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X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)

X22报告(C-VINE 审核)


Americans Have Had Enough Of the Mainstream Media,the'Enemy Of The People'


X22视频解读|自由并不自由,成千上万的人宣誓要夺回属于自己的合法财产During President Trumps 4th of July address,he warned the Deep State/Mainstream Media that his administration was coming after them if they didn't stop writing fake articles and pushing a fake agenda.Americans have had enough of fake news and he told them they must stop.


The 4th of July Mt.Rushmore celebration was frowned upon,and in spite of the negative press,7,500 thousand Patriots were allowed into the rally while thousand more were routed to local'Campground Celebration'locations.

74日拉什莫尔山的庆祝活动是不受欢迎的,尽管有负面新闻,但有7500名爱国者被允许进入集会,而还有上千名爱国者被安排到当地的 "营地庆祝 "地点。

The MSM continues to show Americans how much they hate America.When Obama visited Mt.Rushmore years ago,CNN stated he said it was'majestic,'but when Trump visited Mt.Rushmore this past weekend,CNN criticized the monument saying it was of two slave owners and also was wrestled away from the Native Americans.


What changed in its majesty from Obama's administration to Trump's administration?Their hatred toward Trump and the fact he stands for law and order is what changed.The mainstream media truly is the enemy of America and the enemy of the people!


It's obvious the DS/Media doesn't want the country to come together.But the citizens in Los Angeles spoke out on the 4th of July.All over the city,Californians lit off fireworks to celebrate our God-given rights of American freedom.Even though there is a$15,000 fine,thousands revolted against Gov.Newsom and felt it was worth the risk.

很明显,DS/Media 不希望这个国家走到一起。但是洛杉矶的市民们在74日发表了自己的看法。在整个城市,加利福尼亚人燃放烟花来庆祝上帝赋予我们的美国自由的权利。尽管有15000美元的罚款,数千人还是反对纽森州长,认为冒这个险是值得的。

The New York Times article that accused Russia of paying the Taliban to kill American soldiers was fake news.The Russian spokesman,the Taliban spokesman and the White House all said this article and these accusations are fake and they want to go through with a peace treaty.


The New York Times issued a partial retraction,however,not all retractions are read by these same people.They will still believe the first narrative.Why is the New York Times spreading fake news to the American public and the world?Do you see why the media is called the'Enemy of the People?'


The virus is being pushed by the DS/Media like never before.Memorial weekend,the 4th of July celebrations will be blamed for an uptick.In spite of more tests being confirmed,the death toll is near zero.Why isn't the media reporting this?They reported the death toll in the beginning.Why not now when we need encouragement more than ever?Enemy of the People!

这种病毒正在被 DS/Media 以前所未有的方式推动。纪念周末,74日的庆祝活动将被指责为一个上升。尽管更多的测试得到证实,死亡人数接近于零。为什么媒体不报道这件事?他们一开始就报告了死亡人数。当我们比以往任何时候都更需要鼓励的时候,为什么不是现在呢?人民公敌!

There are over 50 studies world-wide stating many people in different countries developed anti-bodies to the virus.The percentage of people who had COVID translates to the equivalent of the flu.With next to zero deaths,it's very likely the push for the pandemic status will stop.Will the media still push the fear?Enemy of the People!

全世界有50多项研究表明,不同国家的许多人已经开发出抗体来抵抗这种病毒。患有 COVID 的人的百分比相当于流感。由于接近零死亡人数,大流行状态的推动很可能将停止。媒体还会推动这种恐惧吗?人民公敌!

X22视频解读|自由并不自由,成千上万的人宣誓要夺回属于自己的合法财产Ted Cruz is currently introducing legislation to hold city officials,governors and mayors who are allowing rioting,looting,injury,downing of statues,etc.,to be held accountable.The overall population is not behind the statue removal process but the media is giving the impression that we are.Why?Because they are the enemy of the people.


Trump signed an Executive Order to create a vast outdoor statue park,celebrating the greatest American's who ever lived.Every bit of damage of Federal Statues by the DS,has just been countered!

特朗普签署了一项行政命令,建立一个巨大的户外雕像公园,以纪念有史以来最伟大的美国人。DS 对联邦雕像造成的每一点伤害都被反击了!

In Georgia,a Black Panther-type army appeared to be trying to start a Civil War!They were marching in the streets saying they wanted to fight the Militia.The DS continues to push fear,try to clog the news cycle and to divide Americans.

在乔治亚州,一支黑豹式的军队似乎正试图发动一场内战!他们在街上游行,说他们要与民兵作战。DS 继续推动恐惧,试图阻碍新闻周期和分裂美国人。

President Trump told America and the world that school children are being taught to hate our country and to view the heroes as villains.In our schools,corporate meetings,sports,Hollywood,and colleges demand absolute allegiance to the far left ideology of socialism and are spinning a web of lies.Every motive is twisted and every fact is distorted until our history is completely erased.


This movement is pushing to destroy the truth about Mt.Rushmore and to erase history.This is why we are seeing statues pulled.Trump says we will set history and it's record straight.X22视频解读|自由并不自由,成千上万的人宣誓要夺回属于自己的合法财产

这场运动正在推动摧毁有关拉什莫尔山 的真相和抹去历史。这就是为什么我们看到雕像被拉走。特朗普说,我们将创造历史,这是正确的记录。

General Flynn's family took'The Oath!'As he lead out,he wrapped it up with,"Where We Go One,We Go All."Gen.Flynn just confirmed Q!


Trump gave the warning to the DS/MSM to back off but we know they will not.They are the enemy of the people.But Trump holds all the cards against them.His administration has the documentation,witnesses,videos and everything.When the time is right,he will play the Trump card!

特朗普警告 DS/MSM 让他们后退,但我们知道他们不会。他们是人民的敌人。但是特朗普掌握着所有对他们不利的牌。他的政府拥有文件,证人,视频和一切。当时机成熟时,他会打出王牌!


Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告)



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