难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat

2021年1月19日11:35:47其他揭露难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat已关闭评论1.1K11字数 19628阅读65分25秒阅读模式


Source:Dinar Chronicles|By Kat

Enclose a transcript from an explosive interview with Steve Pieczenik about what is happening right now in America and what is to come in the next few days.It was recorded on 1-16-21.


Before I get to the interview:


I got Twitmo'd today—i.e.suspended from Twitter.I consider it a Badge of Honor.I must have been Tweeting far too Patriotically and truthfully for the Twitter-powers-that-were.

我今天被 Twitmo 封杀了——也就是说我被 Twitter 停职了。我认为这是一种荣誉徽章。我一定是太爱国了,太真诚了。

难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat

There was another massive Twitter culling of wonderful Patriots including Santa Surfing and Juan O'Savin in his various Twitguises as well as many powerful Tweeters.

还有另一个大规模的推特淘汰优秀的爱国者,包括圣诞老人冲浪和 Juan o'savin 在他各种各样的推特伪装以及许多强大的推特用户。

We all know S Media is coming down but it was,among many things,highly informative for those who had long ago turned away from the propaganda of the MSM.

我们都知道 s Media 正在走下坡路,但对于那些很久以前就不再关注 MSM 宣传的人来说,这是非常有用的信息。

And it was fun right up until the end when censorship came down hard on everyone who loves their President and loves their country.


The fact that S Media has OVERTAKEN the MSM by millions of viewers has the deep state terrified which is why they silenced the President of the United States.

事实上,s 媒体已经超过了 MSM 的数百万观众让国家深感恐惧,这就是为什么他们让美国总统保持沉默。

难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat

Despite all the S Media culling and shutdowns,Digital Warriors simply migrated to Telegram or Gab or other platforms and have carried on writing the Truth to whomever lands on their pages.How long those platforms will last I don't know.

尽管 s 媒体遭到了淘汰和关闭,Digital Warriors 还是简单地迁移到 TelegramGab 或其他平台上,继续把真相写给那些登上他们页面的人。我不知道这些平台会持续多久。

Many Tweets on 1-17-21 were about the Massive Military in D.C.And not only D.C.,


Telegram has been posting a number of videos from all over the country of MASSIVE Military arriving in different states across the country.HUGE numbers of Troops and Armaments.It's astounding.

Telegram 公布了一些来自全国各地的视频大规模军事到达全国各地的不同州。大量的军队和武器。令人震惊。

难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat
难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat
难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat
难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat
难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat

Then there are all the street closures in D.C.for the Inauguration-that-won't-happen.


难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat

And here was a Tweet that got a lot of us laughing because,honestly,you can't make this stuff up.January 19th is National Popcorn Day.Swear to God.


难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat

And lookee here.This is what Q had to say about 1-19:

看这里,这就是 q 1-19所说的:

难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat

As well,two of Juan O'Savin's alter egos on Twitter posted this,but the original Tweet is gone,only my reply remains until I clear my account.

另外,Juan o'savin 的两个分身在推特上发布了这条消息,但是原来的推特消失了,只剩下我的回复,直到我清空我的账户。

难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat

Let me explain the different Juan O'Savin accounts,because he had quite a few on Twitter and they're all gone now.

让我来解释一下 Juan o'savin 的不同账号,因为他在 Twitter 上有不少账号,现在都消失了。

The"real"Juan O'Savin,who has gone to extreme lengths to hide his true identity,has had many different internet persona accounts enacted by close family and friends on various S Media platforms.

为了隐藏自己的真实身份,"真正的"胡安奥萨文(Juan o'savin)不遗余力地隐藏了自己的真实身份。他在不同的 s 媒体平台上拥有许多不同的网络角色账号,由亲密的家人和朋友制作。

Juan himself,whomever he is,claims NOT to be on ANY Media accounts except Telegram.Here is his statement,written January 14,2021:

胡安本人,不管他是谁,声称除了 Telegram 以外,没有出现在任何媒体账户上。以下是他的声明,写于2021114:

难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat

I maintain that the"real"Juan O'Savin sneaks on Twitter sometimes.I can't prove it.I just feel it.The different Juan O'Savins have VERY different personalities.But there is one that feels very 107 to me and I've had that confirmed in subtle ways for months.That's all I'll say about that.

