2023年3月30日: 让我们准备好大干一场吧|星际飞船地球

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准备好了吗?我们早就预料到会有一场更明显的战争。许多人怀疑任何正在进行或将要发生的事情,但是我们这些了解和信任 Q 团队的人知道它即将到来,我们做好了准备。

 March 30, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年3月30日

2023年3月30日: 让我们准备好大干一场吧|星际飞船地球

Ready to rumble? We’ve been anticipating the more visible war for a long time. Many doubted anything was being done or would happen, but those of us who knew and trusted the Q team knew it was coming and we prepared. We knew it wasn’t just a trite phrase: Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

准备好了吗?我们早就预料到会有一场更明显的战争。许多人怀疑任何正在进行或将要发生的事情,但是我们这些了解和信任 Q 团队的人知道它即将到来,我们做好了准备。我们知道这不仅仅是一句陈词滥调: 没有什么可以阻止即将到来的事情。

Trump has the guts, and he gets the glory, but he also gets the unrelenting attacks and a miserable life compared to what he had, knowing he and his family are targets for the devil’s executioners—yet they persist. We understand he and they are 100 per cent insulated from attack.


As we know, the dark are ruthless and are publicly calling for the death of those who oppose their inhuman views—on live television—such as Jane Fonda did.

我们知道,黑暗势力是无情的,他们在电视直播中公开呼吁杀死那些反对他们非人观点的人,比如简 · 方达(Jane Fonda)。

2023年3月30日: 让我们准备好大干一场吧|星际飞船地球

And right at press time, this came in:


BREAKING: Grand jury votes to indict Donald Trump

重大新闻: 大陪审团投票起诉唐纳德 · 特朗普

Q the Storm Rider spelled it out yesterday and it should help anyone who’s not clear on ‘The Plan’ and what is happening and what we can expect. Take it all with discernment, knowing that any plan can be changed to throw off the enemy. If we prepared, heeded the advice, and protect ourselves spiritually we can weather this storm relatively unscathed. There is no other way to do this and save most of Humanity. A lot of lessons needed to be learned, unfortunately—for all of us.


Here is the full post from Q the Storm Rider.

以下是《风暴骑士 Q 》的全文。



Q is a United States Military Intelligence operation, working hand-in-hand with the President of the United States. Some could easily argue that Donald J. Trump was hand chosen years ago by the United States Military to aid them in this critical and historic operation.

Q 是一项美国军事情报行动,与美国总统携手合作。有些人可以轻易地辩称,唐纳德 · J · 特朗普(Donald J. Trump)是美国军方多年前亲自挑选出来的,目的是在这一关键的历史性行动中帮助他们。

Q is not a single person, but a team of high-ranking persons with “Q” level security clearance, executing operations that have been planned for many years (the plan). Some of the objectives are: A) A massive information dissemination program meant to 1) expose massive global corruption and conspiracy to the people. 2) Cause the people to research further to aid further in their “great awakening”. B) Root out corruption, fraud and human rights violations worldwide. C) Return the Republic of the United States to the Constitutional rule of law and also return “the People” worldwide to their own rule. In short, the Q operation is the greatest criminal sting and anti-treason/sedition event in world history.

Q 不是一个人,而是一个由具有“ Q”级安全许可的高级人员组成的团队,执行计划多年的行动(计划)。其中一些目标是: A)大规模的信息传播计划,旨在1)揭露大规模的全球腐败和阴谋的人民。2)促使人们进一步研究,进一步帮助他们“大觉醒”。B)在全世界根除腐败、欺诈和侵犯人权行为。C)使美利坚合众国回归宪政法治,也使全世界的“人民”回归他们自己的统治。简而言之,Q 行动是世界历史上最大的犯罪诱捕和反叛/煽动事件。

It certainly does appear that we as a country are lawfully living out The Declaration of Independence once again.


