(ECETI 新闻):在大流行病、多维度和时间的战争中幸存|詹姆斯•吉利兰

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(ECETI 新闻):在大流行病、多维度和时间的战争中幸存|詹姆斯•吉利兰

I have held back on writing a newsletter due to the fact so many awesome people have actually done a better job of conveying what I wanted to say.Stew Peters and his expert witnesses,doctors,front line nurses and researchers have confirmed all my suspicions and intuitions concerning the jab along with others too numerous to mention.Elena Danaan's latest videos have verbatim covered what I was going to write about concerning the multidimensional planetary liberation.Peter Slattery's new video,Multidimensional is a must watch.There are others like Gene Decode and Juan O'savin bringing a lot of truth to the table.The veils between worlds are getting thinner so expect bleed throughs,observing shadow/astral beings seen from your peripheral vision,do clearings and create sacred space.Methods are on the website ww.eceti.org If you,or your family are being influenced,experiencing a lot of negativity,accidents,emotional outbursts we highly suggest doing the clearings given freely on the site.I was told the deep underground reptilian and grey alliance bases along with the dark fleet have been taken out,neutralized and less than 5%are left that are so deep most likely the Inner Earth folks will finish the job.The benevolent Inner Earth beings are part of the Earth Alliance and Galactic Federation of Worlds.The remaining 5%are cut off,cannot surface their portals are closed and have nowhere to go.This includes the bases in Antarctica.The ones isolated are being closely monitored.What is left is the Dark Fleet or Cabal operatives on Earth which unfortunately have gravitated to some of the highest positions of power.This includes the agencies we depend upon for justice.If you want to know who they are they are the ones with socialist agendas destroying economies,mandating masks and the jab due to profit driven false science.

我一直没有写时事通讯,因为事实上很多很棒的人在传达我想说的东西方面做得更好。斯图·彼得斯和他的专家证人、医生、一线护士以及研究人员证实了我对注射的所有猜疑和直觉,以及其他太多而无法提及的猜疑和直觉。Elena Danaan 的最新视频逐字逐句地涵盖了我将要写的关于多维度行星解放的内容。彼得·斯莱特里的新视频《多维空间》是一部必看影片。还有其他一些人,比如吉恩德科特(Gene Decode)和胡安奥萨文(Juan o'savin),为我们带来了许多真相。世界之间的面纱正变得越来越薄,所以预计会出血,观察从你的外围视觉看到的阴影/星体生命,做空地和创造神圣的空间。方法在 ww.eceti.org 网站如果你或你的家人受到影响,经历了许多消极、意外和情绪爆发,我们强烈建议你在网站上自由地进行清理。我被告知深地下爬行动物基地和灰色联盟基地以及黑暗舰队已经被消灭,被摧毁,剩下的不到5%的深地下基地最有可能被地心人完成任务。仁慈的地心地球生命是地球联盟和世界银河联邦的一部分。剩下的5%被切断,无法浮出水面,他们的入口已经关闭,无处可去。这包括在南极洲的基地。被隔离的那些正在被密切监视。剩下的就是地球上的黑暗舰队或阴谋集团操作者,不幸的是,他们已经被吸引到了一些权力的最高位置。这包括我们赖以伸张正义的机构。如果你想知道他们是谁,他们是那些社会主义者,他们的议程破坏了经济,强制戴上面具,由于利益驱动的虚假科学而注射疫苗。

It is up to us,all of us along with the Earth Alliance,the white hats in the military and agencies around the world to rise up,find the courage to do what is right.Brave souls from all walks of life are stepping forward.Doctors,Nurses,Scientists,white hats within the agencies,political leaders,religious and some business leaders are saying enough is enough.They will no longer participate in the,"PLANDEMICIDE".It breaks my heart to see young people with their whole lives ahead of them,especially the children being critically injured,having heart attacks,paralysis,shaking violently with smug arrogant doctors and nurses dishonoring their Hippocratic Oath accepting the profit driven false science rather than being inconvenienced by the truth.Did you know many politicians are heavily invested in the vaccine companies?Did you know factcheckers.org owns 1.8 billion dollars in Johnson and Johnson and is run by a former acting director in CDC?Did you know the CDC and the FDA are revolving doors of big pharma CEOs holding major positions?China,the originator of the bio-weapon Cov19 owns the WHO and the United Nations along with major politicians in Ameri-cia.Yes they own the CIA and major generals under Biden.Fact check that.Why do you think China is not being held accountable?