我坚持认为"真正的"胡安·奥萨文有时候会偷偷上推特。我无法证明。我只是感觉到了。不同的 Juan o'savins 有非常不同的个性。但是有一个人让我觉得非常107岁,几个月来我已经用微妙的方式证实了这一点。这就是我要说的。

I know EVERYBODY wants Juan O'Savin to be JFK.I know.I know.I know.


But I don't know WHO Juan actually is and it doesn't matter to me WHO he is.


Juan O'Savin is a fascinating,brilliant person who is incredibly knowledgeable in so many areas it's dizzying.As well he's helpful and kind,taking hours and hours to explain what's going on to We the People while he's in the thick of things himself.


O'Savin is fiercely loyal to POTUS and passionate about restoring America and Americans to Freedom,Sovereignty and Divinity and kicking the deep state the hell out of our country and all countries on Earth.


Juan,or one of his friends pretending to be Juan,LOVED my#SpaceDust which I Tweeted several times as my preferred destination for deep state de_mons.


An anonymous Starseed friend told me that lower dimensional de_mons are instantly evaporated in Divine light and since we're all ascending to 5D+and well beyond this 3D demonic prison matrix forever,they can't follow us home to Celestial Realms anyway so they're actually going to be gone eternally no matter what.

一位不愿透露姓名的"星际种子"朋友告诉我,低维度的恶魔会在神圣之光中瞬间蒸发,因为我们都会提升到5D+,并且永远超越这个3D 恶魔监狱矩阵,他们无论如何都不能跟随我们回到天国,所以无论如何他们都会永远消失。

Back to Juan O'Savin.He forwarded this Telegram post from the"real"Lin Wood a few days after he'd verified to Robert David Steele that JFK was alive,just FYI.

回到 Juan o'savin。在他向罗伯特大卫斯蒂尔证实肯尼迪还活着的几天后,他转发了这封来自"真正的"林伍德的电报。

It doesn't mean Juan is JFK,just that he's acknowledging JFK is alive,as well as Q-post#1082.

这并不意味着胡安就是肯尼迪,只是他承认肯尼迪还活着,还有 Q-post#1082

难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat
难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat

Before he was Twitmo'd today,Juan O'Savin posted a clip from the enclosed video interview with Steve Pieczenik.

在他今天被 Twitmo 之前,Juan o'savin 发布了一段采访史蒂夫皮切尼克的视频剪辑。

Everything Pieczenik relates is what Patriots already know it's just that Pieczenik is saying it out loud.So refreshing to hear.

Pieczenik 所说的一切都是爱国者们已经知道的只是 Pieczenik 大声说出来了。真是令人耳目一新。

By many accounts,we're in for one heck of a week.Possible blackouts of Media,TV,internet,phones,Emergency Broadcasts from POTUS,arrests,etc.But who knows?


Charlie Ward is unceasingly recommending that we just sit back.Relax.Get a big bowl of popcorn and watch the show unfold.As well,to stay out of big cities and off the streets while the brave Military does their work.


Sounds like great advice to me.


We know that at the end of the next bumpy days and weeks is a beautiful Nesara/Gesara world.We know that a pristine Divinely restored 5D+Gaia,Kingdoms and Humanity is manifesting and that abundance,health,happiness and peace is on tap for all.

我们知道,在接下来坎坷的日子和周末,是一个美丽的 Nesara/Gesara 世界。我们知道,一个原始的神圣修复的5D+Gaia,王国和人类正在显化,丰富,健康,幸福和和平正在为所有人开采。

We also know,without one scintialla of doubt,that President Trump will either be the First President of the New Republic or called something else,but he will be leading us for some years yet.No worries about that.


He has always kept his promises to us and he always will.


难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat

难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat

This is Kat,over and out,




Steve Pieczenik Explains the Events That Will Unfold Jan 20.Is The Storm coming soon?


INFO WARS.com 1-16-21


Transcribed by Kat

转录自 Kat

3:20 Steve Pieczenik:Let's first tackle the fact that we are now officially in a Military coup.