Due to the classified nature of much of the information/evidence Q team holds, they can not just come right out with it, however, they can drop breadcrumbs that the people, often the 8chan “Anons”, can dig into and help us all discover the truth. Further, it must be understood that the enemies in this war are monitoring Q as well. Therefore, some of the information Q drops is strategically MISINFORMATION/DISINFORMATION . Think Military game theory and “THE ART OF WAR” by Sun Tzu. Sure, none of us want to filter through and try to discern truth from falsehood, however these warfare tactics really cause “We The People” no harm when they must be used, however they are devastating to the enemy and a necessary part of warfare. Military planning at its finest!

由于 Q 小组掌握的大部分信息/证据都是机密的,他们不能直接说出来,但是,他们可以留下一些蛛丝马迹,这些蛛丝马迹通常是8chan“ Anons”的成员可以挖掘出来,帮助我们发现真相。此外,必须了解的是,这场战争中的敌人也在监视 Q。因此,一些信息 Q 下降是战略上的错误信息/虚假信息。军事博弈论与孙子《孙子兵法》。当然,我们没有人愿意过滤和试图辨别真假,然而这些战争策略在必要时对“我们人民”没有伤害,然而它们对敌人是毁灭性的,是战争的必要组成部分。最好的军事计划!

“Storm Is Upon Us”“暴风雨即将来临”
NEXT INSIDE THE MILITARY OPERATIONS is for TRUMP to distance himself from XI , PUTIN接下来在军事行动中,特朗普要与十一世普京保持距离

You WILL soon see several Lead Patriots as TRUMP> KASH, Flynn /Top podcasters ,ANONS, start to turn on XI ( label him as the pure enemy with ccp with no thoughts or insights to understanding CCP is inside is own operations to stop it’s own deep state connected to the Pentagon)你很快就会看到几个爱国者领袖,比如特朗普 > 卡什,弗林/顶级播客,ANONS,开始打开 XI (标签他为纯粹的敌人与共产党没有想法或洞察力了解共产党内部是自己的行动,以阻止自己的深层状态与五角大楼有关)
This next step in the PLAN is Military Game Theory该计划的下一步是军事博弈论
Maneuvers < and White hats must distance themselves from XI as the U.S. economy implodes and [ Collapses ] and we head into SEEMINGLY nuclear war ( standoff]]]随着美国经济内爆和[崩溃] ,我们似乎即将陷入核战争(对峙) ,白帽子们必须与 XI 保持距离

It is very important inside the PLAN for the coming EVENTS of China vs. U.S. in military Nuclear Standoff involving NK < ///IT IS VITAL THE U.S STAND AS ONE! AGAINST CHINA CCP AND BRING TOGETHER THE COUNTRY THROUGH THE >PLAN
AS ONE ….. (Later you already know TRUMP. WHITE HATS WILL RECONNECT the gap to China in major world peace talks and TRUMP WILL CONNECT THE NEW U.S. FINANCIAL GOLD SYSTEM 2025 END to the World markets and again in open bridges ALLIANCE WILL BE MADE. with a NEW China/)


(If Xi was truly simply evil ccp power , Trump would not have supported Bin Salman. Nor Spoke highly of Putin . Whom all now are inside BRICS …… you are watching a clever PLAN unfold…… But you all know Trump will make peace with XI. PUTIN. after everything is EXPOSED as we Head into WORLD SCARE NECESSARY EVENT < U.S. vs. China /// #10000,<

(如果习真的只是邪恶的中共权力,特朗普就不会支持本 · 萨勒曼。也没有高度评价普京。他们现在都在金砖国家... ..。你正看着一个聪明的计划展开... ..。但你们都知道 Trump 会和 XI 讲和。普京。当我们进入世界恐慌必要事件 < 美国 vs 中国///# 10000,<

One day you will look back and see this POST was a POST TO REMEMBER
and you will see KASH. TRUMP. POMPEO EVEN MEL K ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT GAVE YOU>MISINFORMATION/DISINFORMATION all for a reason…… ( No matter what they say now… Their VOICES WILL change in them after TRUMP BRINGS WORLD PEACE after the STORM) ///right now is STAGING<

* A POST TO REMBER 有一天当你回头看的时候,你会发现这个 POST 是一个 POST TO REMBER,你会看到 KASH。TRUMP.(不管他们现在说什么... ... 在特朗普带来风暴后的世界和平之后,他们的声音将会改变)///现在正在上演蓬佩奥



The world is connected Q.

