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The Right to Try


Last week,thank God,doctors in the frontline speaking openly that they are saving patients and that there is a cure available!


This stimulate patriots to do again their research,and speaking out about to let go all fear.



One patriot friend found around 45.000 patents;all about different cancer treatments;like this mindblowing google patent:



Treatment of radiation disorders"The present invention provides methods and compositions for the treatment of DNA damage related disorders.One embodiment is a method for the inhibition of side effects associated with chemotherapeutic and radiotherapeutic agents using chloroquine compounds."

"放射性疾病的治疗"本发明提供了用于治疗 DNA 损伤相关疾病的方法和组合物。一个实施方案是使用氯喹化合物抑制与化疗和放射治疗药物相关的副作用的方法

This confirmed an already found article:


Chloroquine&Hydroxycholoquine:supporting chemo effectiveness and more;like



In the meantime I got an home made recipe also from blocked Patriot Debra...this is the real reason that the drug companies were furious about this cure.Not only has it proven to eliminate this virus….but others as well.It was supposed to be a big kept secret…What is hydroxychloroquine exactly?It is nothing but Quinine.Something that anyone can make at home….and something that is being manufactured each and every day in the form of something we have all seen at the grocery and liquor stores………none other than a tonic water.Yes….tonic water has the exact same Quinine that this drug being used to treat the COVID-19 virus,has.This was never supposed to be leaked out…because even a full treatment regime of pills from the doctor is less than a 100.00 for someone that does not have insurance.Something else you may find interesting is that when they created this virus,they also put a strain of HIV in it.This was to make it even more fatal.But…..guess what……..the Quinine killed that part of the aids virus as well.Can you see now why they were screaming that this was a dangerous drug and not to dare use it?Behind the scene,studies are now coming forth that show it is effective for other diseases as well and even on cancers.I think in the days to come,we are going to find out a whole lot more than we ever thought we knew.Quinine has many uses and applications.It is analgesic,anesthetic,antiarrhythmic,antibacterial,antimalarial,antimicrobial,anti-parasitic,antipyretic,antiseptic,antispasmodic,antiviral,astringent,bactericide,cytotoxic,febrifuge,fungicide,insecticide,nervine,stomachic,tonic...So you can be sure that big pharma is scared to death at this point and screaming that this drug does not work…when the entire world sees that it is working.If you ever feel a chest cold coming on or just feel like crap….make your own Quinine.It is made out of the peelings of Grapefruits and Lemons…but,especially grapefruits.I will give you the recipe here and you take this concoction throughout the day…or you can make a tea out of it and drink it all day.This should take away all your fears about this virus because you now have the defence against it and many other things.If you take zinc with this recipe,the zinc propels the Quinine into your cells for much faster healing.Here is all you need to do to make your very own Quinine:Take the rind of 2-3 Grapefruits or Lemon Take the peel only and cover it with water about 3 inches above the peels.Put a glass lid on your pot if you have one….a metal one is fine if you don't.Let it simmer for about 2 hours.Do not take the lid off of the pot till it cools completely as this will allow the Quinine to escape in the steam.Sweeten the tea with honey or sugar since it will be bitter.Take 1 tablespoon every couple of hours to bring up the phlegm from your lungs.Discontinue as soon as you get better.


Black Seed is a very good source of Quinine,available from spice shops.Can be taken as a tea or from Kulunji oil which is also available on the market.

黑种子是一个非常好的奎宁来源,可在香料店。可以当茶喝,也可以从市场上出售的 Kulunji 油中提取。

Patriot Sylvia noticed the importance of an message and reached out to share the message again with the risk to also get blocked,as so many other patriots sharing their truth.



    So Gilead is the pharmaceutical company that manufacturers Remdesivir.The main drug Fauci is highly promoting in Covid treatment now.The WHO is partially funded by Gilead and articles written to debunk Hydroxychloroquine are from scientists that are on the advisory board of Gilead and/or receive funding from Gilead.


    In April someone from the WHO"accidentally"posted a study proving that Remdesivir did not work against Covid.The researchers freaked out and pulled the study saying they"weren't finished with it"

在四月份,世界卫生组织的一个"意外"发布了一项研究,证明了 Remdesivir Covid 不起作用。研究人员吓坏了,撤回了研究,说他们"还没有完成"

    One study conducted accused hydroxychloroquine as being unsafe and causing major heart issues was called out by the ICMR(Indian Council of Medical Research).They wrote the WHO questioning why the study used four times the typical treatment dose on patients for the study.The typical dose of hydroxychloroqine is 2400 mg for just 5 days,That study gave the patients 9600mg for 11 days.4 times the recommended amount that is needed to treat a patient with Covid.


    Why promote this drug Remdesivir over Hydroxychloroquine when it says on their own website they do not know if it's safe?


    Money-it's all about money.


