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每次深州追击特朗普,他们都输。为什么?因为他没有犯任何罪行,然而,DS 并不满意。

The Storm Is Here,It Has A Name;The Patriots!



X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)

X22报告(C-VINE 审核)



Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti 斯托米·丹尼尔斯和迈克尔·阿文纳蒂

The Stormy Daniels story completely fell apart.Her lawyer,Michael Avenatti,was supposed to be the guy to take down Trump,but it backfired.Stormy filed suit against Trump for defamation,but the 9th Circuit U.S.Court of Appeals agreed with Trump's lawyers saying he simply gave his opinion and was not calling her a liar.

斯托米·丹尼尔斯的故事彻底失败了。她的律师迈克尔·阿韦纳蒂(Michael Avenatti)本应是扳倒特朗普的人,但事与愿违。斯托米以诽谤罪起诉特朗普,但美国第九巡回上诉法院同意特朗普的律师的说法,认为他只是给出了自己的意见,并没有说她是个骗子。

Every time the Deep State goes after Trump,they lose.Why?Because he has not committed any crimes,however,the DS is not satisfied.

每次深州追击特朗普,他们都输。为什么?因为他没有犯任何罪行,然而,DS 并不满意。

In spite of Mueller's Russia hoax investigation and not finding anything against Trump,Jake Tapper still thinks Russia-gate isn't a hoax.But Ric Grenell who was acting Director of National Intelligence,saw ALL the evidence and reminded Tapper of the lies his news network has spread.We know this is true due to all the lawsuits the media are losing to.

尽管穆勒对俄罗斯进行了恶作剧调查,也没有发现任何不利于特朗普的东西,但杰克塔珀(Jake Tapper)仍然认为"俄罗斯门"不是一个恶作剧。但是国家情报局代理局长 Ric Grenell 看到了所有的证据,并提醒 Tapper 他的新闻网络散布的谎言。我们知道这是真的,因为所有的诉讼,媒体正在失去。

Now that he is no longer in this position,Ric Grenell,has the freedom to expose the media for their lies and cover-ups.

现在他已经不在这个位置上了,Ric Grenell 有自由去揭露媒体的谎言和掩盖。


Epstein Island 爱泼斯坦岛

First we saw treason,then sedition,and with the arrests of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell,now we see crimes against humanity.We are seeing protests about saving the children.The world now,knows.


This is just the beginning.The same people who are mixed up with Ghislaine Maxwell,Jeffrey Epstein and crimes against children,are the same ones who ran the Uranium One scandal,the Clinton e-mail scandal,Spygate and much more.More documents are about to be released.Remember,the Patriots have it all!

这只是个开始。与吉斯兰麦克斯韦尔(Ghislaine Maxwell)、杰弗里爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)以及针对儿童的犯罪有牵连的人,正是操纵铀壹(Uranium One)丑闻、克林顿(Clinton)电子邮件丑闻、间谍门(Spygate)等等的人。更多的文件即将发布。记住,爱国者队拥有一切!

We have the flight logs of all those who interacted on Epstein Island.Why isn't this front page news?The deposition released to the public exposed these facts with certainty,child sex trafficking is big business among elites,royals and very powerful people.In the public deposition,Al Gore and his wife,Tipper,visited Epstein's island.With the reputation it has had for years..why?


According to a Senate report,the Obama administration handed Central American migrant children to the custody of human traffickers.These so-called care givers did not have proper background checks.Due to facilities being over-crowded,the Department of Health and Services began placing children into the care of sponsors until their refugee status could be reviewed.This was in 2016.


What should be front page news,is barely being heard.Many of these children were sexually abused,starved or forced into slave labor.The agency placed 90,000 children into sponsor care between 2013 and 2015.There has been no follow-up so no one knows what became of the children.The agency didn't keep track.Why doesn't the media care to report about trafficked children?Why don't they tell the truth?


