(ECETI):格里尔“大揭露”20周年,还是有另一个议程?|James Gilliland

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(ECETI):格里尔“大揭露”20周年,还是有另一个议程?|James Gilliland

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Have you ever asked the question why disclosure has not gone anywhere in 70 years?We are still at,do UFOs exist and is the government covering it up.Have you ever asked why the top people in the field are continuing in the controlled narrative other than just a few?Seeing that Dr?Greer has singled out ECETI spreading false information as a hippie camp doing drugs and seeing strange things in the sky lets address his camp.He brags about his connections with the Rockefellers,Clintons,Podestas and now the CFR,Council on foreign relations.He quotes the CFR's statement that there are no negative ETs when it is well known the global elite and the CFR is replete with Satanic/Luciferian influence tied to the Grey and reptilian alliance.He has always taken the position that there are no negative ETs when history,every sacred book,the Nag Hammadi,every ancient culture,even temple and tomb walls record encounters with negative ETs and unseen negative influences.It is a known historical fact that Marduk actually aligned with the reptilians for total supremacy over the Earth and his own people.Yet Dr?Greer says we need to allow any ET or Spirit to come into us,make contact,guide us in our everyday lives.This is the most unprofessional,irresponsible statement ever made with serious consequences.This is the main reason for writing this article due to being overwhelmed with people asking for help within his organization to clear and unhook from these entities.We are also chastised for not working with Greer who does not work with anyone that might steal his thunder and have as of yet not told the reasons why.We are also concerned with Greer's statements lockstep with the global elite about the need for population control.At a dinner Greer made the statement we have to reduce the population.We said if you are a man of conviction you first.He replied,"I am too important."There were other things said at that dinner we cannot even mention.

你有没有问过这样一个问题,为什么70年来披露一直没有改变?我们仍然在,不明飞行物是否存在,是政府掩盖它。你有没有问过,为什么这个领域的顶尖人物除了少数人之外,还在继续受控叙事?看到了吗,博士?格里尔特别指出,ECETI 散布虚假信息,就像一个吸毒的嬉皮士营地,看到天空中奇怪的东西,就可以向他的营地发表讲话。他吹嘘自己与洛克菲勒家族、克林顿家族、波德斯塔家族以及现在的对外关系委员会(CFR)的关系。他引用了外交关系委员会的声明,即当全球精英众所周知,外交关系委员会充满了与格雷和爬虫联盟相关的撒旦/路西法的影响力时,就不存在负面外交关系。他一直认为,当历史、每一本圣书、Nag Hammadi、每一种古代文化、甚至寺庙和坟墓的墙壁记录遇到负面的外星人和看不见的负面影响时,就不存在负面的外星人。这是一个众所周知的历史事实,马杜克实际上与爬虫军结盟,以获得对地球和他自己人民的绝对优势。然而,博士?格里尔说,我们需要允许任何外星人或精神进入我们的身体,在我们的日常生活中与我们接触,指引我们。这是有史以来最不专业、最不负责任、后果严重的言论。这就是为什么要写这篇文章的主要原因,因为在他的组织中有很多人都在寻求帮助,希望能够清除这些实体并摆脱它们。我们也因为没有和格里尔一起工作而受到惩罚,格里尔没有和任何可能抢他风头的人一起工作,也没有告诉我们原因。我们还对格里尔与全球精英关于需要控制人口的声明步调一致表示关切。在一次晚宴上,格里尔发表声明说,我们必须减少人口。我们说,如果你是一个有罪的人,你第一。他回答说:"我太重要了。"在那次晚宴上还说了一些我们甚至不能提及的事情。

Many authentic contactees and counsellors are having to clean up his mess after people either gullibly or in ignorance open themselves to unseen negative ETs or other influences.Many of their lives literally turn to hell after attending his thousand dollar plus,events that could be done much safer in your own back yard.You would also not be subjected to or have to give your power away to his megalomaniac authoritarian rule.He has taken literally millions of dollars in donations and proceeds from projects which never went to their intended cause.This is but one reason why his entire staff quits on a regular basis.He makes them sign NDAs,non-disclosure contracts and threatens them if they go public with any of his secrets like where the money really went.There is a long list of extremely disenchanted,disheartened staff that would love to go public,their stories would make you cringe.If Greer has nothing to hide release them from their NDAs.If left to Greer it will never happen.


