in March-2015,months before he decided to run for president,"we used to have a very,very solid country because it was based on a gold standard"—and to make happen would see him having to invoke the unlimited powers granted to him under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act(IEEPA)—which nearly a month ago,Trump proclaimed he had an"absolute right"to invoke any time he so chooses.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫今天流传的一份真正令人心碎的财政部(MoF)新报告证实,全球银行业巨头高盛(Goldman Sachs)警告称,全球股市"将在10月份变得疯狂"。该报告称,他们本应用更准确的词来描述即将到来的灾难ーー由于美国最大的银行之一如此接近崩溃,美联储(Federal Reserve)正急于提供1.5万亿美元的惊人紧急援助以维持其运转ーー然而,紧急援助是一项紧急援助——美联储(Federal Reserve)正在1010日之前分摊每日750亿美元的支付款项,以免引起美国公民的警觉和恐慌,但目前正在"在整个美国金融体系的管道深处制造混乱"——最主要的原因是,这家濒临倒闭的银行尚未正式命名,因此,有人说"美联储最好在某个金融记者之前搞清楚他们是谁......然后把他们的名字公布出来,让全世界都看到,并开始可能很快成为金融危机以来最大规模的银行挤兑"——这些银行的倒闭将使美联储与过去24个月里倒闭的其它566家美国银行一起倒闭——法国总统埃马纽埃尔马克龙(Emmanuel Macron)827日警告全世界,预计"大剧变"已经开始,他说,"国际秩序正以前所未有的方式受到动摇,这场巨大的动荡无疑是我们历史上第一次发生的,几乎在每一个领域,都具有深远的历史意义"——这是马克龙专门针对美国发出的警告,他告诉美国,他们统治世界的时代已经结束,就像在他们之前的法国帝国和英国帝国那样——唐纳德·特朗普总统知道这一事实,他不仅仅是为了这一将决定21世纪剩余时间的最重要事件而自杀——最好的例子是他在20153月接受一次几乎没有人注意到的采访时说的话——在他决定竞选总统的几个月前,"我们曾经有一个非常、非常稳固的国家,因为它是建立在金本位制基础上的"ーー要实现这个目标,他必须动用《国际紧急状态经济权力法案》(International Emergency Economic Powers Act,简称 IEEPA)赋予他的无限权力。将近一个月前,特朗普宣布,他有"绝对权利"在他选择的任何时间动用这种权力。:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


According to this report,with the 1991 dissolution of the Soviet Union,the raison d'être(reason or justification for existence)for the United States to maintain a global war posture ended—which cost the US over$8 trillion,as well as over 100,000 lives lost of their military forces who fought in the Korean and Vietnam Wars—whose most lasting catastrophic effect of was the"Nixon Shock"of 1971—and was when the Americans went broke and could not longer pay their debts—thus causing President Richard Nixon to abolish the then existing Bretton Woods System of international gold standard financial exchange in place since the ending of World War II and substitute in its place what is known as Federal Reserve Notes(paper currency called US dollars)—which is called fiat money—is a currency without intrinsic value—is created out of thin air by printing presses—and were forced on the world because American military power mandated that all oil in the world be bought with Federal Reserve Notes—that's more commonly known as the Petrodollar System.



Coinciding with the dissolution of the Soviet Union,this report continues,was the American administration of President Bill Clinton—who,along with Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan,knew that the Petrodollar System was unsustainable unless the United States wanted to actually go to war with the entire world—and in knowing this fact,saw Greenspan guiding US monetary policy on a path that followed the signals a gold standard would have created—most particularly because Greenspan said that the change in the price of gold historically parallels the change in the general price level for goods and services;in other words,it has an inherent stability when looked at across decades or even centuries—and whose results of saw Clinton and Greenspan presiding over a"Great Moderation"business cycle which was one of the most equitably prosperous in modern American history—and was an era that saw the creation of over 20 million jobs spurred by robust growth that converted their federal deficits into a surplus—and if only virtually rather than institutionally,created a golden age.

这份报告继续写道,与苏联解体时报巧合的是美国总统比尔克林顿(Bill clinton)的政府ーー克林顿和美联储主席艾伦格林斯潘都知道,除非美国真的想与全世界开战,否则石油美元体系是不可持续的ーー在了解了这一事实之后,格林斯潘看到美国货币政策走上了一条遵循金本位制会产生的信号的道路ーー特别是因为格林斯潘表示,从历史上看,黄金价格的变化与商品和服务的总体价格水平——换句话说,纵观几十年甚至几个世纪,它具有内在的稳定性。克林顿和格林斯潘领导的"大缓和"(Great Moderation)商业周期,是美国现代史上最公平的繁荣时期之一。在那个时代,强劲增长刺激创造了2000多万个就业岗位,将联邦赤字转化为盈余,即便只是从制度上讲,也创造了一个黄金时代。


Though both President Clinton and Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan rightly deserve credit for following gold standard signals to prosper the American people and their nation as they guided it away from the Petrodollar System,this report notes,factual history shows that they continued building on the foundation President Ronald Reagan had begun creating—as Reagan had for decades called for the US to return to the gold standard—but was a foundation smashed into oblivion when both President George W.Bush and President Barack Obama began their Petrodollar Wars—which have not only cost the lives of millions,they've destroyed the US economy Reagan and Clinton spent two decades building.

