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For FWC by Peter B.Meyer-27 August 2021

FWC-彼得·B·迈耶(Peter B.Meyer)所著--2021827

The crime clan that rules the earth is said to have at their disposal especially powerful technologies stolen from Nicola Tesla,including;HAARP-Weather Control,mind control technologies,directed energy weapons,artificially created diseases such as AIDS,EBOLA,SWINE FLU,COVID and other near-magical technologies,that allows them to break any opposition and control the people in ways never thought possible.

据说,统治地球的犯罪集团拥有从尼古拉·特斯拉(Nicola Tesla)那里窃取的特别强大的技术,包括:HAARP——天气控制、精神控制技术、定向能武器、人工制造的艾滋病、埃博拉病毒、猪流感、COVID 等疾病,以及其他近乎神奇的技术,这些技术使他们能够打破任何反对意见,以从未想过的方式控制人民。

The cabal continues to seek to impose new forms of tyranny on man,to expand their power over mind and matter.They control the world economy and create economic disasters at will,such as the Great Depression in 1930,and the impending economic disaster planned long in advance.They have corrupted the money system to enslave hard-working people,deliberately destroying our society and environment and eliminating the middle class-the backbone of our economy and society.


The power players are listed below in the Top Secret Membership list,supplemented by all secret societies and think tanks,NGOs funded by George Soros,and virtually all of the publicly traded Fortune 500 Companies.The immense challenges of the Trump Team are becoming clearer by the day,their progress nothing short of formidable.Approximately one billion cabal operatives must be eliminated,worldwide.The immensity is especially evident when you consider the pervasive influence of the MSM,Silicon Valley and Hollywood,which are squarely focused against this clean-up,to put the mess of the swamp behind us late,by draining it,according to his 2016 campaign promise.

权力玩家列在绝密会员名单下面,由所有秘密社团和智囊团,由乔治索罗斯资助的非政府组织,以及几乎所有上市的财富500强公司补充。特朗普团队面临的巨大挑战一天比一天清晰,他们的进步简直令人生畏。全世界大约有10亿阴谋集团成员必须被消灭。考虑到 MSM、硅谷和好莱坞的无处不在的影响力,这种影响力的巨大程度尤其明显。根据他在2016年竞选时的承诺,MSM、硅谷和好莱坞都坚决反对这种清理行动,它们通过排干沼泽地的水来推迟清理工作。

There is no doubt that Donald Trump regularly employs some of the most effective strategies and tactics taught by an old Chinese military strategist.It seems that Trump has very wise advisers,such as the great war leader and strategist,Chinese military general Sun Tzu,among others,who are assisting him to clean out this rotten swamp.The world is at a crossroads,where the connection with the spirit is restored.


Despite all the falsified statistics and smokescreens and mirrors coming from Western governments,the Western financial system-the Federal Reserve Board and the ECB-has long since gone bankrupt.The United States of America Corporation,the European Union and the BoJ have been issuing false financial reports for years to give the impression that all is well.


If people do not wake up and take action to free themselves,they deserve what they are going to get,which is premature death,or being enslaved for the rest of their lives.They will certainly not make it to the other side,to the new positive polarised world that awaits us,where 5D is the standard norm of consciousness.

如果人们不醒悟并采取行动来解放自己,他们将会得到他们应得的,那就是过早死亡,或者被奴役一辈子。他们肯定不会到达另一个世界,到达等待我们的新的积极极化的世界,在那里5D 是意识的标准准则。

Do not expect others,with more power and influence,to set us free.If a powerful group takes the initiative,there is a great danger that a new oppression will come later.If we fight ourselves,we have taken the initiative and we can then ask powerful groups like the Galactic Alliance for help,without giving away our control as initiators.If you still believe in the power of your society,then this is the right time to act.Later,may be too late.Be committed.We can still win the battle,but quick action is required.


An ex-Illuminati member provided a list of members of the Elite Secret Society and the Committee of 300.He was a senior Illuminati member who held a top position in the elite secret society for 47 years,and said he wanted to reveal everything about the secret society's plans after it all became"too much to bear"for him.


Membership of the Illuminati,and or Committee of 300,has always remained top secret.This is the first time the full list of members'names has been revealed.-Study the Top Secret Members list to find out who your greatest enemies are.


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