SAVE THE CHILDREN!SAVE THE CHILDREN!Pizzagate is real!If we don't fight for them,who will?

拯救孩子们!拯救孩子们!Pizzagate 是真的!如果我们不为他们而战,还有谁会为他们而战?

Congressman John Lewis passed away and his funeral was this past weekend.Although most attendees wore masks,people were sitting directly next to each other.After the funeral,the mayor declared everyone there was'essential'and no one needed to quarantine for 14 days even though she mandated it in the district.


Does COVID know which people are essential and which are not?If so,this virus is very smart!Apparently,it knows not to infect people at Wal-Mart,Home Depot,people in airplanes,people who riot and people who attend Senators'funerals…one smart virus,indeed!


Only at the precipice will people find the will to change.


Masks don't work.Tests prove it.A virus is very tiny.Mask material is much larger.So,if science proves they do not withhold the virus,nor slow the spread,why are we wearing them?


The states get paid for COVID deaths.The incentive to inflate numbers is strong due to money.If we got rid of the funding for CV,would the virus just simply disappear?

各州为因感染 COVID 而死亡的人支付赔偿。夸大数字的动机源于金钱。如果我们不再为 CV 提供资金,病毒会消失吗?

X22视频2239解读|戴上手套,第一回合,铃声响亮而清晰FILE–In this Jan.28,2016,file photo,Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump poses with a ring given to him by a group of veterans during a campaign event on the campus of Drake University in Des Moines,Iowa.(AP Photo/Jae C.Hong,File)

文件-2016128日,档案照片,共和党总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普在爱荷华州得梅因的德雷克大学大学校园的一次竞选活动中,手持一枚一群老兵送给他的戒指。(美联社图片/jae c.Hong,文件)

Minneapolis City Government tells residents to be ready to give up their phones and wallets and to always cooperate with criminals.We are told to bow down to criminals.What if our wallet isn't what they wanted?What if it was us?Should we give them that,too?Who's in charge of this madness?It is NOT Trump!


He is allowing the legal government to lead their own states.This is how our forefathers designed it.Can we change this madness by voting out our governor and mayor?Absolutely!We all must vote!


Trump has been tweeting out the word,BIG.Aug.2,2020.We got a hint that something BIG is about to drop.The more information to come out,the harder it will be for the mainstream media to block any of this.People are asking questions.The people have woken up.


Mail-in ballots are different from absentee ballots.Mail-in's just get sent out while absentee ballots go through a process before they can be mailed.The DS knows they cannot win by booth,or ballot of any kind.So what have they got planned?

邮寄选票与缺席选票不同。缺席者的选票在寄出之前要经过一个程序。DS 知道他们不能通过摊位或任何形式的投票获胜。那么他们有什么计划呢?

In an interview,Pelosi stated Trump would NOT be returning to the White House.How does she know?If Americans vote by mail,Congress can shut down the counting process,even indefinitely.If this happens,they would place an acting president in the White House.Would Pelosi then become the President,side-stepping Pence?Nothing is impossible except for the fact Trump and the Patriots know their plan.He holds the Trump card.This years'voting process may be like nothing we have ever seen before.Patriots are in control!


Remember,Trump was asked to run for president.We believe,20 years earlier,the Patriots created a plan to combat the DS.We are seeing it unfold before our very eyes!The Deep State is completely being exposed!The truth eventually overshadows the lies being fanned everyday by the media.We see what is happening,We have had ENOUGH!

记住,特朗普被要求竞选总统。我们相信,20年前,爱国者制定了一个打击 DS 的计划。我们正看着它在我们眼前展开!深州完全暴露了!真相最终掩盖了媒体每天散布的谎言。我们知道发生了什么,我们受够了!

Is the DS feeling pain?You bet!Something BIG is about to drop.Patriots are in control!

DS 感到痛苦吗?当然!事件即将发生。爱国者控制了局面!

Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告)



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