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2020 Desperation


The Democrats are desperate.All attempts to destroy the Trump presidency have failed–the Russian Collusion fraud,the Impeachment debacle,the Stormy Daniels sexcapade,and an attempt to poison President Trump.As we approach the 2020 election,the mail-in ballot scheme seemed their only hope.The desperate Democrats have increased the Covid-19 death rates by infecting nursing homes in the states and cities they control amid frantic calls to lockdown the nation until after November 3.



They want going to the polls to be too dangerous,even with masks,(except for the BLM protests which for some reason are exempt).As the Covid-19 pandemic fades when herd immunity develops,and the populace is becoming impatient with endless lockdowns that no longer seem necessary,what to do to force mail-in ballots as the only solution?They need the route to the polls to be just too dangerous for the voters,and if the fear of Covid-19 is no longer doing it,how about bombing the country?

他们希望去投票站投票太危险,即使带着面具,(除了基于某些原因被豁免的 BLM 抗议)2019冠状病毒疾病大流行随着群体免疫力的发展而逐渐消退,人们开始对看起来不再必要的无休止的封锁感到不耐烦,如何才能迫使邮寄投票作为唯一的解决办法?他们需要投票的路线对选民来说太危险了,如果对2019冠状病毒疾病的恐惧不再起作用了,轰炸这个国家怎么样?


Florida Airport Evacuated After Huge'Live'Missile Found In Shipping Container




Lakeland Linder International Airport was scene of a sudden emergency evacuation when a contractor opened a shipping container to unexpectedly find a massive guided missile inside.The container also had parts of an aircraft inside and that the shipment belonged to Draken International,a US defense contractor based in the area which focuses on development of tactical fighter aircraft.Though it's not unheard of that shipping containers belonging to defense firms might have inert missiles in them,in this instance the missile had a"live"warhead.The live missile is now being stored at MacDill Air Force Base.

莱克兰林德国际机场(lakelandlinder International Airport)突然发生紧急疏散事件,一名承包商打开一个集装箱,意外地发现里面有一枚巨大的制导导弹。集装箱内还装有一架飞机的零件,这批货物属于美国国防合约商 Draken International,该公司总部位于该地区,专注于战术战斗机的开发。虽然属于国防公司的集装箱里可能装有惰性导弹,这并不是没有听说过,但在这种情况下,导弹装有一个""弹头。实弹导弹现在储存在麦克迪尔空军基地。

Live Missile Found at Lakeland Airport Awaits Disposal at MacDill




The airport has received inert missiles in the past as part of shipments for their defense contractor tenant,Draken International.

该机场过去曾收到过惰性导弹,作为国防合约商 Draken 国际公司运输的一部分。

Live Air-to-Air Missile Found at Florida Airport Removed to MacDill AFB,Awaits Disposal




A live French S-530 air-to-air missile discovered at Lakeland Linder International Airport.The air-to-air missile was found by Draken International,a defense contractor located at the airport.The only thing out of the ordinary about this is it is not a U.S.-made missile,which is why we were dispatched out to it.

一枚法国 S-530空对空导弹在莱克兰 Linder 国际机场被发现。这枚空对空导弹是由机场的国防合约商 Draken 国际公司发现的。唯一不同寻常的是这不是美国制造的导弹所以我们才被派去。


ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2020:This story has several aspects that raise suspicion.A French missile with a live warhead is discovered at a US airport.This was apparently addressed to Draken International,a US defense contractor,but Draken was not expecting it and was surprised.The extraneous aircraft parts included in the shipment were camouflage,so that the missile might be presumed to be sent to Draken for analysis.This plot did not involve the French nor Draken,but was intended to cause an explosion at the airport.By this,all fingerprints and ability to trace to the sender would be eliminated.

