本杰明|2021/4/12 西方政治体系内爆引发的暴乱、谋杀、核恐怖和混乱

2021年4月15日14:26:08本杰明本杰明|2021/4/12 西方政治体系内爆引发的暴乱、谋杀、核恐怖和混乱已关闭评论1.7K15字数 14753阅读49分10秒阅读模式

本杰明|2021/4/12 西方政治体系内爆引发的暴乱、谋杀、核恐怖和混乱

First of all,I want everyone to know we are collectively over the target as our electronic systems suffered a massive attack while this report was being prepared.Nevertheless,countermeasures were activated,and here is the latest intel that was intended not to reach you in a timely manner.


A series of high-level murders,an attempt to set off nuclear weapons in the Ukraine,riots,and other chaos all indicate the current Western political system is imploding.The main problem is a group of Messianic fanatics who think they must fulfill end-times prophecies written in ancient books.


Let us start with the attempt by the end-times fanatics to start Armageddon in Ukraine.After we conveyed a message from Russia's FSB last week that a U.S.C-17 carrying nuclear weapons arrived in Ukraine we got the following message from the NSA:

让我们从末日狂热分子企图在乌克兰开启世界末日开始说起。上周,我们从俄罗斯联邦安全局得到消息,一架载有核武器的美国 C-17运输机抵达乌克兰,之后,我们从美国国家安全局得到以下消息:

"Thanks to your tips 3 nukes were located headed into South-Eastern Ukraine to be remotely detonated…in about 2 weeks…hopefully Russia will take them out…………and the 4 weapons headed into south Western Russia will be rerouted by Russia…And we hope the 4 nukes headed to DC,NYC,Moscow in June&Maybe London will also be rerouted into the depths of Langley East and West…we can only hope."


The intercepted nukes were clearly intended to be set off in Ukraine and blamed on Russia as we can see from the propaganda campaign now going on.For example the U.S.Navy Information/Disinformation site Sorcha Faal and Jane's report the following:

这些被拦截的核武器显然是要在乌克兰引爆,并归咎于俄罗斯,我们可以从目前正在进行的宣传活动中看到这一点。例如,美国海军情报/假情报网站 Sorcha Faal Jane 的报告如下:

"President Putin authorizing the use of the nuclear-armed Iskander ballistic missiles being presently deployed near the Ukraine border."


Then we have reports about Russian"nuclear mortars"etc.



Of course,the mainstream corporate propaganda media is also beating the drums of war.



We also have the Israelis and their Iranian partners carrying on their ad-nauseum"Iran is about to get nuclear weapons"kabuki theater.The latest is a supposed Israeli attack on an Iranian nuclear site followed by Iranian promises of"revenge."As usual,they are just trying to get"Gog"(the G7)to fight"Magog"(the Shanghai Cooperation Association)to start Armageddon.


These fanatics just won't give up.That is why the Gnostic Illuminati have issued the following warning:


"If the Messianic fanatics try nuclear terror again,it will result in the obliteration of Jerusalem."


OK,now let us talk about the announcement of the death of Prince Philip,the associated murders,and their connection to the nuclear terror attempts.Prince Philip died two years ago,just when the current"pandemic"broke out,according to our CIA and Mossad sources.Remember this infamous 1988 quote of his:


"In the event that I am reincarnated,I would like to return as a deadly virus,to contribute something to solving overpopulation."



Maybe his cabal friends carried out this entire scamdemic as a form of tribute to him.The timing of the announcement of his death may also be linked to a fight between two cabal factions,the Davos"great reset"crowd,and the Armageddon group.The deaths of Prince Charles socialist-globalist allies Sir Richard Sutton(murder)and Czech billionaire Petr Kellner(helicopter accident)are not coincidental,according to the Sorcha Faal information-disinformation site.


Our Mossad sources say the great reset group is planning to wind down the"pandemic"this summer and announce the death of Queen Elizabeth II this autumn.This would be followed by a new leader of the committee of 300(Prince William?Charles?Harry?)and an accompanying"great reset."

我们的摩萨德消息来源说,这个大重置组织计划在今年夏天结束"大流行",并在今年秋天宣布伊丽莎白二世组织的死亡。接下来是300人委员会的新领导人(威廉王子?查尔斯?哈利?)还有一首伴奏的"great reset"

The Armageddon group is apparently desperately trying to prevent this from happening because they still believe World War III and the death of 90%of humanity is necessary to bring forth their"Messiah."