Greer boasts of extremely high-level connections in military and government yet when the named connections are asked they do not verify his claims.Some statements implied personal briefings were nothing more than a mailed letter most likely never getting past staff.To his credit he did get many high level military to come forward promising protection yet did not deliver when they were harassed and threatened with loss of their pensions.The most obvious question is why would you be lie ve high level government and military when they have been involved in the coverup since day one?In some cases with deadly force.What are they going to say?


"My fellow Americans,we have contracted with the Grey Alliance,reptilians,several high-tech civilizations that are morally bankrupt,care nothing for humanity,your children,wives etc.We agreed as a trade for technology they can abduct and experiment on citizens without their consent in full knowledge that some will never return.We have also been going back and forth to the Moon and Mars since the late 60"s but continue to send astronauts up on controlled firecrackers to keep the secret.Of course,this is in the interest of national security.We now know it was a terrible mistake but we want full disclosure and will be totally honest with you.Our controlled narrative operatives,those who worked with us in the past will be taken off their leashes and can now tell the truth.By the way all that technology we have hidden from you is now available."


Is this what you are waiting for?Sad thing is the masses would believe them because it is official.The more official it is the less truth it will hold.The higher up the ladder in most organizations the darker it gets,wake up this has been going on for centuries.The ones who could not live with what transpired,had in depth knowledge of the atrocities and went public are now dead,under extreme duress or in hiding.Where was their protection?


Many of these global elite aligned morally bankrupt officials are Greer's people by his own admission.He openly boasts about them.Now do you understand why we say the top people in the field of Ufology are either willingly or in ignorance part of the controlled narrative?Do you understand why the spiritually and technologically advance ETs,the Star Nations our ancient ancestors have avoided these,"official"groups like the plague?Yet the masses turn to them as ambassadors for contact and information concerning ETs.


"If the benevolent ones are avoiding them then just who are they working with?What is their real agenda?"


Do you understand why only the elite have anti/counter gravity,fuelless energy,extreme longevity and healing technologies,med-beds etc.technologies that have been around for over 70 and counting years?When Greer hears someone might have technology he sets up a meeting demands 51%controlling interest telling the scientists they will never get the technology out without him.So what happened to those foolish enough to sign on,where is their technology?We have been censored,invited and uninvited by the largest UFO conferences and venues in the world which knowingly support the controlled opposition,the fraud,those supported by the morally corrupt only for the name recognition and ticket sales.

你能理解为什么只有精英才拥有反重力、自由能源、超长寿命和治疗技术、医疗床等已经存在了70多年并且还在继续的技术吗?当格里尔听说某人可能拥有某种技术时,他安排了一个会议,要求51%的控股权,告诉科学家们,没有他,他们永远不会得到这种技术。那么,那些愚蠢到签约的人发生了什么,他们的技术在哪里?世界上最大的 UFO 会议和场所对我们进行审查,邀请我们参加,不邀请我们参加,这些会议和场所明知故犯地支持受控制的反对派,支持欺诈,支持那些只是为了知名度和门票销售而道德败坏的人。

Do you think they will invite me now?Do you now know why ECETI has its own platforms,conferences,radio shows?It is a work around.Fame and fortune mean nothing to me.The Truth and what better serves humanity and the Earth are first and foremost.

你认为他们现在会邀请我吗?您现在知道为什么 ECETI 有自己的平台、会议和广播节目吗?这是一个周围的工作。名誉和财富对我来说毫无意义。真理和什么更好地服务于人类和地球是首要和最重要的。

This is the core issue,this is why the masses do not have contact with the benevolent ETs or the advanced Inner Earth beings and why these earth friendly and healing technologies are not available to the public.The very people professing to deliver are in league with the ones suppressing it.It is called"planned opposition"and a controlled narrative.How long will this game continue?Einstein did say doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is a form of insanity.The benevolents are waiting for this game to end.They are waiting for a thing called impeccable integrity along with a strong moral compass.