这取决于我们,我们所有人,还有地球联盟,全世界军队和机构的白帽子们,站起来,找到做正确事情的勇气。来自各行各业的勇敢的灵魂正在前进。医生、护士、科学家、机构内部的白帽子、政治领袖、宗教领袖和一些商业领袖都在说,够了就是够了。他们将不再参与"大流行病"。看到年轻人还有大好的人生在等着他们,我的心都碎了,尤其是那些孩子,他们受了重伤,心脏病发作,瘫痪了,和那些傲慢自大的医生和护士们一起激烈地颤抖,那些不尊重他们希波克拉底誓词的医生和护士们,接受利益驱动的虚假科学,而不是被真相所困扰。你知道很多政治家在疫苗公司投入大量资金吗?你知道 factcheckers.org 公司在强生公司拥有18亿美元的资产,并且由疾病控制和预防中心的一位前代理主管管理吗?你知道美国疾病预防控制中心和美国食品药品监督管理局对担任重要职位的大型制药公司的首席执行官进行了"旋转门"吗?作为生物武器 cov19的发明者,中国拥有世界卫生组织和联合国,以及美国的主要政治家。是的,他们拥有拜登领导下的中央情报局和少将。事实证明。为什么你认为中国没有被追究责任?

How many politicians,governmental agencies,social and mainstream media,including school boards have been bribed to perpetuate the deception that lockdowns,mask and vax mandates work and are safe?They have censored safe,effective,inexpensive treatments over other extremely expensive therapies.Therapies studies have shown to have extremely high mortality rates.Remdesivir and ventilators are a death sentence according to major studies but they are used as the preferred treatment with major kickbacks to Hospitals and doctors that prescribe it.Pneumonia and kidney failure are due to Remdesivir according to major case studies and they knew it.Hospitals have become the new killing fields.


Ivermectin has not killed anyone,it has 60 years of safe proven efficacy.It is authorized by the NIH and the FDA,always has been despite the pathological liars in the mainstream and social media.Doctors should not rely on CNN for medical advice.Hydroxychloroquine has also been used for decades safely and outperforms Remdesivir and the jabs.Jabs which are now proven to seriously injure and kill the recipients the scale of which is extremely censored.We will never know the truth injury and death rate caused by the jab yet top researchers and whistle blowers are revealing what can only now be referred to as genocide followed by sterilization.There is over a 400%rate of pregnant women miscarrying after getting the jab.The narcissist billionaire global elite's eugenics agenda who have partnered with the CCP is playing out right in front of our eyes.Population control,sterilization,food shortages,total dependency on government are next along with a complete loss of freedom.Total control,domination,censorship,and complete dependency on whatever bone they decide to throw you is your future if this goes unchecked.Think this is a conspiracy?It is playing out right now,only the severely mentally challenged cannot see it.The socially engineered,critical thinking and research impaired integrity challenged virtue signaling useful idiots as the global elite refer to them will march themselves,friends and their families to the slaughter house as predicted by the global elite.They have bragged about their plans for years,but no one took them seriously.Now it is serious.In their own words they said we will create a pandemic,we will gain control over the media and generate fear,we will give them the cure but it will be their death sentence.Their goal is for eighty to ninety percent of the population to be removed,13 out of 14 people gone.All that will be left is controllable trans-human chipped slaves that will do their bidding.They made it very clear they want everyone chipped completely dependent on the government for all their needs,no compliance,no food,no travel,no life.If you want proof of this try going to a major event,concert,sporting etc.they will say show us your papers,proof of vaccination or recent test,next will be the global passport.This is the future the war and disease profiteers have planned for you.Their motto is in the future you will own nothing and you will be happy.The green new deal is another program to steal the wealth and control everything.Research where the money for carbon credits go.Sorry Gretta,the last 6 months in the Antarctic has had record breaking cold,the coldest in years.You have sold out the youth.The raw data over the,"adjusted data"shows the planet is now cooling driven by Sun cycles not carbon.