A 100 pill count bottle of Hydroxychloroquine is$37 and most are prescribed a couple pills a day for a week in the early stages of Covid.So we're talking around$10 bucks for a week treatment.Remdysivir is given intravenously in the hospital for 5 days for serious cases of Covid only.It costs$3100 per patient/vial.So why would we want to wait for Covid to become life threatening before we treat it?Well,look how much money Gilead and the hospitals are making treating with Remdesivir-At least a 5 day hospital stay for the hospital to profit.

一瓶100片的羟氯喹是37美元,大多数处方是一天两片的处方药,持续一周。所以我们说的是每周10美元左右的治疗。雷莫司韦是在医院静脉给予5天的情况下,只有严重的 Covid。每个病人每瓶3100美元。那么,为什么我们要等到Covid威胁到生命后才去治疗它呢?好吧,看看吉利德和医院用雷姆德斯维尔治疗能赚多少钱——至少要住院5天才能赚钱。






"Money is the Root of All Evil"applies more today than ever...Is this why Dr.Simone Gold has been fired from her job as an Emergency Medicine Specialist in Los Angeles?

"金钱是万恶之源"这句话今天比以往任何时候都适用...这就是为什么 Simone Gold 医生被洛杉矶急诊医学专家解雇的原因吗?



Today i was confronted with my first and ever lasting question.…Can I ask you something?I have all the patents now......and in between is the drug that can save my husband...Do you have a doctor in your circle who wants to prescribe the drug...I'm at my wit's end."


The patents this patriot lady refers too was:



The present invention relates to compositions and methods for treating cancerous tumors,including naïve,metastatic and recurrent cancers.The compositions comprise chlorine dioxide in an effective amount,which is injected into the cancerous tumor at least once,and often at least several times over the course of treatment.The chlorine dioxide compositions are injected directly into the cancerous tumor and the resulting tumor is effectively eliminated from the patient or subject over a period of one to several days to a few weeks,often after a single injection,or multiple injections at one session into the tumor.Often,an initial injection or multiple injections at one session are sufficient to dissolve the cancerous tumor.Often the cancer is eliminated(as evidenced by no remission)in a period of no more than several days to about two-three months and does not recur.


The question:"can you advise me a doctor"is sealed in my heart.It made me ask myself how i wanted the healthsystem working.So i wrote a new humanitarian integrative plan around healing and care.


All starts with a doctor who offers a special expertise,and a patient with a special need.


On 30 May 2018 President Trump signed the Right to Try Act,but is this Right to Try saving a lot of people?The U.S.Food and Drug Administration,which is responsible for collecting data on patients treated with so-called investigational medicines under the Right to Try Act,told us that it has no information on the number of people who have used the law to gain access to the medications;but is this only in the USA?.



So where is the blockage?Do we get a change to try?!


What do doctors,therapist and patients need to get out of this bad Matrix future health system plans.



The Right to try in the Netherlands;true stories


    A therapist who did thermography research and was told that this was not a recognized investigation so it make no sense to stay longer a recognized therapist.Now this same Infra-Red screening is used by every checkpoint for fever,but can't be used for other diagnostics.for example as an alternative for mammography.

一个做温度计图研究的治疗师被告知这不是一个公认的调查,所以作为一个公认的治疗师再待下去是没有意义的。现在同样的红外线检查被用于每个检查点的发烧,但不能用于其他诊断。比如作为乳房 x 光检查的替代品。

    A therapist wanted to order HCQ(Hydrochloroquine)directly in India,but a trusted pharmaceutical compagny don't sent this to the Netherlands because the bordercontroll will take it out,so the sender has to sent it again.Result we don't deliver to the Netherlands.


    Order HCQ in Pharmacie is not possible without recepy.

没有接待服务,不可能在 Pharmacie 订购 HCQ

    Finding a doctor who want to precibe it on a preventive way is not found yet.


    A woman with a 5 cm big breast tumour can't be operated without chemo.


    A man who got all 6 Chemo's want the right to try"A New Method for Promoting Tumor Necrosis"https://patents.google.com/patent/US10105389B1/en Are you a doctor who is able to help him?

一个6次化疗都成功的男人想要尝试"促进肿瘤坏死的新方法" https://patents.google.com/patent/us10105389b1/en 你是一个能够帮助他的医生吗?

For now i am asking the right to try in the name of patients who are not able to find their way in our Health Care system.


Are you a doctor who is able to help this patient with this Hydroxychloroquine Tumor Necrosis


Or for future plans;are you a doctor with a special expertise who really want to realize a new heal and care system?


Do you have a special idea?


Please let me know.


Sent me your reaction too Projects-nl@freelife.world Subscribing Agatha Christie

也把你的反应发给我 Projects-nl@freelife.world 订阅阿加莎·克里斯蒂

For now or in the direct future we will find a way.


God Bless you,God Bless us all




Agatha Christie 2Q



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