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Billions of animals are raised and killed for slaughter every single year,and that's in America alone. There is nothing humane about our food industry. It's quite clear that the majority of animals are tortured,live in extreme fear,anxiety and depression,and constantly have their kids and other family members ripped away from them. Take cows,for example. These majestic,compassionate,empathetic and brilliant beings are basically raped so we can drink their milk.


They are forcefully inseminated,which is odd given the fact that casein,the protein found within the milk of a cow,has been found to increase our risk of cancer and even accelerate the growth rate of cancer . Furthermore,the milk from a cow creates a condition within the body called metabolic acidosis,and as a result the body compensates by leeching calcium from the bones. How ironic is that?


When the cow gives birth,the babies do not get the milk because that's reserved for humans and big profit. The babies are separated from their mothers and then are either immediately killed or raised for slaughter. This is extremely inhumane,and it represents one of the most heartbreaking genocides in human history. It makes no sense to drink the milk of a cow because it's meant for cows.


In fact,humans are the only animal that drink the milk of another animal,and we are the only animal to drink milk after weaning. Furthermore,we previously didn't have the ability to digest the milk of a cow,that's an ability our bodies eventually developed,given the fact that the milk of a cow is so unnatural to the human body. It makes sense that 65 percent of the planet has some form of lactose intolerance. In some regions of the world it's an astonishing 90 percent. It makes no sense at all,and it's quite clear that the big food companies are behind this and have marketed milk as 'healthy' simply for the purposes of profit.

事实上,人类是唯一喝另一种动物奶的动物,我们也是唯一一种断奶后还喝牛奶的动物。此外,我们以前没有能力消化牛奶,这是我们的身体最终发展出来的能力,因为牛奶对人体来说是非自然的。地球上65% 的地方都有某种形式的乳糖不耐症,这是有道理的。在世界上的一些地区,这个比例高达惊人的90%。这完全没有任何意义,而且很明显,大型食品公司就是幕后黑手,他们宣传牛奶是健康的,仅仅是为了盈利。

The main purpose of this article is to emphasize that all of this is happening because of us. Granted,things have drastically changed over the past decade,and are continuing to change. The profits of the dairy and meat industries are steadily declining,and this is as a result of people waking up to what's really going on with regards to how these animals are treated as well as the health consequences of human beings over-consuming animal products.


One other thing that seems to be happening is an increase in global compassion. It's always strange to ask how any human being can be involved in this process. We are talking about living,sentient,emotional,intelligent beings being subjected to extreme pain. How can anybody on the planet be okay with someone else going through such things? The reality is that there are individuals who oppose these industries,and there are those who deem the lives of other animals as insignificant.


As I said,people are changing,but some people just don't realize this. Jay and Katja Wilde are the latest examples of how change is spreading.

正如我所说,人们在改变,但有些人就是没有意识到这一点。和 Katja Wilde 是变化如何传播的最新例子。


Pictured above,the 61-year-old farmers just couldn't take the guilt anymore after spending many years as beef farmers. They recently decided to give their entire herd to an animal sanctuary. It's interesting because he's been a vegetarian for thirty years,yet at the same time this was his occupation,and through it he discovered that each individual cow had their own unique personality. They are loving,caring,intelligent and affectionate animals.


In an interview with the Daily Mail,he said:


"I've long felt there was a very strong conflict of interest between not eating meat and producing cattle for meat," he says. "The problem is that when you inherit a farm,it feels like a duty to keep its life continuing into the future. That also means looking after animals,really getting to know them. But then I felt that sending them off was betraying them. I needed to do something differently. Whether they are stubborn,shy,friendly,they're all different. These traits can pass down generations,too. You can match sons and daughters to their mothers."


He emphasized how his profession made him much more "acutely aware of taking them to their place of death." A death that Jay felt sure the cows were fully aware of. "It's hard to know exactly what they know,but logic suggests everything about that final journey must be terrifying," he said.

他强调他的职业如何让他更加"敏锐地意识到要把他们带到他们的死亡之地" 杰伊确信奶牛们完全意识到了他的死亡。"很难确切知道他们知道什么,但逻辑表明,最后的旅程一定是可怕的,"他说。


Jay and his wife Katja have now converted their beef farm into an organic vegan one,becoming the first farmers in the UK who are believed to have taken such action.


"The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as now they look upon the murder of humans." – Leonardo Da Vinci


Below is great,heart-warming video.


[dplayer url="https://www4.laqddc.com/hls/2019/04/21/IWLqW0Fv/playlist.m3u8" pic="" danmu=true /]


Eating meat isn't healthy. It's well-established in scientific literature that a meat-free diet,when done correctly,offers tremendous health benefits. Plant-based eating is not only nutritionally sufficient,but helps you avoid chronic illness as well. You can read more information regarding that in the articles linked below.


What we are doing today,raising and slaughtering billions of animals,is not only destroying our health,it's destroying our environment as well. More importantly,compassion,care,empathy and love must return to our planet,and the food industry is where we need to start showing these qualities that have somehow been made to lay dormant within us. If one suffers,we all suffer.




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