There is also a lot of confusion swirling around the ongoing scamdemic.This is seen in the form of more and more contradictory information being pumped out about Covid-19 and vaccines;Vaccinated people are getting Covid;vaccines cause blood clots,mad cow disease,death,etc.It is almost as if we are witnessing a campaign to awaken the sleepwalkers.


Perhaps the most credible reason for the fake pandemic and the accompanying vaccine campaign is contained in the following article from March 2020:



It talks about an injectable sensor that contains a"specially engineered molecule that sends a fluorescent signal outside of the body"and"an electronic component attached to the skin."The electronic part reads the fluorescent signal and sends it to a network.


Remember these end-time fanatics believe that everybody needs to have the mark of the beast implanted into them in order to bring on the"Messiah."Maybe that is why the new Pope Francis Avatar recently issued this call:

记住,这些末世狂热者相信,每个人都需要被植入野兽的标记,才能带来"弥赛亚"也许这就是为什么新教皇弗朗西斯阿凡达(Pope Francis Avatar)最近发出这样的呼吁:

"I reiterate my call to government leaders,businesses and international organizations to work together in providing vaccines for all."


He linked it with a call for communal property linked to people's social scores.If that is not the mark of the beast I do not know what is.



It is also clear the Western fanatical leadership is panicking because their whole plandemic scam is falling apart and mass vaccination is not happening on the scale necessary for depopulation.There are more and more signs the campaign is now being wound down.In the UK for example they are saying they reached"the threshold of herd immunity against Covid-19 on April 12."



Opinion polls also show the pandemic fear campaign is failing as the public begins to wake up to the reality that people are not actually dying any more than they did before the"pandemic."



There is also a growing body of evidence that the pandemic campaign was started with a massive 5G electromagnetic attack that really did kill lots of people before the 5G networks were dismantled.Last week,for example,saw gravesites in Wuhan China being overwhelmed by mourners,confirming that hundreds of thousands if not millions of people were killed when they simultaneously fired up 10,000 5G towers in the city in late 2019.



The sheer terror of being exposed as war criminals is turning the Khazarian Mafia cabal into dangerous cornered rats.This includes the C*e Communist Party officials behind the Wuhan disaster.Many of them,including Xi *,have already been removed.The current Xi is the brother of the previous one,Asian secret society sources say.


The Rockefeller faction behind the Joe Biden Avatar fake U.S.government is especially terrified because their crimes against humanity are far worse than just a single attack on Wuhan.They have been deliberately poisoning the people of the world for over a century with cancer-causing chemicals.


For example,the label on this wholesale vanilla oil bottle warns that the contents are carcinogenic,destroy fertility,cause organ failure,and attack the central nervous system.


And yet,the same vanilla oil can be found in every Japanese supermarket without warning.


This form of attack has been repeated in shampoos,soaps,foods,cosmetics,etc.throughout the commercial ecosystem of Fortune 500 companies controlled by this satanic clan.


Therefore,as the former vice president of Pfizer warns,the vaccines used by this particular group will kill all who take them.



The other reason why the Armageddon subgroup of the Khazarian Mafia wants to kill everyone is that their crimes against children will also be exposed.According to a top CIA source:Ghislaine Maxwell is not at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn,as the MSM says.She was removed from the MDC months ago.All talk of her bail and court appearances are theater.


吉斯莱·麦克斯韦不在布鲁克林的大都会拘留中心,正如 MSM 所说。几个月前,她被从争取民主变革运动中除名。所有关于她的保释和出庭的讨论都是在演戏。

She is under the protection of military intelligence.Maxwell turned over all her documents,photos,videos,books and files to them.MI has enough intelligence to bring down the high ranking Kabbalic Satanic members.They are waiting to set the trap.


It seems that the announced death of Prince Philip is connected with it.We have been waiting for the U.S.military to act,but hopefully this time they really will.The Rockefeller Group is also trying to raise oil prices.Oil refineries and related facilities have been destroyed in Syria,Saudi Arabia,Mexico,Mozambique,Indonesia,Texas,etc.in the past month.