伊维菌素没有杀死任何人,它已经60年的安全有效性被证明。它是由美国国立卫生研究院和美国食品药品监督管理局授权的,尽管主流和社会媒体中有病态的说谎者。医生不应该依赖 CNN 的医疗建议。羟氯喹也已经安全使用了几十年,而且性能优于 Remdesivir 和接种疫苗。现在已经证明,注射疫苗会严重伤害和杀死接受疫苗的人,其规模受到严格的审查。我们永远不会知道注射疫苗造成的真相伤害和死亡率,然而,顶级研究人员和举报人正在揭露现在只能被称为灭绝种族后的绝育。有超过400%的孕妇在接种疫苗后流产。自恋的亿万富翁全球精英的优生议程,与c*p合作,正在我们的眼前演出。接下来是人口控制、绝育、食物短缺、完全依赖政府以及完全丧失自由。完全的控制,统治,审查,以及完全的依赖他们决定扔给你的任何骨头是你的未来,如果这放任不管。你觉得这是个阴谋吗?它现在正在上演,只有那些严重智障的人才看不到它。社会工程学、批判性思维和研究损害了诚信,挑战了美德,在全球精英们称呼他们为有用的白痴时,他们会像全球精英们预言的那样,把自己、朋友和家人送进屠宰场。他们吹嘘自己的计划好几年了,但没有人把它当回事。现在情况严重了。用他们自己的话说,我们将制造一场大流行,我们将控制媒体并制造恐惧,我们将给他们治疗,但这将是他们的死刑判决。他们的目标是让80%90%的人口迁移,14个人中有13个人离开。所有剩下的就是可控制的跨人类、携带芯片的奴隶,这些奴隶将听从他们的命令。他们明确表示,他们希望每个人都能完全依靠政府提供的芯片来满足他们所有的需求----没有服从,没有食物,没有旅行,没有生活。如果你想证明这个尝试去一个重大事件,音乐会,体育等,他们会说出你的证件,疫苗接种证明或最近的测试,下一步将是全球护照。这就是战争和疾病奸商为你们计划的未来。他们的座右铭是,在未来,你将一无所有,你将快乐。绿色新政是另一个窃取财富和控制一切的计划。研究碳信用额度的资金去向。对不起,格雷塔,过去6个月在南极发生了破纪录的寒冷,是近年来最冷的一次。你出卖了青年。"经过调整的数据"的原始数据显示,地球现在的冷却是由太阳周期而不是碳驱动的。

What they are not telling you is that the injection is an operating system connected to external AI,an RNA modifier changing your God given DNA which is your connection to Creator.It falls into their transhumanism program.They are destroying yours and your children's immune system,you and your children are being sterilized.Say goodbye to future generations and any hopes of grandchildren.The ability to ascend,rise spiritually is directly connected to beneficial changes in the DNA.The jabs have the opposite effect,altering the DNA is going against the Creator's plan for Humanity and the Earth to ascend,creating Heaven on Earth.It is being done with a plethora of toxins,poisons,nanobots,operating systems,nano-creatures that look like starfish and now metal shards shredding you from the inside.Meet Patrick,he is the starfish like creature found in the injections,he will be driving your body from here on out.RESEARCH WHAT IS IN THE JAB.Children look to their parents for guidance and protection.Those who have vaccinated their kids have failed in both regards.Why subject children who have an almost zero percent chance of dying from the virus,most experience light flue like symptoms or are asymptomatic to a jab that does not protect them from getting covid,destroys their immune system,has the potential for severe life crippling side effects,heart attacks and death.Didn't think that one through now did you?The divine feminine,the House of Mary,the Grandmothers are outraged.They are coming forward supporting the mothers in their defense of the children delivering heartfelt truth at school boards and other events.Let them support and speak through you.Do not worry about what you will say coming from the heart and trust the words will come when necessary.