齐塔人之声洞察2020831:这个故事有几个方面引起了怀疑。一枚法国导弹在美国机场被发现。这显然是寄给美国国防合约商 Draken 国际公司的,但是 Draken 没有预料到,并且很惊讶。货物中包含的外来飞机部件是伪装,因此可以推测导弹被送往 Draken 进行分析。这个阴谋不涉及法国人和"德拉肯"号,而是意图在机场引起爆炸。这样一来,所有的指纹和追踪寄件人的能力都会消失。

Given the attack on the Satanists and Moloch worshipers in Europe and the US by President Trump and the US and UK Juntas,the Democrats are viewed as the Satanists last hope.Within this past month,the Junta has taken over the Biden campaign,installing a Harris Double as well as a White Hat Double for Biden in the process.As we stated,the Biden campaign has now become an FBI sting operation,and those involved in mail-in ballot fraud are being arrested.What can the Satanists do to ensure unease in the American public about going to the polls?


Despite claims to the contrary,the Covid-19 pandemic is easing rapidly around the world as herd immunity is established.Attempts to forbid HCQ have been challenged and it is now even quietly being put into use in the US.Creating endless riots in US cities such as Portland and Chicago has not forced mail-in ballots,with the excuse that going to the polls is dangerous.What to do?Blow up airports.This discovery of a live missile will not prove to be the only bomb arriving in the US,but our telepathic intel will once again assist in discovery and arrests of those responsible.

尽管声称相反,2019冠状病毒疾病在世界范围内迅速减轻,因为群体免疫力已经建立。禁止 HCQ 的尝试受到了挑战,现在甚至在美国悄悄地投入使用。在波特兰和芝加哥等美国城市制造无休止的骚乱并没有强制邮寄投票,理由是去投票站投票是危险的。怎么办?炸毁机场。这次发现的导弹不会是唯一一枚抵达美国的炸弹但我们的心灵感应情报会再次帮助我们找到并逮捕肇事者。

Compare this incident to what happened in 2007 under the Bush administration.Here in 2020 the Cabal was forced to use a foreign missile,from France,whereas in 2007 the nuke being illegally shipped from Minot Air Force Base for mischief was from the US stockpile.The means of discovery in both cases is not fully known.In 2007 presumably the nuke loaded missile was discovered missing from inventory.In 2020 the missile was in a box addressed to Draken.But one wonders,were these discoveries guided?

将这一事件与2007年布什政府时期发生的情况进行比较。2020年,阴谋集团被迫使用一枚来自法国的外国导弹,而2007年,迈诺特空军基地非法运送的核武器来自美国的核武库。这两起事件的发现手段尚不完全清楚。据推测,2007年,这枚载有核弹头的导弹在库存中被发现丢失。2020年,导弹被装在一个寄给 Draken 的盒子里。但有人想知道,这些发现是否受到了引导?


ZetaTalk Conclusion 9/8/2007:These nukes were being taken out of the country.The fact that they were missing from the arsenal was not to be discovered until after they had escaped the continental US,having been moved from the heartland to the Gulf where they could be transferred to a ship along the convoluted and unprotected Louisiana coastline.What were Bush and Company trying to achieve?Bush has been trying to bomb and/or invade Iran,and has given this order numerous times.He has shuffled commanders,each time finding his new commanders are blocking his orders too.We mentioned years ago that many in the US military maintain a façade of cooperation with Bush,but are sleepers,having arranged to put themselves in influential positions for just such a time when they might be given an illegal order,which they could then refuse.


But what to do if all else fails and President Trump wins re-election?Desperate Democrats and the Satanists who back them can hope that the winner of the 2020 election is so delayed that the Continuity of Government statutes click in.Pelosi can,at least for a day,become the US President and start making changes.Or perhaps both Biden and President Trump can be declared mentally unfit,so that Pelosi would have to take charge.Even though Pelosi has become a White Hat Double under the control of the Junta,few are aware of this!So say the Zetas.



