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'When You Strike Me Down,I'm Going To  Become More Powerful Than You'll Ever Know'


~Obi Wan Kenobi~



X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)X22

报告(C-VINE 审核)


X22视频解读|我们是不可估量的,我们是强大的,我们是爱国者People who have been asleep to all that is going on in the world politically,must be shown the truth.We knew censorship would happen.What is all of this doing in the long-run?It's causing sleepers to wake up and Patriots'numbers to increase.


The Patriots are allowing the DS to display their corruption.The people must see how deep it goes.Just telling someone is not enough.

爱国者们允许 DS 展示他们的腐败。人民必须看到它有多深。仅仅告诉别人是不够的。

The DS's fake narrative has begun.Joe Biden's campaign is being targeted by Russia.Didn't they try that one already?They have run out of tricks.They have to repeat what's in their bag.There's nothing left!They know Joe is going to lose.


From the beginning,Trumps administration has been about exposing corruption.We have seen traffic rings busted,numerous political traitors exposed,Epstein arrested,Ghislaine Maxwell arrested,Ric Grennell's release of declassified information and exposed corruption of mayors and governors.


Trump created and brought in 2 hospitals ships,numerous field hospitals and thousands of ventilators,which were hardly used.Instead,at the hand of some evil and corrupt governors,our elderly were being sent to the'gas chamber'for certain death.Trump's whole administration is about exposure!Are you awake,yet?


Why are Mayors and Governors being pushed into position of exposure?Trump is preparing to bring the National Guard into areas where crime is out of control.Citizens need to be protected and some elected officials are doing a terrible job.The Seattle Mayor,the Portland Mayor,are allowing mayhem,destruction and havoc in their cities.


The goal of the DS is to burn down the White House,to wipe the U.S.Constitution off the map and to enforce a One-World-Government.In Portland,the mayor demanded Federal Officers leave the city.Really?Why doesn't the mayor want law and order?Trump's'Operation Legend'is ready!

DS 的目标是烧毁白宫,从地图上抹去美国宪法,并强制执行一个世界政府。在波特兰,市长要求联邦官员离开该市。真的吗?为什么市长不想要法律和秩序?特朗普的"传奇行动"准备好了!

X22视频解读|我们是不可估量的,我们是强大的,我们是爱国者An 8 year old child was shot during a riot.Traveling in a car,bullets sprayed the side she was riding on.The DS is behind the horrific events,pushing riots and chaos.When they lose the elections,it is game over!Everything we are watching is part of the plan to take down the deep state.Please continue praying for this little girl's family.They are devastated.

一个8岁的孩子在一次骚乱中被枪杀。坐在汽车里,子弹扫射了她所在的一侧。DS 是这些可怕事件背后的推手,它们引发了骚乱和混乱。当他们在选举中失利时,游戏就结束了!我们所看到的一切都是打破深层政府计划的一部分。请继续为这个小女孩的家人祈祷。他们都崩溃了。

Nancy Pelosi stated'unidentified masked Storm Troopers,'(Federal Agents)are coming to take people away.What?It is offensive and very unprofessional to make that kind of reference about these dedicated law enforcement officers!


Mark Morgan from CBP says,"It's disgusting and it's also a lie!"Every officer has 5 forms of identification on their uniform.Their names are not on their uniforms due to the fear of doxxing the agent's family.Nancy Pelosi is a DS puppet and either is ill-informed or is lying to the American people.On both accounts,we've seen this before.

美国海关与边境保护局的马克·摩根说:"这很恶心,也是一个谎言!"每个军官的制服上都有五种身份证明。他们的名字没有出现在他们的制服上,因为他们害怕和经纪人的家人打交道。南希佩洛西是一个 DS 傀儡,要么是不知情或是在欺骗美国人民。在这两个方面,我们以前都见过这种情况。

Now,the National Guards tactics are really messing with the rioters.They wait until the rioting is done but because each rioter has been'mapped,'(traced),the NG knows who to arrest.The DS wants the public to see the tear gas and aggression coming from the Feds so they can tell the media to spin the story,but when the arrests come afterward,the media cannot.In spite of optics,The Patriots are in control!


The couple who had to protect their home from being overrun by thugs,came out displaying weapons.Mrs.McCloskey's pistol was broken.When their guns were confiscated,it was discovered someone in the police department tampered with her gun,took it apart and put it back together,making it functional again.Is this a bad thing?The Constitution is the law of the land.These folks have every right to protect themselves.


A Note from Q:


'Welcome to the digital battlefield.Together,we win!You have been selected to help serve your country.Never retreat from the battlefield,Facebook,Twitter,etc.Use other platforms as they form a centralized command and control.Source meme's material from battlefield,highlight and share.Post of research and facts.Support role of other digital soldiers,one falls,another stands or rises.Guide,awaken others through use of facts.Learn use of camouflage,digitally primary accounts suspended or terminated,use of secondary….'

欢迎来到数字战场。团结起来,我们就赢了!你被选中来帮助你的国家。永远不要从战场上撤退,FacebookTwitter 等等。使用其他平台,因为他们形成了一个集中的命令和控制。来源于战场,突出和分享迷因的材料。研究和事实的帖子。其他数字士兵的支援角色,一个倒下,另一个站起来或升起。用事实引导、唤醒他人。学习使用伪装,数字主帐户暂停或终止,使用次要..

X22视频解读|我们是不可估量的,我们是强大的,我们是爱国者The DS through social media,is at war with Q Anon.Twitter has openly declared absolute censorship on Q groups.Antifa,BLM,child porn is all OK to post,but nothing from Q is allowed.

通过社交媒体的 DS,正在与Q Anon 开战。已经公开宣布对Q群进行绝对审查。反法,BLM,儿童色情都可以发布,但是不允许发布来自Q的内容。

Q followers are a peaceful group dedicated to research.You can't discriminate against one group and not all of them.Trump wants to expose this.The greatest fear of the DS is a public awakening.If Q was fake,they wouldn't bother.

Q 追随者是一个致力于研究的和平团体。你不能歧视一个群体,而不是所有的群体。特朗普想要揭露这一点。DS 最大的恐惧是公众的觉醒。如果Q是假的,他们就不会费心了。

Verizon,AT&T,T-Mobile all flagged Trumps campaign texting program.Again,the DS does not want anyone to awaken to truth.The DS is threatened.We are over the target.

Verizon at&t T-Mobile 都标记了特朗普的竞选短信项目。再说一次,DS 不希望任何人觉醒到真相。DS 受到了威胁。我们超过目标了。

It may seem as though the Patriots are losing ground,but this is simply an illusion.The Silent Majority has awoken and is growing by the thousands.The DS tried to strike us down and keep us silent,but instead,it woke us up from our slumber.We are incalculable.We are powerful.We are Patriots!WWG1WGA

爱国者队似乎正在失去阵地,但这只是一种幻觉。沉默的大多数已经觉醒,并且正在成千上万地增长。DS 试图打倒我们,让我们保持沉默,但是相反,它把我们从沉睡中唤醒。我们是不可估量的。我们是强大的。我们是爱国者!


Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告)



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