他们没有告诉你的是,注射是一个操作系统连接到外部的人工智能,一个 RNA 修饰改变你的 DNA,这是你与造物主的连接。这属于他们的超人主义计划。它们正在破坏你和你孩子的免疫系统,你和你的孩子被绝育了。向子孙后代说再见吧。提升的能力,精神上的提升直接与 DNA 中有益的改变相关。注射有相反的效果,改变 DNA 是违背造物主为人类和地球提升,创造地球上的天堂的计划。它是通过大量的毒素、毒药、纳米机器人、操作系统、看起来像海星的纳米生物以及现在从内部撕裂你的金属碎片来完成的。来见见帕特里克,他是注射过程中发现的海星样生物,他将从这里开始驾驶你的身体。研究一下注射疫苗的内容。孩子们向父母寻求指导和保护。那些给自己的孩子接种疫苗的人在这两方面都失败了。为什么那些死于病毒的几率几乎为零的儿童,大多数有轻微的烟道症状或者没有症状的儿童,接种疫苗不能保护他们免疫系统,破坏他们的免疫系统,有可能导致严重的生命损害副作用,心脏病发作和死亡。你没想到这一点吧?神圣的女性,玛丽家族,祖母们都被激怒了。他们站出来支持母亲们在学校董事会和其他活动中为孩子们传递真诚的真相而辩护。让他们通过你来支持和表达。不要担心你会说什么来自内心,相信话语会在必要的时候到来。

There has never before been so much deception and coercion since the Third Reich.This is the same playbook used by tyranny in the past.It's The Third Reich 2.0 what some call the Fourth Reich.You can always count on your leaders,hospitals,mainstream and social media to do the Reich thing.In the past they used smallpox laden blankets,bioweapons to genocide Native Americans,whoever stood in their way.The jab is wrapped and marketed as that same warm and fuzzy blanket to protect you from the cold laced with deadly consequences.If you took the first jab,the lucky ones were given a saline solution to give a false perception of safety,others will have serious side effects.The immune system will experience an extreme reduction after the first jab,up to 80%yet there are ways of mitigating the reactions.Unfortunately these protocols are not administered or altogether ignored by allopathic medicine.Much of the damage can be reversed if one uses these alternative protocols.The second jab can be an eventual death sentence.The third,don't worry about packing your bags,where you're going you won't need them.Courageous doctors are coming forward with these protocols,do your research.The very creators of the experimental gene therapy operating system,injections they call vaccines are screaming do not get the jab.This includes lead scientists at Pfizer.The inventor of the PCR test said it should never be used to test for covid,even the FDA has denounced it as giving over 80 to 90 plus percent false positive.The only thing the PCR test is good for is creating fear and profit for big pharma.Dr.Ardus has some of the best protocols.Frontline doctors and nurses are also helping to blow the whistle and provide alternatives.Follow your heart,your intuition,that feeling before you got the jab you ignored.Do not coheres or shame others into getting the jab.The unvaxed immune systems are 13 times stronger than the vaxed.The hospitals are filled with the vaxed.It is not due to the unvaxed as your corrupt politicians,mainstream and social media are trying to sell you.It is due to the failure of the vaccine to protect them,the severe reactions and variants manufactured in their own bodies.They have become the new super-spreaders.