3:20 Steve Pieczenik:让我们首先解决一个事实,那就是我们现在正式处于一场军事政变中。

3:23 What has happened and why I was part of it is because I had a history of doing soft coups in the United States and what we call hard coups overseas.Overthrowing regimes using the Military.


3:37 In this case we have what we call a hard coup.


3:40 It was initiated as I've said a month and a half ago,two months ago,by our Cyber Command using Special Forces.There were over 400 people from all parts of the Intelligence Community,I won't go into their names.


3:53 In effect now we're about to arrest Pelosi,arrest Bidn,Hunter Bidn,Mitt Romney,you're talking about a whole list of individuals whom I've identified on this show for years.


4:10 When I said Gina Haspel has to go,she went.When I said Barr was a CIA operative,he went.When I told you Pence was not to be believed because he came out of a Democratic Catholic background who became an Evangelical Christian,he left.


4:24 What's happening now is that we are literally in a Military coup.That means in effect this country will watch the arrests that will come out of this.


4:34 We have already arrested basically overseas we have taken out the Pope,whom I have identified for over 30-years as a terrorist when he was Director of the Jesuits that killed 3 of our American nuns and 2 of our Jesuits.


4:52 We arrested an older man from the State Dept.Stefano Serafini who basically leaked all the information.



5:00 Used Leonardo,the sites up to the satellites which were controlled by the Vatican,we in turn intercepted all that information and were able to get,along with Nancy Pelosi's computer.


5:16 BTW,there was no rioting in the Capitol.I happen to know 3 to 4 people here from my town who said it was very peaceful.The Police took down the barriers


5:29 In effect,what people don't know,is we sent Special Forces operators in there to take Pelosi's computer.

5:29实际上,人们不知道的是,我们派了特种部队的人去那里拿 Pelosi 的电脑。


On a 1-11-21 B2T video,Gene Decode reported that when Special Forces went in to take Pelosi's laptop and"things"her laptop was actually on and had Emails up that showed EXACTLY what she was involved in...Italy and Election Fraud.

在一段1-11-21 B2T 视频中,Gene Decode 报道说,当特种部队进去拿走 Pelosi 的笔记本电脑和她的"东西"时,她的笔记本电脑实际上是开着的,电子邮件显示她确切地卷入了...意大利和选举欺诈。

Will have that transcript finished tomorrow,fingers crossed



5:35 Steve Pieczenik cont.:Now,where does this all fit in?#1.I wrote about this 27 years ago in STATE OF EMERGENCY…if anybody wants to understand what the real coup is about then go on my site https://stevepieczenik.com and read STATE OF EMERGENCY or listen to the audiobook.

5:35 史蒂夫皮切尼克cont.:现在,这一切又在哪里呢?第一点。我27年前在《紧急状态》上写过这个......如果有人想了解真正的政变是什么,可以登录我的网站 https://stevepieczenik.com,阅读《紧急状态》或者听听有声读物。

5:49#2.This is important for you Alec and all of your listeners:You were the method through which we were able to implement the coup.When you used to ask me,how did I know or how could I predict it?The truth was and still is,and BTW you did an excellent interview with Mike Flynn…


6:14 The truth is you were the vehicle through which I was promoting the necessary actions that had to be accomplished.


6:21 Think of that for a moment.For the first entity,as a banned video,you identified 19 years ago when you came forth and I associated with you on 9-11.


6:35 Subsequently many Generals and Special Forces and Cyber Command and NSA and elsewhere understood that:


6:41 The wars created by Cheney,who will be under arrest,the coward that he was in the avoidance of going into the Draft.


6:50 By Mitt Romney,a Mormon,who will also be arrested,for corruption he committed with Bain Capital and elsewhere…he will probably be de-sanctified from the LDS Latter-day Saints…


7:01 All of these elements came out through you Alex Jones.The reason we never used the New York Times,we didn't do the Washington Post we didn't do any of the others,we understood who controlled them.