菲利普亲王的死讯似乎与此有关。我们一直在等待美国军方采取行动,但希望这次他们真的会采取行动。洛克菲勒集团(Rockefeller Group)也在试图提高油价。过去一个月,叙利亚、沙特阿拉伯、墨西哥、莫桑比克、印度尼西亚、德克萨斯等国的炼油厂及相关设施均被摧毁。

The Keystone pipeline shutdown and warmongering in Ukraine also fit the Rockefeller playbook.Asian secret society sources now tell us that the real reason for the coup in Myanmar,followed by the recent unrest,is that the Rockefellers are trying to sabotage a major Chinese oil pipeline bypassing the Strait of Malacca bottleneck.


The Rockefellers have also received a lot of money from Communist C*a by promising them control of Japan,ASEAN,Australia,and New Zealand,as we have previously reported.Because of this,the U.S.has been able to pay the largest trade deficit in this nation's history,$71.1 billion in February alone.


Japanese right-wing sources close to the emperor have now pointed out exactly who the Rockefellers are using to keep their promise to hand Japan over to the Communist C*e:an imperial family pretender named Fushimonomiya Hiroakio.He is an advisor to Mobil Oil,as the Rockefeller family funnels money to him,the sources say.

与天皇关系密切的日本右翼消息人士现已指出,洛克菲勒家族正在利用谁来兑现将日本交给共产主义天*的承诺:一位名叫扶山野宫广义夫(fusiumonomiya Hiroakio)的皇室伪君子。他是美孚石油公司的顾问,因为洛克斐勒家族石油公司为他提供资金,消息人士说。

This is the group mentioned in last week's report calling for a True World Religion Federation"and World Religion the Vatican.In other words,it's a good bet that the current Pope Francis avatar along with the Biden avatar,the Ben Johnson avatar,etc.are also all working for the Rockefellers and their bosses at the Octogon Group in Switzerland.



This is personal to me because these people murdered my webmaster and probably my former girlfriend and our child.They are also connected to the Dalai Lama.


Their chief hitman Tenzan Nakai came out of hiding because his former boss Hanabusa Goro of the Hanabusa gang died a few weeks ago and he hopes to take control,the sources say.These people must be hunted down and destroyed as soon as possible.

消息人士称,他们的头号杀手中井丹赞(Tenzan Nakai)走出藏身之处,是因为他的前老板花边五郎(Hanabusa Goro)几周前去世,他希望控制局势。这些人必须尽快被追捕并消灭。

By the way,we were told last week that these are the exact coordinates for the Octogon group headquarters:46.4555,6.60052


If you put these coordinates into Google Earth,they point directly to the center of Lake Geneva.Removing these people from power is the only way to save the West from becoming a Chinese colony.It seems that the JP Morgan faction of the Khazarian Mafia has come to the same conclusion.


Last week,Jamie Diamond,CEO of JP Morgan,made the following observations:America has fallen on hard times before…


This time may be different…


The Chinese see an America losing ground in technology,infrastructure,and education–a nation torn and crippled by politics and racial and income inequality–and a country unable to coordinate government policies(fiscal,monetary,industrial,regulatory)in a coherent way to achieve national goals.


Unfortunately,this has been very true lately.


Their long-term thinking and competent,consistent leadership have in many ways surpassed America.Almost all institutions-governments,schools,media,and businesses-have lost credibility in the eyes of the public.Americans know something has gone terribly wrong,and they blame this country's leadership:


We need a comprehensive,multi-year national Marshall Plan and we must strive for healthy growth.Proper budgeting and planning–on a multi-year basis–should be done at all levels of government.



A new institution,ie a future planning organization,is the way to fix the West and the planet as a whole.The messianic fanatics are trying to prevent this and must be removed.There is no other choice.


One final note this week:we are seeing more and more reports of UFOs in the corporate media.This article about pyramid-shaped UFOs caught my attention because the Dalai Lama who brings the above people together has been happy to show me pictures of such UFOs.

本周最后一点:我们在企业媒体上看到越来越多关于 ufo 的报道。这篇关于金字塔形 ufo 的文章引起了我的注意,因为将上述人群聚集在一起的达赖喇嘛一直很乐意向我展示这些 ufo 的图片。



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