自从第三帝国以来,从来没有过这么多的欺骗和胁迫。这是过去专制统治所使用的同样的剧本。这就是第三帝国2.0,有些人称之为第四帝国。你总是可以指望你的领导人、医院、主流和社会媒体来做帝国的事情。在过去,他们使用天花病毒携带的毯子,生物武器和灭绝种族的美洲原住民,任何人都可以阻止他们。这种疫苗被包裹起来,作为同样的温暖和毛茸茸的毯子推向市场,以保护你免受严寒带来的致命后果。如果你注射了第一针,幸运的那些注射了生理盐水,给他们一个错误的安全感,其他的将会有严重的副作用。在第一次注射后,免疫系统会经历一个极端的减少,高达80%,但是有一些方法可以减轻这种反应。不幸的是,这些协议并没有被对抗疗法执行或完全忽略。如果使用这些替代协议,许多损害可以被逆转。第二针最终可能会被判死刑。第三,不要担心收拾行李,你要去的地方不需要它们。勇敢的医生们提出了这些方案,做好你们的研究。实验性基因疗法操作系统的创造者们,他们称之为疫苗注射的是尖叫着不要注射。这包括辉瑞公司的主要科学家。PCR 检测的发明者说,它永远不应该被用来检测胆怯症,甚至连 FDA 都谴责它给出了超过80%90%的假阳性。PCR 检测的唯一好处就是为大型制药公司制造恐慌和利润。阿德斯医生有一些最好的治疗方案。一线医生和护士也在帮助揭发此事,并提供替代方案。跟随你的心,你的直觉,在你被忽视之前的那种感觉。不要凝聚或羞辱他人以获得注射。未受影响的免疫系统比受影响的免疫系统强13倍。医院里挤满了医生。这并不是因为你们的腐败政客、主流和社交媒体试图向你们推销的未知数。这是由于疫苗未能保护它们,以及它们自身产生的严重反应和变异。他们已经成为新的超级传播者。

If you want to get angry and blame someone,blame the ones who created and are pushing the vaccines as well as the standard treatments that are killing your loved ones.Blame the politicians,the mainstream and social media for lying to you.Blame the global elite,the CCP for concocting this plan.Do not divide and fight among yourselves that is exactly what they want.They want you divided by race,religion and gender.Unity along with the awakening masses is deadly for them.Imagine if Antifa and Black Lives Matter,the police,the military all realized we are in this together,they are coming for all of us?What if the social justice warriors come to the realization they were duped into doing the bidding of the global elite.Especially now that their leaders are living in gated multimillion dollar mansions where their followers are not invited.Destroying your neighborhoods spares them the wrecking ball in their goals for regentrification.They want to take away what little you have left.Might want to listen to your elders who have experienced these tactics in the past.There is and always has been enough for everyone,the lack is manufactured.


The lockdowns,the masks,the jab,everything they have forced or coheres you to do has failed in restoring health and the economy.The adverse effects are there for all to see.As Einstein said,doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is a form of insanity.There are those who are so socially engineered,critical thinking and research impaired they will never see it.Maybe this is the wheat being separated from the chaff,cleaning up the gene pool.Did you know studies have shown conspiracy theorists to have higher IQs?Who knows,in the future maybe the survivors will go on to create a more advanced intelligent race free of division in knowledge of the tactics of the controllers.What will be said when they look back in history?


We are being given a choice.The upward spiral,conscious evolution,a spiritual life in harmony with each other and nature or the downward spiral,pain,suffering,enslavement,with the eventual collapse of civilization and the environment.Choose wisely.Choices have consequences.The only solution is to unify and resist from the bottom up.A global revolution.The top down is rotten to the core.What is written is not up for debate.It is only an opportunity to make wise informed choices in the future.Just a heads up,those who are misinformed,in denial,following the edicts of the war and disease profiteers,be lie ving in the profit driven science the mainstream and social media are pushing are headed for a very dark future.A future they have in ignorance created for themselves,some believing if they go along,don't rock the boat they just might survive,keep their jobs,their homes,their incomes.That is not the plan they have for 13 out of 14 of you.Critical thinking and research outside the box are imperative in the days to come.Yours and your family's future depends on it.Nothing in social consciousness is what it seems.Turn off your TV,get out in Nature.learn to see the world with fresh eyes while it is still possible.What it all boils down to is are you working for or against the plandemicide?Are you doing what is best for your fellow man/woman?Are you in service to others or serve the beast,the billionaire eugenicists?Do you want the power and wealth centralized in their hands as in socialism?How has that worked in the past?Why aren't they teaching the real history of socialist/communism in schools?All the genocidal dictators were socialist/communists.The saddest thing is society has fallen to the level where we have to write newsletters such as these.Wake up,remember who you are,what you have come to do and get on with your mission.God/Creator/Great Spirit has given its best for these times,they are rising,rise with them.


Permission to spread far and wide granted.


James Gilliland


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