7:01所有这些元素都来自于你 Alex Jones。我们从来不用《纽约时报》的原因是,我们没有做《华盛顿邮报》我们没有做其他任何报道,我们知道是谁在控制它们。

7:10 I knew about the Murdoch family from the day they came over in 1958.I never trusted Murdoch.I didn't'trust his family.What people didn't know,unfortunately,is that Murdoch's mother is an Orthodox Jew and he is a totally corrupt individual and a coward along with his family who bought all of these stations that eventually kicked you and so many off of it.


7:38 So you were chosen as the method through which we could initiate a Military coup.



Lin Wood Telegramed this General Flynn Film Clip on 1-16-21


General Flynn:We have an Army of Digital Soldiers.


This was an insurgency,folks.


This was run like an insurgency.


This was irregular warfare at its finest in politics and that story will continue to be told here.


We have what we call Citizen Journalists


because the journalists that we have in our Media


did a disservice to themselves


actually more than they did to this country.


They did a disservice to themselves


because they displayed an arrogance that is unprecedented.


And so the American people decided


to take over the idea of information.


They took over the idea of information.


And they did it through Social Media.



难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat

8:12 Steve Pieczenik cont.:The people I know who went into the Capitol went in peacefully.Those that were involved in taking something out,I was told they were Special Forces.


8:23 I do not know which Generals are involved.The Generals that I do know who are involved do not want me to speak about it again.


8:35 What you are,Alex,let me explain it again,we marked the computers,we marked the ballots,everything that was done was a sting operation.Nothing has changed.

8:35你是什么 Alex 让我再解释一遍,我们标记了电脑,标记了选票,所有的一切都是圈套行动。什么都没有改变。

8:45 And what was done was done by Trump,a business man who understood the degree of corruption that existed among the"Democrats."This isn't just something about the world control of America.This was the concept of a Fascist state coming in with the notion of coronavirus which was NOT lethal.Using Fauci,another Catholic that was trained by the Jesuits…interrupted


9:18 Alex Jones:It looks like Trump is leaving in 7 days.You're saying this was a coup?He points to some documents regarding the Italian part of the Election fraud


难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat

Alex Jones cont.:How is it a coup if Bidn get in in 7 days or are you saying Trump's gonna get in?What are you saying?We don't have a lot of time here.Like 150 hours.What are you saying is about to happen?

亚历克斯·琼斯:如果 Bidn 7天内进入白宫,或者你说特朗普会进入白宫,这怎么会是一场政变呢?你在说什么?我们时间不多了。大概150个小时。你说会发生什么?

10:20 Steve Pieczenik:I'm about to say that Biden is NOT going to be the President of the United States.

10:20 Steve Pieczenik:我要说的是,拜登不会成为美国总统。

10:24 There have been massive arrests.


10:33 What I'm saying in effect is that we are under Martial Law and we have a Military coup,which simply means that there's going to be a large number of people who are going to be arrested,detained and will be tried by Military Tribunals.


10:47 The reason it's Military is we no longer trust our CIA,we no longer trust our politicians,we do not trust our governors,we do not trust the senior officials who are in Congress or in the Senate.It's as simple as that.


11:03 I said it to you years ago I told you exactly who was going to leave and they have left.I wrote the book 27 years ago about a Military coup happening in the United States,a State of Emergency.It's as simple as that.


11:18 There is no Globalism that's gonna be involved.We have shut down Pakistan.Shut down part of England.


11:31 The Pope was arrested well over a year ago.And the reason why he was arrested,Alex,because on your show I said that this Pope was corrupt and had been involved in terrorist organizations 20 to 30 years ago.I was forbidden to take him out under Cyrus Vance.


11:55 You don't see anybody traveling around the world.re Alex saying he thinks he saw the Pops.It's all CGI.

11:55你不会看到任何人周游世界。亚历克斯说他认为他看到了 Pops。都是电脑特效。

12:10 We're talking about right now and the next few days.


12:37 OK.Let me repeat it again,Jones.In seven days it's gonna be Trump.


It will NOT be Bidn.Bidn's people will be arrested.There will be people who will be arrested.Pelosi.Bidn.Schumer.That's what's gonna happen.


13:00 Whether you want to believe me or not….Alex,calm down.You have never been in a Military coup.You do not understand what that means.


13:32 You do not understand how quickly we work and how long we've been preparing for this.


