X22报告|第2973集: 巴西冻结资产,深层国家为零日做准备 

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X22报告|第2973集: 巴西冻结资产,深层国家为零日做准备 

Ep. 2973a – Brazil Freezes Assets, [CB] Says The Quiet Part Out-loud, Fear Sets In

巴西冻结资产,[ CB ]大声说出来,恐惧开始出现

Ep. 2973b – Treasonous Crimes Being Exposed, [DS] Preparing For Zero-Day, Countermeasures In Place

叛国罪被揭露,[ DS ]准备零日行动,采取相应对策



The GND if failing, the [WEF] criminals showed up in their jets, do as I want not as I do.  The [WEF] has no choice to push their narrative, but the people are awake. The economy is imploding, the inflation is going to get worse and the banks are now warning there are major problems headed our way. The [CB] says the quiet part out loud.



The [DS] is now removing a liability, the treasonous crimes are being exposed and they lost the ability to censor because they lost Twitter and the do not have control over Truth and Rumble. The [WEF] is now pushing the idea that a cyber attack is on its way, this will be an attempt to shutdown communications, this will be zero-day. The patriots are prepared, Space Force was created plus there is Starlink. Trump and the patriots knew that this day would come and they are prepared for it. 



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