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December 02,2021 2021122

This short post is dedicated to the two Down Under countries-Australia and New Zealand.Aussies and Kiwis are like brothers and sisters(NZers make up a significant part of the Australian population).Our two countries are suffering but we want the world to know that we are FIGHTING BACK.

这篇简短的文章是献给澳大利亚和新西兰这两个澳大利亚国家的。澳大利亚人和新西兰人就像兄弟姐妹一样(NZers 构成了澳大利亚人口的重要组成部分)。我们两国正在遭受痛苦,但我们希望全世界知道我们正在反击。

Let's open with Aussie.This little video made me teary.It features a big display of high-viz work gear laid out on the steps of Parliament Building in Perth.The clothing belonged to men and women who lost their jobs due to mandates.



Good news to counteract the sadness.Aussie mining giant BHP has had their mandate REJECTED to jab all the staff at a massive coal mine.Awesome victory for the Light.



Meanwhile here in New Zealand,the un-jabbed population experienced a somber day today.It's the first day of the ridiculous'traffic light system'(please don't ask me to explain it because no one here understands it)where the un-jabbed are barred from most public places except essential services eg supermarkets.


I went out to dinner last night with my younger daughter.It is the last time I will be'allowed'to eat in a restaurant or cafe until this madness is over.


Local freedom fighters staged a silent one hour protest outside our regional council offices.Twenty-five of us stood in silence.At the end,we linked arms as we listened to the Last Post being played on a cell phone.Most of us shed tears of grief-the Last Post is a reminder that this is,indeed,a war.


Voices For Freedom is growing exponentially,with new members coming in every week.Soon,un-jabbed parents will not be allowed in schools to pick up their children.VFF has sub-groups that will help parents with home schooling.There are many different sub-groups,including for business owners who are struggling to navigate their way through the(deliberately)confusing new'traffic light system'.


Finally,I want to ho​nor the importance of humor during these stressful challenging times.Despite the current hardships and limitations,I have laughed more this week than I have for a long time.Real belly laughs,with tears pouring down the face.Often it is about the absurdity of what is taking place around us.What a relief to release the tension with a loved freedom fighter friend and end the laughter session with a big hug.


Keep your hearts open,Light Warriors.We beat the dark forces by not giving in to fear or doubt.If we behave normally around everyone,jabbed or not,we are embracing unity consciousness and starving the dark of sustenance.




Thank you for reading this post.You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety,including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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