世界是相连的 Q。

It had to be this way Q

必须这样 Q

Trust the Plan


Why do you suppose Dan Scavino Jr. posted this video of Trump and Mel?

你觉得小丹·斯加维诺为什么要上传 Trump 和 Mel 的视频?


Here’s a thought from Telegram on the Trump message.

这里有一个来自 Telegram 关于 Trump 信息的想法。

Dan Scavino (https://truthsocial.com/users/DanScavino/statuses/110114000217384617) just so happens to post a video of Trump Singing “Take me out to the Ballgame” an hour ago

丹·斯加维诺( https://truthsocial.com/users/danscavino/statuses/110114000217384617)正好在一小时前上传了一段 Trump 唱“ Take me out to the Ballgame”的视频

Somethings up…. Trump said Drop to your knees & pray, Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio, Dans Babseball post, April fools around the Corner….

有些事..。特朗普说,跪下来祈祷吧,你去哪儿了,乔 · 迪马乔,丹斯 · 巴伯球柱子,四月傻瓜转角... ..。

Anyone else feel like we’re entering critical Mass territory?


2023年3月30日: 让我们准备好大干一场吧|星际飞船地球

We had very good news early this morning in a Telegram post featuring that key video footage Tucker Carlson shared which played a role in the following. The man with three names, including Jake Angeli, is free. I always felt like Jake was a plant and meant to be there. A sting. Now lets get the rest of the incarcerated patriots released. Link to Telegram for video.

今天早上,我们在一个电报帖子中得到了一个非常好的消息,这个电报帖子是由塔克 · 卡尔森分享的一段关键视频片段构成的,这段视频片段在接下来的事件中扮演了重要的角色。有三个名字的人,包括 Jake Angeli,是自由的。我一直觉得杰克是个植物,注定要在那里。一个圈套。现在让我们释放其他被关押的爱国者。链接到视频电报。

BREAKING! Jacob Chansley also known as the QAnon Shaman has been early released from prison, following newly released footage by Tucker Carlson showing him being escorted by Capitol Police.

突破!雅各布 · 钱斯利也被称为 QAnon 萨满提前从监狱释放,此前塔克 · 卡尔森最新公布的录像显示他被国会警察护送。

This is footage the J6 committee had, but never released.

这是 J6委员会的录像,但从未公布。

QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley is released 14 months early from prison after Jan. 6 footage showed him being ‘ESCORTED’ by cops inside the Capitol

QAnon 萨满 Jacob Chansley 被提前14个月从监狱释放,1月6日的录像显示他在国会大厦内被警察“护送”

More good news: the ousted James O’Keefe hit the ground running and has been exposing corruption and more with his aptly-named new enterprise, OMG, or O’Keefe Media Group. Way to go, James. I watched the video from his visits to middle America asking residents if they had indeed made the hundreds of thousands of dollars of political donations to Act Blue as the records indicate and it’s so obvious their identities were used to camouflage the Khazarian mafia’s money laundering. OMG. The more we seek corruption, the more we find it. Everything has been tainted by these greedy control freaks.

更多的好消息: 被赶下台的詹姆斯 · 奥基夫(James O’Keefe)一举成名,他的新企业 OMG 或奥基夫媒体集团(O’Keefe Media Group)曝光了腐败问题,而且曝光的内容更多。干得好,詹姆斯。我看了他访问美国中部的视频,问当地居民是否真的像记录显示的那样,向“蓝色行动”捐赠了数十万美元的政治捐款,很明显,他们的身份被用来掩盖可萨黑手党的洗钱。我的天啊。我们越是寻找腐败,就越能发现它。一切都被这些贪婪的控制狂玷污了。

BREAKING: The top Election Administrator in Maryland Linda Lamone has resigned the day after declining to comment on an OMG News investigation pic.twitter.com/88ihI1hvwO

I guess we should expect it at this point. It seems that all manner of toxic substances at the command of the dark are being unleashed. The fires, the storms, the earthquakes… it’s getting biblical.