尽管克林顿总统和美联储主席格林斯潘在引导美国人民和他们的国家远离石油美元体系的过程中遵循金本位信号,实现了美国人民和国家的繁荣,理应受到赞扬,但这份报告指出,事实历史表明,他们继续在罗纳德里根(Ronald Reagan)总统已经开始创建的基础上进行建设ーー正如里根数十年来呼吁美国回归金本位制一样ーー但是,当乔治· w ·布什(George w. bush)总统和巴拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)总统发起"石油美元战争"(Petrodollar wars)时,这个基金会被彻底摧毁了。这场战争不仅夺走了数百万人的生命,还摧毁了美国经济。特朗普总统宣布准备好迎接“巨变”,美国最大银行即将倒闭


The central global financial apparatus that controls the Petrodollar System,this report explains,is known as the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication(SWIFT)—which links more than 11,000 financial institutions in more than 200 countries and territories—but that the United States weaponized to use against anyone opposing it—and in response to,saw the China International Payments System(CIPS)being created by the Chinese to protect themselves and their allies—and Russia creating its System for Transfer of Financial Messages(SPFS)for the same reason,and that all the banks in Iran have now connected to—and is why both Russia and China are continuing to furiously buy up all the gold they can.



Unlike the American weaponized SWIFT global payment system that relies on worthless pieces of paper called Federal Reserve Notes to sustain its Petrodollar System,this report details,Russia's SPFS and China's CIPS global payment systems rely on gold—and is why both of them have been ditching US Dollar-Federal Reserve Notes as fast as possible—which,in turn,now sees virtually no one in the world wanting to have US Dollars—thus leaving the Americans with no other choice than to buy their own debt—but that their own banks can't afford,and is why they're collapsing.

与美国武器化的 SWIFT 全球支付系统不同的是,该报告详细介绍了俄罗斯的 SPFS 和中国的 CIPS 全球支付系统都依赖黄金,这也是为什么它们都在尽可能快地抛弃美元联邦储备系统的原因,而现在世界上几乎没有人愿意持有美元,因此美国人除了购买自己的债务别无选择,但是他们自己的银行却负担不起,这也是它们崩溃的原因。


Not being told to the American people as this"Great Upheaval"accelerates,this report further notes,is that the collapse of the Petrodollar System and its Federal Reserve Note-US Dollars in no way means the collapse of either their economy or nation—a fact known to President Trump who famously stated before he was even elected:"Bringing back the gold standard would be very hard to do,but boy,would it be wonderful.We'd have a standard on which to base our money"—but whose actual hardness to do isn't as complicated as it seems—as evidenced by President Franklin Roosevelt,in 1933,invoking the Trading With The Enemy Act Of 1917 when signing his Executive Order 6102 to strip from all the American people all of the gold they owned—an act,though,replaced,in 1977,by the International Emergency Economic Powers Act(IEEPA)which Trump is able to now wield whenever he chooses to do so—and in wielding,now sees him being fully supported in returning his nation to the gold standard by one of his top economic advisors named Judy Shelton whom Trump just nominated to sit on the Federal Reserve Board—most specifically because she's called for a new Bretton Woods conference to establish a new economic world order and truthfully declared"we make America great again by making America's money great again"—but in returning America to the gold standard,limits US government spending to only what it can raise in taxes or borrow against its gold reserve,and prevents it from simply printing money to pay its debts—which even a school child can see Trump's socialist enemies will do everything in their power to prevent—but all of whom will be powerless when Trump invokes the fearsome emergency powers he has at the stroke of his pen—with all that's needed now being the global economic crash rushing right towards everyone to see what happens next.

这份报告进一步指出,在这场"巨大变革"加速时,没有告诉美国人民的是,石油美元体系和美联储美元的崩溃绝不意味着他们的经济或国家的崩溃ーー特朗普总统甚至在当选之前就说过一个著名的事实:"恢复金本位将是非常困难的,但是天哪,这将是多么美妙的事情。"。我们应该有一个货币基础的标准,但是这个标准的实际难度并不像看起来那么复杂,1933年,富兰克林·德拉诺·罗斯福总统签署了1917年对敌贸易法货币基金组织协议,要求6102号行政命令从所有美国人民手中剥离所有的黄金----这是一项法案——不过,1977年,国际紧急经济权力法案(IEEPA)取代了这一法案,特朗普现在可以随时使用该法案ーー并且可以随时使用该法案——现在,特朗普看到他得到了他的一位高级经济顾问 Judy Shelton 的全力支持,她刚刚被特朗普提名进入美联储----最具体的原因是,她呼吁成立一个新的布雷顿森林会议储备委员会,以建立一个新的世界经济秩序,并且如实地宣布"我们通过让美国的货币再次变得强大来让美国再次变得强大"----但是,如果让美国回到金本位,美国政府的开支将仅限于它能够增加的税收或者用它的黄金储备来借贷,并且阻止它仅仅通过印钞来偿还债务——甚至一个上学的孩子都能看到,特朗普的社会主义敌人会竭尽全力阻止这种情况发生——但是,当特朗普一挥笔就动用他所拥有的可怕的紧急权力时,所有这些人都将无能为力——现在所需要的一切就是全球经济崩溃正冲向每个人,看看接下来会发生什么。


Now you know why JPMorgan Chase is the largest bank in the United States and the sixth largest bank in the world and didn't need to be bailed out during the 2007 financial crash.



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