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I finally signed up to Telegram.The first thing I saw was this great message from Joe M...

我终于注册了电报.我看到的第一件事就是来自 Joe m..的这个消息

'White Hats wouldn't take millions of blissfully unaware ordinary citizens,wake them up to the reality of the great reset,and then yank it away for months.That is uncharacteristic of a benevolent force.This ends in weeks at most,not months.The plan is real.You know it is.'(Joe M)

"白帽子不会让数百万幸福而不知情的普通市民醒来,让他们认识到大重置的现实,然后再把他们拉走几个月。"这不是仁慈力量的特征。最多几周,而不是几个月。这个计划是真实的。你知道的。( m)

I absolutely agree with Joe M-weeks at most.Definitely not months.

我完全同意乔 m-几周多。绝对不是个月

Joe M reminds us that it is a benevolent force that is winning this battle.The Alliance is operating under a DIVINE Plan.

·m 提醒我们,这是一种仁慈的力量,正在赢得这场战斗。联盟是在一个神圣计划下运作的

What is at stake here is one simple question:'Do you choose fear or Love...?'


When you choose Love,there is no room for fear.Love is the substance that comprises this Universe.Everything that is NOT Love is not real.It's an illusion.A very realistic illusion-but nevertheless,not real.


Choose Love.Tune into the Ascended Masters,Archangels,Galactic Federation,your guides and teachers.Talk to trusted Light Warrior friends.There is SO much support there for you if you just reach out for it.


I'm with Joe M.Hold the Line.The brief fake presidency is just a tiny glitch,not a derailment.Besides,it may have BEEN the plan all along.We will never know all the details.

我同意 Joe m 请稍等。短暂的虚假总统职位只是一个小小的故障,而不是一次脱轨。此外,这可能一直都是计划好的。我们永远不会知道所有的细节

Finally,a dear friend believes that the mainstream media could be about to turn to the Light due to plea bargains with the Alliance.This would make a smooth transition for humanity.As I said to him,the'sleepers'would not even have to get off the sofa or switch channels.They would be getting the TRUTH from the source they have trusted all along.Brilliant.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light





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