我想我们应该预料到这一点。似乎在黑暗势力的控制下,各种各样的有毒物质都被释放出来了。火灾,暴风雨,地震... 越来越像圣经了。

In this derailment they’re saying corn syrup again. Are you kidding me? Corn syrup? How many trains transport corn syrup, exactly? Do they mean high-fructose corn syrup? That I could believe because it’s in so much food and it’s toxic. See the article below or Link to Telegram for video.


BREAKING LAST NIGHT: Evacuations ordered in Raymond, Minnesota, after train derailment and large fire from cars carrying ethanol

昨晚突发新闻: 在明尼苏达州雷蒙德,火车出轨和运载乙醇的汽车大火之后,下令进行疏散

Train derailment in western Minnesota prompts evacuations in Raymond


And there is another active shooter report today.


DEVELOPING! Active shooter at Joint Base Andrews in Camp Springs, Maryland.

开发中! 马里兰州斯普林斯营地安德鲁斯空军基地有活跃枪手。

Joint Base Andrews in Camp Springs is on lockdown after reports of a armed individual near the base housing, police are looking for the suspect.


No further details at this point.



I came across a jaw-dropping historical video from Tironianae on Telegram. See below. Would this qualify as “war crimes” to you? There is no limit to what these psychopaths would do—and we thought forcing jabs on the military was bad. They have been experimenting on our troops and innocent civilians for decades. Watch this short video, listen to what the witnesses experienced, and then go back to sleep. I dare you. Link to Telegram.

我在电报上看到 Tironianae 的一段令人瞠目结舌的历史视频。请看下面。你觉得这算是“战争罪”吗?这些精神病患者的行为是无止境的,我们认为对军队进行强制性打击是不好的。几十年来,他们一直在我们的军队和无辜平民身上做实验。看看这个短片,听听目击者的经历,然后继续睡觉。你敢吗。链接到电报。

VK RT & . (dot) 10:44 AM EST Brits subject troops to nuclear blast

VK RT & . (点)东部时间上午10:44英国军队遭受核爆炸

I tracked the video down on Twitter from Dom Lucre’s original video. The eventual death toll, like post 9/11, was shocking.

我在推特上找到了 Dom Lucre 的原始视频。最终的死亡人数,就像911之后一样,令人震惊。

Did you know Britain dropped a nuclear bomb next to 20,000 of their own troops after WW2 just to see what would happen? pic.twitter.com/IQThNYpBBU

We have another victory, but it pales in impact due to the absurd amount of time that has passed so it is de facto anyway.


JUST IN: Senate Votes 68-23 to End Covid Emergency


Three years later…


The Senate on Wednesday voted 68 to 23 to end the Covid emergency.


The House already passed the resolution 229-197.


Joe Biden is not expected to veto the resolution.

预计乔•拜登(Joe Biden)不会否决这项决议。

The Hill reported:


The Senate on Wednesday passed a GOP-led resolution that would end the COVID-19 national emergency that’s been in place since 2020.


The measure passed the upper chamber 68-23.


A similar resolution sponsored by Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) passed the Senate last year, but did not advance in the Democratically-controlled House. This year it passed the House 229-197, with 11 Democrats joining all Republicans.

由参议员罗杰 · 马歇尔(RKan)发起的类似决议去年在参议院获得通过,但在民主党控制的众议院没有取得进展。今年众议院以229票对197票通过了该法案,11名民主党议员加入了所有共和党议员的行列。

President Biden last year threatened to veto the measure. This year, he did not threaten a veto but issued a statement of administration principles before the House vote objecting to the resolution.


On Wednesday, however, he said he would sign the measure.


Follow and Share??@thegatewaypundit_news

关注并分享@thegatewaypondit _ news

Those interested in the election integrity battles in court, particularly the tenacious efforts by Kari Lake in the Maricopa County sector, should have a boo at the Telegram posts from Tracy Beanz. She is posting snapshots of key sections of the lawsuit and results in court that make it easy to digest for that 80,000 foot view we favour.

