X22报告|第2844集: 现在有人呼吁结束美联储,人民已经得到指引

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X22报告|第2844集: 现在有人呼吁结束美联储,人民已经得到指引

Ep. 2844a – There Are Now Calls To End The Fed, They Will Grow Louder


Ep. 2844b – Panic In DC, The People Have Been Shown The Way, [D5], Nothing Can Stop This




The Green New Deal is falling apart, the [CB] do not have the support of We The People. Trudeau spotted on a non climate jet not wearing a mask. Hungary leader says globalists are finished. There are now calls to end the Fed.

绿色新政正在分崩离析,[ CB ]没有得到“我们人民”的支持。特鲁多在一架非气候型飞机上被发现没有戴面具。匈牙利领导人说全球主义者已经完蛋了。现在有人呼吁终结美联储。


The [DS] are trapped in a corner. Trump lets us know that it is up to the people. Do we take back the country or do we allow the [DS] to control out lives. We have now seen the power of the people. We have the ability to override their system and to push the [DS] out and take back the country. The [DS] is panicking over this and will do everything and anything to stop this. The patriots know this, they are prepared for it. Nothing can stop this, nothing.



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