瑞典银河真理报|第314期 现在非常重要的是要意识到能量上升的影响~结束的开始

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瑞典银河真理报|第314期 现在非常重要的是要意识到能量上升的影响~结束的开始Very Important to Be Aware of the Effect of Rising Energies Now~Beginning of End


Therese Zumi Sumner

9th January 2021


Before our Age of Aquarius activation/meditation on the 21st December Cobra said the following;


"Cobra:I would say this meditation can stabilize the timeline,which means it can accelerate situations.It can make the Event happen faster.It can make the time between now and the Event more enjoyable and less stressful.So this is very important and quite significant."


Nearly 3 weeks have passed since our meditation on the 21st.Many of you will no doubt have had some experience of strong emotional reactions arising unexpectedly either within yourself or from someone in your immediate vicinity.This is a time when you will have to be prepared for these types of unexpected reactions due to the rising energies.My Guides are saying that we can expect this type of emotional reactions for approximately 11 weeks'time beyond the 21st December.That would mean a period of time from now and eight weeks ahead.


Those among you who have been following my writing going back at least 6 years will be aware that I have written several longer articles describing the strong emotional reactions that would be initiated by The Event.I now realise that that process has already begun!


As Cobra has recently informed us the matrix is in the process of being removed.Some of this took place prior to our activation on the 21st Dec and had been taking place slowly for quite some time previous to that.This process speeded up exponentially after the 21st Dec.


So do not be at all surprised if over the coming 2 month period you encounter strong emotional reactions from your environment.As things begin to be revealed to an awakening population there will be many and strong reactions.Anger and disbelief can bring forth attacks on the messengers!Old resentments will be rising to the surface.If you are the messenger of some truth you can be assured that you will most likely be under attack.Be prepared for that and you can remain in an unperturbed emotionally strong state~centred and calm because you understand that these reactions must surface.


I will now provide some excerpts of questions and answers from the Sisterhood of the Rose interview that Debra so diligently carried out.These excerpts can provide a clearer understanding of what I have just said.


瑞典银河真理报|第314期 现在非常重要的是要意识到能量上升的影响~结束的开始

Debra:Okay,good.What will happen after the Age of Aquarius energies come into those who are spiritually awakened?And what about those who are not spiritually awakened?


Cobra:For those who are spiritual awakened,it will be a great push forward.This will be,as I said,easier for them to connect with the Source,with their Higher Self.


And those who are not awakened will have more of,I would say,an earthquake experience where emotional earthquake experience because those two energies will start triggering suppressed emotions.And especially as more of the matrix construct is removed,those energies will trigger people.Everything that has been suppressed will start coming to the surface.


Debra:Okay.So it's important that we have compassion for what they're going through.




TZ again;In the following excerpts I would especially like to point out the answers provided about the splitting of the timelines!This has been extremely misunderstood by many earlier and its important that we have clarity about this subject.


Debra:Some Lightworkers claim they are now living in 5D,but many have yet to experience this.Will it be easier after December 21st to access the 5D energy?And can you describe what the 5D energy feels like?

黛布拉:一些光之工作者声称他们现在生活在5D 中,但是很多人还没有体验过。在1221日之后,获得5D 能量会变得更容易吗?你能描述一下5D 能量的感觉吗?

Cobra:Yes.It will be easier as more and more of the implant is gone.It's easier to connect with those higher dimensional energies.And fifth dimensional energies are energies of bliss,of Light,of love.I mean,everybody who has been working on themselves have experienced those energies at some point in their lives.


Debra:Yes.5D energy is definitely blissful.But since we're still in 3D bodies living a 3D experience,what suggestions do you have to manage living in 3D once you have experienced a glimpse of 5D since the 3D world can feel so heavy and chaotic?

黛布拉:是的。5D 能量绝对是幸福的。但是,既然我们仍然是在3D 身体中生活在3D 体验中,那么当你体验到5D 时,你有什么建议来管理3D 生活呢?因为3D 世界会让你感到如此沉重和混乱?

