X22报道|第2744集: 供应链问题是中央银行制造的事件,特朗普从不透露自己的行动

2022年4月7日16:34:55最新动态X22报道|第2744集: 供应链问题是中央银行制造的事件,特朗普从不透露自己的行动已关闭评论3391字数 1223阅读4分4秒阅读模式


X22报道|第2744集: 供应链问题是中央银行制造的事件,特朗普从不透露自己的行动

Ep. 2744a – Food Shortages, Inflation, Supply Chain Issues Are Events Created By The [CB]

Ep. 2744a-食品短缺,通货膨胀,供应链问题是由[ CB ]制造的事件

Ep. 2744b – Panic In DC, Comms, Trump Never Telegraphs His Moves, Moves And Countermoves

Ep. 2744b –华盛顿特区的恐慌,通讯,特朗普从不透露自己的行动、举动和对策

X22 报告发表于2022年4月6日


The people are beginning to notice the difference, inflation is hitting and the fake news/[CB] have convinced people that wages will keep up, the people are seeing that this is not true. D’s 10 billion for covid has been shot down. The Fed took the bait and is now shrinking its balance sheet. The crisis is created by the [CB].

人们开始注意到差异,通货膨胀正在发生,假新闻/[CB]让人们相信工资将会上涨,人们看到这不是真的。D’s 给covid的100亿被击落了。美联储上钩了,现在正在收缩其资产负债表。这场危机是由[CB]造成的。


Panic in DC, the [DS] players are using covid comms to communicate. They don’t know what is next, Trump never telegraphs his moves. The [DS] is now exposed and everything they tried to Trump is now happening to Biden. Moves and Countermoves.



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