We have had contact at ECETI for 35 years,it has been public,tens of thousands of people have visited,had their own sightings and contacts,including Air Force base commanders,Triple PHD Boeing engineers,Lock Heed skunk work officials,NASA,Air Traffic Controllers,Pilots and professional people from all walks of life including Elders from all nations.Many have testified on Coast to Coast with Art Bell.ABC,Fox News,Paranormal State,History Channel,Danny Dyer,too many to mention specials have covered the ongoing contact where we gave them the exact time and location the ships would appear redundantly.This is fully documented with photos,eyewitnesses and video.Yet now Hollywood,the main stream news,social media,even major UFO conferences have put the lid on this.In some cases with extreme censorship followed by character assassination.This includes the last Ancient Aliens episode filmed at ECETI where they completely edited myself and our information on who is on the ships,their intensions,the many levels of contact out of the episode joining the controlled narrative.To add insult to injury Greer borrows everyone else's information,much of his life story is fictitious.A good example is one of his latest videos Contact Has Begun.We had already put out Contact Has Begun 1 and 2,hard to miss because it was on Netflix.Greer was also instrumental in ECETI being either heavily edited or censored altogether with Thrive and other venues.Why?How did he rise to the top and be the first and foremost authority on UFOs?Was it connections,did he play ball with the big boys and just who are his sponsors?His latest endeavor is to make it big in Hollywood.We have been black balled by Hollywood for exposing adrenochrome,child trafficking and sacrifice in Satanic/Luciferian rituals.Yet Hollywood seems to accept him with open arms?Has he ever mentioned opposition to any of this?

我们在 ECETI 有联系已经35年了,它是公开的,成千上万的人参观过,有他们自己的目击和联系,包括空军基地指挥官,三重博士波音工程师,洛克希德臭鼬工作官员,美国航空航天局,空中交通管制员,飞行员和来自各行各业的专业人士,包括来自各国的长者。许多人已经在海岸到海岸与阿特贝尔作证。美国广播公司,福克斯新闻,超自然州,历史频道,丹尼·戴尔,太多的特别报道已经覆盖了正在进行的接触,我们给他们的确切时间和位置,船将显示冗余。这是完全记录的照片,目击证人和视频。然而现在好莱坞,主流新闻,社交媒体,甚至主要的 UFO 会议都已经盖住了这个盖子。在某些情况下,极端的审查制度随之而来的是人格暗杀。这包括在 ECETI 拍摄的最后一集《远古外星人》,他们完全编辑了我自己和我们关于谁在飞船上的信息,他们的意图,以及这一集加入控制叙事之外的多层次联系。雪上加霜的是,格里尔借用了所有人的信息,他的人生故事大多是虚构的。一个很好的例子是他最近的一个视频《联系已经开始》。我们已经推出了《联系人已经开始1》和《联系人已经开始2》,不容错过,因为它是在 Netflix 上播放的。格里尔还在 ECETI Thrive 和其他场所被大量编辑或审查的过程中发挥了重要作用。为什么?他是如何登上顶峰,成为 ufo 研究的首要权威?是不是因为关系,他是不是和那些大人物打球,他的赞助商又是谁?他最近的努力是想在好莱坞大红大紫。好莱坞揭露了肾上腺素红、贩卖儿童和撒旦/路西法仪式中的牺牲,使我们蒙羞。然而好莱坞似乎张开双臂接受了他?他有没有提到过反对这一切?

How can anyone in their right mind with any base logic or moral integrity professing to be for disclosure ignore this?They can't so they have to demonize ECETI and the messenger with baseless rumors and accusations.This only establishes their own character and ignorance along with their true agenda.What they do not realize is I have no need for love,acceptance or approval outside of self and am fully loved,accepted and approved of by God/Creator/Great Spirit and the Beautiful Many servants thereof.Though not infaliable my heart and actions and intentions are always for the higher good.