Hillary to be Appointed President by UN




Michelle Bachelet is the UN's High Commissioner of Human Rights.According to her,she can rule that either Trump or former V.P.Joe Biden are mentally unfit to serve as President.The UN Chief will then appoint Hillary Clinton,President.Former Ambassador Susan Rice will be appointed Vice President.No matter who is elected President in November 3rd.The winner will be removed.By the UN.And appoint Hillary Clinton President.


The Storm Is Here:Pelosi Prepares to Be Appointed President–Trump's Fight against Total Chaos




Pelosi reveals the mechanism that would be used:constitutional provisions for the continuation of government,and NSDP 51 signed to act towards the continuation of constitutional government.An inconclusive election without a qualified/chosen elected president,requires a process,and neither Trump nor Biden can be declared the winner or be inaugurated.


Trump Cancels Nancy Pelosi Foreign Trip citing Shutdown




US President Donald Trump has postponed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's upcoming trip to Brussels and Afghanistan,asking her to stay to negotiate an end to the partial US government shutdown.



ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2020:What would happen if the November 3 election in the US encountered so many problems and delays,with missing or contested ballots on all sides,that an obvious winner did not emerge?The law per NSPD-51 and the Constitution states that should President Trump or his VP be unable to function,the Speaker of the House would take command.This was certainly evident during her attempted coup in January,2019 when she and Schiff attempted to escape to Belgium.For this,they both were eventually executed by the Tribunals.


Does the NATO commander not know this?Presumably,during a time when NATO allies such as Germany are finding US troops withdrawn and returned to their homeland,the NATO Supreme Commander may long for a time when Pelosi might indeed be installed as President.Those who read ZetaTalk are aware of Tribunal progress,but most at the UN or NATO or Heads of State in other countries are unaware.So now we have a well-controlled Double for Pelosi,and a White Hat Double for both Biden and Kamala,so there are no worries about how a temporary lack of President Trump in the Oval Office would go.The Junta's hand is at the helm.


Why do scenarios such as Pelosi becoming President appear in print,along with fantastic claims about the defunct Hillary emerging as the winner?The convoluted logic goes down a path that allows Pelosi to write various Executive Orders and parse out favors as she sees fit.We predict that the mail-in ballots without voter ID or signature verification will be found to be illegal by SCOTUS when federal elections are involved.Herd immunity for the Covid-19 virus is already obvious,worldwide,with hospitalizations declining at a rapid rate as the mid-point of August flies by.Thus the polls will be Covid-19 safe by November 3,as both Fauci and Dr.Birx have confirmed.

为什么像佩洛西成为总统这样的场景会出现在报纸上,同时还有关于已故的希拉里成为赢家的荒诞说法?这种错综复杂的逻辑使得佩洛西可以写下各种行政命令,分析出她认为合适的人选。我们预测,当涉及到联邦选举时,没有选民身份或签名验证的邮寄选票将被 SCOTUS 认定为非法。2019冠状病毒疾病的免疫力在世界范围内已经很明显,随着8月中旬的过去,住院率迅速下降。因此,民意调查将在113日前确定2019冠状病毒疾病是安全的,Fauci Birx 博士都证实了这一点。


'As Easy as Going to Starbucks':Dr.Birx says In-Person Voting Safe in November




Birx said she's traveled across Sun Belt states to visit as many Starbucks coffee shops as she could find,which was an attempt to see if average Americans were wearing masks and socially distancing.Her experiences at the coffee shops,in states with high COVID-19 cases and deaths,led her to believe the country is more than ready to go to polls in November."Well,I can tell you it has been safe for me to go to Starbucks and pick up my order,"advising masks and social distancing measures would need to be enforced at polling stations.