Cobra:It is the purpose after you have experienced 5D energies to anchor those energies in your physical body and your physical surroundings.So those energies came,to be anchored,to be integrated in the physical world.


瑞典银河真理报|第314期 现在非常重要的是要意识到能量上升的影响~结束的开始Debra:Okay.Even though the Earth will not be physically splitting,as you said in our last interview,while we are transitioning until the time of the Event,will there be a large timeline split developing between those who identify with the"old"Earth than those who identify with the"new"Earth?Some say that those living in the"new"Earth will not even be able to witness or be affected by the chaos of the dismantling"old"Earth.Is this true?


Cobra:Well,I would say this is an exaggeration.I would say that those who are more aligned with 5D energies will have a more spiritual experience,a more peaceful experience.And those who are clinging to the old world will have a much more difficult process.But it will still be the same physical reality,outer reality for both types of people,although those who are more connected with their Higher Self will have a much easier time in their transition.

柯博拉:嗯,我想说这是一种夸张。我想说,那些与5D 能量更为一致的人,将会有更多的精神体验,更平和的体验。而那些执着于旧世界的人将会有一个更加困难的过程。但是对于这两种类型的人来说,它仍然是相同的物质现实,外在现实,尽管那些与他们的更高自我更紧密联系的人们在他们的转变中会有一个更容易的时间。

Debra:Okay.We know it's crucial to connect to our Higher Self during these times,and yet,but as you mentioned,scalar weapons and other nefarious means create a disconnection.How can we better achieve this connection?


Cobra:Yes,it is good to meditate,to connect with nature and to connect what is good and beautiful.


You can use something as simple as the Violet Flame.Just visualize Violet Flame coming from the sky,going anticlockwise through your energy field,removing all unwanted energy away from the energy field,towards the centre of the Earth.




Debra:Yes.Well,if we reach or even exceed the critical mass,which is 144,000 people,what impact will we see in our physical world?


{TZ~WE reached 400.000 people doing focused meditation!!}


Cobra:The first thing that will happen will be the beginning of deconstruction of the matrix construct around on this planet.There are many advanced,exotic negative technologies that are controlling humanity in the last 25,000 years influencing our consciousness–scalar devices,electromagnetic fence,implants,biochips,different things that are part of daily reality without people even realizing it,which have shut down our consciousness.


And this is going to begin to be deconstructed on that day,if we reach the critical mass.So real cosmic Light will begin to fall into the planetary sphere and onto the planetary surface.And this is the real great awakening.Humanity hasn't seen an awakening like this since the times of Atlantis.


Debra:Wow.Does that mean some of the fog that Lightworkers experience and their difficulty in connecting to Source will be clearer?


Cobra:This will finally be addressed.Those situations are expected to improve first slowly,and then accelerate improving drastically.So connection with the Source with positive energies will be much easier when the quarantine,all those technologies,begin to clear.It will be much easier for us to connect with the Source and with higher planes of existence.


Debra:Okay,good.Because I was curious at what point will we start to see these effects–can we expect to see or feel anything already in the first month or two?


Cobra:Actually at the moment of the meditation,there will be the first effect when people will be able to feel that flash of energy.And yes,the effects can definitely be felt within a month or two,or even sooner.(Great)I can't give any exact estimates,but one or two month timeframe will be a good description of where we can expect at least an energetic effect.And when there is a critical mass of energetic effects,this will precipitate on the physical plane as well.


Cobra:Many people who are alive right now have been born in this incarnation specifically for this mission to bring the new Age of Aquarius into reality.And this is the key moment in their lifetimes,in our lifetimes,basically.It is the key moment where we can unify and create a statement in the energy field that will last forever.


Debra:Wow.So this is it.


Cobra:Yes,this is it.


Link to this great interview-both audio and transcript in its entirety





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