那些对法庭上的选举诚信之战感兴趣的人,尤其是卡里•莱克(Kari Lake)在马里科帕县地区的顽强努力,应该对特蕾西•比恩斯(Tracy Beanz)发布的电报表示嘘声。她正在上传诉讼的关键部分和法庭结果的快照,这使我们更容易消化我们所支持的80,000英尺的视野。

This battle ain’t over. If the courts do not honour the Rule of Law, then perhaps that will indeed trigger the military intervention we understand is inevitable at some point. See the string of posts for more background on Telegram.

战斗还没结束。如果法院不尊重法治,那么也许这将确实引发我们所理解的在某个时候不可避免的军事干预。有关 Telegram 的更多背景信息,请参见文章字符串。

Maricopa county admits in its pleadings that they didn’t count ballots at MCTEC as required by law because there were so many, but there is no exception in AZ law to thwart procedure because there were too many votes.

马里科帕县在诉状中承认,由于选票太多,他们没有按照法律要求在马里科帕选举委员会统计选票,但 AZ 法律也没有例外,因为选票太多,阻碍了选举程序。

Capt. Seth Keshel brings us this great update. See Telegram for the official docs:

Seth Keshel 上尉为我们带来了最新消息:

As I mentioned earlier this month, by a single vote margin, AZ Senate passes Resolution 1037, which will blow up electronic election fraud.

正如我本月早些时候提到的,以一票之差,AZ 参议院通过了1037号决议,该决议将打击电子选举舞弊。

The senate resolution exercises legislature’s plenary (absolute) power to determine time, place, and manner of elections and is an end run around the veto of the fraudulent governor.


Likely a huge legal battle looms, as this applies for 2024 and beyond.


The trickle-down effect of the fraud committed in Arizona and how it was done cannot fail to affect other states. Election results in 2020 and 2022 SHOULD be overturned. We shall see what unfolds.


Perhaps we will see justice done where the bioweapon “vaccines” were involved.


HUGE BREAKING NEWS:'Unsafe and ineffective' Pfizer are going to court! 'In a landmark case with global ramifications, filed the high court of Pretoria, South Africa, International scientists & leading medical professionals have demanded urgent https://t.co/lMvpNkgfxO... pic.twitter.com/8JBZnvXRQQ

The whole Covid fiasco was probably the single most impactful event in this take-down of the cabal. Without it, where would we be? “It had to be this way.  ~ Q”

整个冠状病毒疾病的惨败可能是这场阴谋集团中影响最大的事/件。没有它,我们会怎么样?“必须这样做。~ Q

From the woo-woo files… although it’s probably not as woo-woo as some might think…

从呜呜文件... 虽然它可能不像有些人想的那样呜呜..。

28.03 2023 ?? pic.twitter.com/qqbfcJ5sN8

When the going gets tough, the tough get a sense of humour—based on truth, of course.


??? pic.twitter.com/CGB5XsGvhY

For the newbies, she’s a guy. Joan Rivers confirmed before her “demise” that Michael Robinson, Obama’s husband, is a tranny. Imagine people considering that thing should run for President of the United States. We’re fairly certain she and Barack [Barry Soetoro] have been dealt with for their treason and other crimes as deep state assets but actors and silicone masks bring them to life as required. Is the following really an accident?

对于新人来说,她是个男人。琼•里弗斯(joanRivers)在“去世”之前证实,奥巴马的丈夫迈克尔·罗宾逊是一名变性人。想象一下,人们认为那玩意儿应该用来竞选美国总统。我们相当肯定,她和巴拉克(巴里•苏托罗[ Barry Soetoro ])已经因叛国罪和其他罪行被作为深层国家资产处理,但演员和硅胶面具会按要求让他们活过来。下面这些真的是意外吗?

2023年3月30日: 让我们准备好大干一场吧|星际飞船地球

The masks we’re seeing could fool almost anyone. Watch an astonishing video demonstration.


This made my day. Kari Lake is the Boss. She’s another one who punches back and we need a governor like this to clean up swampy Arizona.

我今天很开心。Kari Lake 是老板。她是另一个反击的人我们需要这样一个州长来清理亚利桑那州的沼泽。

Signing off for today. Be sure to check out the comments below each post for the fascinating information the crew shares with us.  ~ BP

今天的节目结束。一定要看看下面的评论,每个帖子的迷人的信息,船员与我们分享。~ BP


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