Birx 说,她已经穿越了阳光地带的各个州,尽可能多地拜访星巴克咖啡店,这是为了看看普通美国人是否戴着面具,与社会保持距离。2019冠状病毒疾病和死亡率都很高的州,她在咖啡店的经历让她相信,美国已经做好了在11月进行投票的充分准备。"嗯,我可以告诉你,对我来说,去星巴克取我的订单是安全的,"建议面具和社会疏远措施需要在投票站强制执行。

Magnetic Migration


The S Atlantic Anomaly is on the move,and mankind is clueless.The Zetas,however,are happy to explain why the Anomaly,referred to as a second magnetic S Pole,is migrating toward Africa and why the magnetic N Pole has migrated toward Siberia.The S Atlantic Anomaly has been noted as an attractant for microwaves,which flow with electrons and magnetons.In 2017 satellite images from MIMIC showed the microwave flows pointing to the S Atlantic Anomaly and the location where the Zetas predicted new land would emerge during the hour of the Pole Shift.

南大西洋异常正在移动,而人类却毫无头绪。然而,齐塔人乐于解释为什么被称为第二个南极磁场的异常现象正在向非洲迁移,以及为什么北极磁场会向西伯利亚迁移。南大西洋异常被认为是微波的吸引物,微波与电子和磁子一起流动。2017 mimics 的卫星图像显示,微波流指向南大西洋异常,齐塔人预测在极移期间新陆地将出现的位置。


NASA Scientists say a Magnetic Anomaly above our Planet is Going to Split in Half




A visualization released of the changing magnetic fields between 2015 and 2025 shows the anomaly splitting off into two distinct regions in the next few years.


NASA Is Tracking a Vast,Growing Anomaly in Earth's Magnetic Field





NASA is actively monitoring a strange anomaly in Earth's magnetic field:a giant region of lower magnetic intensity in the skies above the planet,stretching out between South America and southwest Africa.The space agency's satellites and spacecraft are particularly vulnerable to the weakened magnetic field strength within the anomaly.



The Mysterious Anomaly Weakening Earth's Magnetic Field Seems to Be Splitting


May 26,2020




In the last two centuries,Earth's magnetic field has lost about 9 percent of its strength on average.New readings provided by the ESA's Swarm satellites show that within the past five years,a second centre of minimum intensity has begun to open up within the anomaly.This suggests the whole thing could even be in the process of splitting up into two separate cells–with the original centred above the middle of South America,and the new,emerging cell appearing to the east,hovering off the coast of southwest Africa.

在过去的两个世纪里,地球磁场平均丧失了9%的强度。欧空局 Swarm 卫星提供的新读数显示,在过去五年中,异常现象中开始出现第二个最低强度中心。这表明,整个事件甚至可能正在分裂成两个独立的细胞——最初的细胞集中在南美洲中部,而新出现的细胞出现在东部,盘旋在非洲西南海岸。

ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2020:Why is the S Atlantic Anomaly migrating toward India?Our prediction for the locations of the new poles after the Pole Shift is for the magnetic S Pole to be located over India.The pressure on the Earth as Nibiru approaches shows the path that the Earth's magnetosphere will follow during the hour of the Pole Shift.First there is pressure on the magnetic N Pole to locate over the Bulge of Brazil.The crustal shift is pushing Brazil toward that location,and as a predecessor the daily Polar Push is shoving that part of the globe up toward the magnetic N Pole in Siberia as the Daily Earth Wobble moves from the bounce back position into the Polar Push.

齐塔人之声洞察8/31/2020:为什么南大西洋异常现象正在向印度迁移?我们对极移后新极点位置的预测是,磁性南极点将位于印度上空。当 Nibiru 接近地球时,地球上的压力显示了地球磁层在极移时将遵循的路径。首先,磁北极受到压力,需要定位在巴西的隆起上方。地壳移动将巴西推向那个位置,作为前身,每日极地推力将地球的那一部分推向西伯利亚的磁北极,因为每日地球摆动从反弹位置移动到极地推力。

Meanwhile,the pressure on the magnetic S Pole follows.The S Pole is a magneton intake,and thus tries to position to be opposite the magnetic N Pole.If the eventual new N Pole off the Bulge of Brazil is being tugged toward the magnetic N Pole of Earth in Siberia,the S Atlantic Anomaly is being tugged toward India.It is the N Pole position that dominates in this matter,with the S Pole position following.NASA is forced to address this while still denying that Nibiru exists because the migration trend is happening during the Solar Minimum and affects satellites and compass readings.