14:01 John Roberts the SCOTUS Chief Justice has been indicted.He was corrupt when he made the Obama case into a Tax.He then went to Malta.He was paid off.He will be arrested.


14:13 You're talking about Obama's people where I said repeatedly he was a CIA operative.There was nothing about him that was real.A homosexual who had been on drugs.


难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat

15:03 Steve Pieczenik cont.:Do you remember when I said Gen Mattis will be thrown out?Was he thrown out?Yeah he was…OK…

15:03 史蒂夫皮切尼克cont.:你还记得我说过 Mattis 将军会被扔出去吗?他被赶出去了吗?是的,他被...好吧。

15:09 There are different types of Generals.


There are those who are Secretary of State like Cheney who said'this is treason'…and you got Liz Cheney this incompetent fool from Wyoming who said'this is treason.'


15:25 Who is the biggest Benedict Arnold in the history of the 20th century that I've said to you for 19 years?The Cheney family is the equivalent of Benedict Arnold.


难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat

15:35 Steve Pieczenik cont.:He should have been arrested he should have been executed for what he did


all over the world…


he sent our boys into war to Iraq and Afghanistan…


15:45 Steve Pieczenik cont.:I've had Generals incompetent…Esper.Did I tell you he would leave?He left.Did I tell you Maddox would leave?He left.Because he lied about what he did and who he was.

15:45 史蒂夫·皮切尼克继续:我见过无能的将军...Esper。我告诉过你他会离开吗?他走了。我告诉过你马多克斯会离开吗?他走了。因为他隐瞒了自己的所作所为和身份。

Outlines the Italian involvement in the Election Fraud that Juan O'Savin outlined 1-6-21



Juan O'Savin:The Dominion Voting Machines were being run…

胡安·奥萨文: Dominion投票机正在运行.....

the compromise was being run,


managed out of Italy…


They were switching votes from winning Trump to losing Bidn


through Frankfurt…


through Spain,


into Canada,


and down into the U.S.


through Nashville,


through Maricopa County…


controlling states across the country…


"Explosive Juan O'Savin:Deep Breaths,We're Gonna Win,Support the President"by Kat-1.8.21



16:50 Steve Pieczenik cont.:The Italian Election Fraud proving that Bidn was never elected LEGALLY.Bidn will NEVER be in the Presidency.Kamala Harris will NEVER be VP.

16:50 史蒂夫皮切尼克cont.:意大利选举舞弊证明 Bidn 从未合法当选。Bidn 将永远不会成为总统。卡玛拉·哈里斯永远不会成为副总统。

难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat

17:21 You're under Martial Law everywhere…


17:42 The reason why you don't see Trump…

17:42你看不到 Trump 的原因是..

You kept on asking me why is he absent?


I kept saying you this is Sun Tzu


The Art of War.


17:50 Trump

17:50 特朗普





17:53 What he did was allow the Dem/ocrats and the Repu/blicans to reveal their underlying miscreant behavior and then he was sent to Command and Control Centers in Abilene,Command and Control Centers in NORAD…there's no reason for him to come out.


18:09 He wanted to do


exactly what a BRILLIANT strategist does


is to allow everybody


to reveal


their pathological intention.


18:21 I kept saying to you months ago…this is a Fascist system coming from the Left…from Obama,from Brennan…when does the Director of the CIA who's a Catholic moron from Fordham,screwed up in Saudi Arabia,becomes the Dep Director of the CIA,was an analyst,and brings forth another CIA operative,Obama.


18:45 That's when I got my subpoena 10 years ago when I went to court to explain what an idiot this man was and the Attorney General in Miami was an idiot…


18:53 My tolerance for ignorance and stupidity is not great.


19:00 If I'm wrong,so be it.But if I'm right you're going to have to understand something about our country that you don't fully understand what it really is about….


Then he was cut off and the interview ended



End Kat Partial Transcription

结束 Kat 部分转录

难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat

难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kat

难以置信的史蒂夫•皮切尼克(Steve Pieczenik)谈美国军事政变和逮捕,胡安•奥萨文(Juan O‘Savin)和推特|Kathttps://s3.ax1x.com/2021/01/19/scx8N8.jpg



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