任何一个头脑正常的人,如果声称自己是披露者,那么他的基本逻辑或道德操守又怎么能忽视这一点呢?他们不能这样,所以他们不得不用毫无根据的谣言和指责来妖魔化 ECETI 和信使。这只是建立了他们自己的性格和无知,以及他们真正的议程。他们没有意识到的是,我不需要爱、接纳或者认可自己以外的东西,我完全被上帝/创造者/伟大的灵魂和他们美丽的仆人所爱、接纳和认可。虽然不能确定,但我的心、行动和意图总是为了更高的善。

We know there will be blowback from this article from the very people we are advising to discontinue in the deception.We are speaking on behalf of the Galactic Federation which are no longer going to tolerate the deception and suppression of humanities upward evolution.They can manipulate the mind but they have no control of the awakening soul.Neither can they control the millions who incarnated from higher civilizations that are being awakened and remembering.That is in the hands of Creator and the servants thereof.If Dr?Greer would read our visitor and staff policy he would know we have an extreme no drug,no alcohol policy which totally destroys his narrative and attempts to discredit us.Those involved in breaking the rules are ushered off the property.


The question one needs to ask is why are we a threat?Why all the censorship and competition?If we all have the same goal,are working with spiritually and technologically advanced off world visitors for the greater good of humanity why is there competition and a threat?Why is telling the truth shamed,censored and called creating disunity?Is truth and base logic pointing out the extreme lack of discernment unwelcome?What I find hilarious is the spiritual shaming judging and self-righteous condemnation of his followers.It is coming from ignorance and spiritual ego.If they were spiritually advanced they would sense see and feel what is really going on.Especially if they are clairvoyant or clairsentient.Reread the beginning if you have not yet figured out the answer as to why this is being addressed.


There are unseen and seen negative ETs,many fall into the Grey Alliance and Reptilian Alliance.Some refer to them as demons,Jin,a host of names different in every culture and religion.Many are working with them willingly or in ignorance.They have taken over the highest levels of Governments,Religions,Corporations where ever there are seats of power to control and manipulate the masses.If you have not figured out why there is so much inhumanity on Earth factor in nonhuman interference and influence.The Great Awakening is the realization and freedom from this on every level.


There are also seen and unseen positive influences.This is the most censored information and full of posers.The Spiritually and Technologically Advanced multidimensional off world visitors some refer to as Star Nations or Ancient Ancestors which are in direct opposition to those operating outside of Universal Law.Now you know why the dark hearts are trying so desperately to keep them from you.Why they have lied to you for hundreds of years.Imagine what would happen if the masses found out the truth?What would happen if the masses put out the intent to align with the Spiritually and Technologically Advanced Off Worlders that operate under Universal Law where Universal Peace,Brother/Sisterly Love,Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All are first and foremost.What if the masses chose Unity Consciousness transcending all cultural and religious boundaries?Imagine the quantum leap humanity would make in evolution if they no longer allowed themselves to be divided working with the original terraformers,how fast the planet could be healed and restored?


We have to use discernment,take personal responsibility,stand tall in our own divinity and demand our God/Creator/Great Spirit rights and wake up from the dream,the social engineering,the planned opposition,and deceptions from the dark hearts.Earth is rising,ascending,this is our destiny,those who resist will not be frequency specific to Earth's unstoppable spiritual evolution.The truth will be shouted from the roof tops,no rock shall be left unturned.The Earth has chosen,the Creator has agreed,the spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders,Ascended Masters,Saints and Sages,advanced Inner Earth beings are on board now.Everyone is waiting for the masses,the Great Awakening.It is a matter of percentages.It is up to us to participate in raising those percentages on the light side.


We are in for a ride that will be anything but boring.Willingly and in ignorance working with the dark hearts will have consequences.Make informed decisions,do your own research,walk away from anything that does not empower you and others as an individual or is detrimental to Creation.Break out of the herd consciousness,your continuation in the future depends on it.If you want to contact the benevolent beings it takes an open mind,loving heart and pure intent.Set the intent to contact only benevolent beings in service to humanity and the Earth,Qualify it.It also helps to do clearings or prayer before opening to spirit.Not the pujas to Shani also known as Lucifer.We won't mention which doctor sets that intent.Enough with the games,we don't have the luxury of continuing in the nonsense.The Galactic Federation is waiting.If we want help we have to initiate it,do our part.Be well,


Tools for Healing Unseen Negative Influences



James Gilliland





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