与此同时,磁极 s 极的压力也随之而来。S 极是一个磁子的入口,因此试图与磁性 n 极相对。如果巴西隆起的最终新北极正被拉向西伯利亚的地磁北极,那么南大西洋异常正被拉向印度。在这个问题上,占主导地位的是北极位置,其次是南极位置。NASA 被迫解决这个问题,同时仍然否认 Nibiru 的存在,因为迁移趋势发生在太阳最小期,影响卫星和指南针读数。


The S Atlantic Anomaly lies near the location the Zetas have predicted for new land,as the Antarctic Plate will pop up there between the tip of S America and the tip of Africa.Per the Zetas,it is pressure on the compressing Pacific which forces the Antarctic Plate to be pushed down in the Pacific,and pop up in the Atlantic.Per the Zetas,this spot is also a weak spot during the separation of Pangea.Being on the edge of Pangea,it had scant land mass to support the edge.



ZetaTalk Description 5/31/2014:The South Atlantic Anomaly acts like a second magnetic S Pole,which is an intake for magnetons to enter the core of the Earth's magnetic field.Is there some relationship between this anomaly and the emerging new land that will appear nearby when the Antarctic Plate pushes up between the tip of S America and S Africa during the Pole Shift?This spot has been pulling apart,creating a void between the great S American and African plates over the decades as Pangea has pulled apart.


Middle East Accord


The Middle East took a historic step toward peace on August 13 when Israel and the UAE signed the Abraham Accord.How did this come about?Per the Zetas,Bibi has been weakened as the Khazarian banking network has funds confiscated during the Moloch child sacrifice cleanup.Bibi is also being investigated for bribery in Israel.Iran likewise has been weakened by having their nuclear and missile development sabotaged by the US and the Mossad.Thus with the two opposing war mongers weakened,peace can take hold.

813日,以色列和阿联酋签署了《亚伯拉罕协议》,中东向和平迈出了历史性的一步。这一切是如何发生的?根据齐塔人的说法,由于哈萨克银行网络在摩洛克儿童献祭清理活动中没收了资金,Bibi 已经被削弱了。Bibi 也因在以色列行贿而受到调查。同样,伊朗的核武器和导弹发展也因为美国和摩萨德的破坏而受到削弱。因此,随着两个对立的战争贩子的削弱,和平可以站稳脚跟。


Israel,UAE Reach Historic Peace Deal:'We can Make a Wonderful Future'




Israel and the UAE agreed to full normalization of relations in a phone call with US President Donald Trump,marking the first peace treaty between Israel and an Arab country in 25 years.Israel agreed to suspend its planned extension of sovereignty over parts of Judea and Samaria to facilitate relations with the UAE and potentially other Arab and Muslim countries.The agreement will include establishing embassies and exchanging ambassadors,investments into the Israeli economy,trade,direct flights between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi,an investment in Israeli efforts to develop a coronavirus vaccine and cooperation in matters of energy and water.An important element of the deal for the UAE is the expectation that its citizens would be able to visit the Al-Aksa mosque in Jerusalem.Netanyahu remarked that the moves towards normalization were kept tightly under wraps because Iran would have liked to sabotage them.

以色列和阿联酋在与美国总统唐纳德特朗普(Donald Trump)通电话时同意全面实现关系正常化,这是以色列和一个阿拉伯国家25年来签署的首份和平条约。以色列同意暂停将其主权扩展到朱迪亚-撒马利亚区部分地区的计划,以促进与阿联酋以及可能的其他阿拉伯和穆斯林国家的关系。该协议将包括建立大使馆和互派大使、对以色列经济的投资、贸易、特拉维夫和阿布扎比之间的直航、对以色列开发冠状病毒疫苗的努力的投资以及在能源和水资源问题上的合作。阿联酋协议的一个重要内容是期望其公民能够访问耶路撒冷的 Al-Aksa 清真寺。内塔尼亚胡表示,正常化进程被严格保密,因为伊朗想要破坏这些进程。

Israel-United Arab Emirates Peace Agreement



The Israel–United Arab Emirates peace agreement,or the Abraham Accord,was agreed to by Israel and the United Arab Emirates(UAE)on August 13,2020.Concurrently,Israel agreed to suspend plans for annexing parts of the West Bank.The agreement normalizes what had long been informal but robust foreign relations between the two countries.

