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Wow. Listen very carefully to this two minute video of a phone call with a UK doctor (she has a strong accent). She says that new information has come out. 'Very soon all of the vaccines will be completely stopped. People don't know it yet....it is not on the news...' When the caller asks if her 22 year old sister should get the booster, the doctor begs her not to do it.
Please watch this six minute clip of an Aussie Light Warrior, F bombs and all. He describes what is going to happen when the sleepers wake up to the devastating truth about the deadly jabs they so willingly accepted. It WILL be ugly. We were warned.
请观看这个六分钟的视频剪辑,一个澳大利亚轻战士,f 炸弹和所有。他描述了当这些沉睡者醒来发现他们心甘情愿接受的致命疫苗的毁灭性真相时会发生什么。这将是丑陋的。我们收到了警告。
A short clip of an awesome Kiwi warrior father at a child jab clinic. We need more warrior men like him stepping up to defend their whanau (family).
He may have saved his sons' lives. Five children collapsed at a pharmacy clinic in Auckland after getting the jab. A TV news crew was present but refused to cover it - they turned away and ignored it, as you will see in this video.
In the first week of jabbing 5 - 11 year old children in Melbourne Australia, one paramedic had THREE deceased children in her ambulance in one day. This is heart-breaking. I hate reporting it, but the truth must be told. A reminder that those little children's soul contracts were to make this incredible sacrifice to help awaken humanity. 
Doctors have confirmed the presence of spike proteins that formed in a person who died after being jabbed. The narrative has now flipped and can never go back.


Please be prepared for an obscene piece of intel that will outrage you. The world's top ten richest men DOUBLED their wealth during the Scamdemic. Remember these faces (many of whom may have already been executed).
Some gentle humor to lighten the atmosphere (I am not a big fan of this product either..!)
一些温和的幽默来调节气氛(我也不是这个产品的忠实粉丝... ...)
It's as if my favourite Anon Pepe Lives Matters read my post about being tired - words of encouragement for weary Light Warriors.
就好像我最喜欢的 Anon Pepe Lives Matters 读了我关于疲惫的文章——对疲惫的光武士的鼓励。
Yes. Many of you are tired and worn out.
It is true that many of our awakened Patriots are feeling fatigued and weary. I don't think any of us expected to be have waited this long or for there to have been as many twists and turns as we are experiencing. Yet this storm is changing something inside of you and you are learning to persevere and hold tight to that which God has promised. I can't think of a more beautiful work than one in which God transforms and molds you through hardship. God is making masterpieces. That's you. Do not lose heart. We must push forward and we must stay true to our mantra: Where we go one we go all.
的确,我们许多觉醒的爱国者感到疲惫和疲倦。我不认为我们中的任何人期待已经等待了这么长的时间,或者已经经历了这么多的曲折和转折。然而,这场风暴正在改变你内在的某些东西,你正在学习坚持并紧紧抓住神所应许的。我想不出还有什么比上帝通过艰难改变和塑造你更美好的作品了。上帝正在创造杰作。那就是你。不要灰心。我们必须向前推进,我们必须忠于我们的口号: 我们去哪里,我们去哪里。
We have each our frens and memes to lean on in the meantime and what a powerful force those things can be. Just take it one day at a time and we will eventually find ourselves waking up to a day where justice is our doorstep. What a beautiful day that will be. It's coming.
Finally a beautiful pic from President Trump's rally. When have you ever seen a crowd of 55,000 people for [B]iden..? He would be lucky to attract 55 people.
That huge crowd represents the massive grid of tens of millions of Light Warriors on planet Earth. We are weary but not beaten. Every day we pick up our swords of truth and go into battle again. We are the bravest of the brave and the strongest of the strong. We WILL prevail.
Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.
Where We Go One We Go All.
Love and Light 
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