2020813日,以色列和阿拉伯联合酋长国签署了《以色列-阿拉伯联合酋长国和平协议》(Abraham Accord)。同时,以色列同意暂停吞并约旦河西岸部分地区的计划。该协议使两国之间长期以来非正式但稳固的外交关系正常化。


ZetaTalk Comment 8/31/2020:It has often been stated that wars are not started by the citizens,who are sent into battle to be killed or maimed,but by their ambitious political leaders.Citizens are thus taught to hate those who hold differing religious beliefs or whose social norms seem strange.The natural instinct of small children is to explore and then embrace others as friends.This can be seen at the playgrounds.But those instincts are killed by the teachers and religious elite,who built hatred into their lectures.How have these practices impacted the Middle East?


ZetaTalk has addressed the chasm between Sunni and Shia sects,which at its base is a battle for control over the masses,not a silly argument over Mohammad's successors.Whomever is the descendant will rule the people,is the assumption.The vast majority of the Middle East are Sunni,while Iran and Hezbollah are solidly Shia.Iran has been weakened by the sabotage inflicted by the Mossad and US recently,and Hezbollah by the destruction of their nitrate stockpiles in Beirut.This frees the UAE to make arrangements with Israel.


Israel likewise has had a change in leadership.Netanyahu is still the leader but has been weakened by the takedown of the Khazarian banking empires in the West vs the strength of the BRICS banking network in the East.Thus he felt the need to send a Double for a White House meeting last January.For Netanyahu to retain his leadership,he needs to soften his stance against Arabs.And in that Hezbollah and Iran have been weakened,he no longer has this as an excuse for a firm stance.Peace,religious freedom,and increased prosperity are the winners.


Indeed,Bibi appeared to be represented by a Double in January,2020 during a visit to the White House.Per the Zetas,in his weakened status,he feared for his life.He is hiding underground in shelters in Israel.

事实上,20201月,在访问白宫期间,Bibi 似乎是由一个替身所代表。根据齐塔人的说法,在他虚弱的状态下,他担心自己的生命安全。他躲在以色列的地下避难所里。


ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/31/2020:Bibi has not been executed but has a double standing in for him during public events.He fears for his life.He has lost most of his power during the persistent cleanup of the Khazarian Mafia's Moloch worship and their use of blackmail against those they have caught in pedo traps,thus leaving his threats toothless.The western banks are failing in the face of the reach and success of the BRICS banking network.Thus he lacks financial clout.Satanism has thus been proved worthless in the quest for power and money.Bibi hides underground in Israel,but those who hate or were hurt by him are legion,so it is only a matter of time before he is killed.


'This is the Time for Unity':Netanyahu Compromises to Avoid 4th Election




Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accepted a compromise proposed by MK Zvi Hauser that extends the deadline for the state budget by 100 days,staving off a possible fourth election in under two years,which is what would have happened if the cabinet had not passed a budget by the original deadline.After three deadlocked elections,Netanyahu and Blue and White leader Benny Gantz reached a power-sharing agreement in April to form a government to address the coronavirus crisis

本雅明内塔尼亚胡总理接受了 MK Zvi Hauser 提出的妥协方案,将国家预算的最后期限延长100天,从而推迟了可能在两年内举行的第四次选举。在三次陷入僵局的选举之后,内塔尼亚胡和蓝白领导人本尼·甘茨在四月份达成了权力分享协议,组建了一个政府来解决冠状病毒危机。


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